What is the difference between Xbox S and Xbox X? Which one is better

What is the difference between Xbox S and Xbox X Which one is better

Choosing between the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S can be quite a tricky decision to make. Built on the same foundation, Xbox S and Xbox X offer a lot of similarities. But that’s not what we will be talking about today.

Through this blog, we will help you decide on whether to buy Series S or Series X.

Xbox launched these as their next-gen console rivalling Sony’s PlayStation 5. It’s been more than a year since its arrival and is still unavailable in a lot of countries due to the high demand and the material shortage due to the pandemic. If you haven’t bought your Xbox Series X/S yet, we have the right deal for you.

It has become even more beneficial to own an Xbox console due to the lucrative Xbox Pass subscriptions. Although you can also avail of its benefits on your PC, the Xbox console highlights and enhances your gaming experience by many folds.


Let’s see how the two consoles are different from each other.

 The design:

The design of the console is the first thing you see when you search for it online or even see it in person. The difference in the outer appearance between the two is very evident.

The Series S is a smaller console with a cute and sleek little white coloured box. The box has black coloured vents right at the top of it and not gonna lie it’s kinda cool. Having such a small and compact console means you can literally fit it anywhere. It can easily be put in the entertainment centre or any table possible. Transferring it from one place to another is also quite feasible due to its mere 2.3 pounds and 10.8 x 5.9 x 2.6 inches in dimensions.

Whereas on the other hand, the Series X has a bigger structure that weighs around 9.8 pounds. A stark difference from the Series S. Dimension wise as well the Series X is the bigger console with 11.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches.

So if you are looking to save space, you might find the Xbox Series S a better option of the two.

  • Price

Both the consoles are priced as per their capabilities and the features they offer to the gamers. However, the big gap in the prices between the two is astonishingly surprising.

The Series X is priced almost 40 per cent above the price of Series S. Now this may not sit well with a lot of gamers especially those who are looking to play on a budget.

The series X is a powerful console made to butt heads with Sony’s powerful PS5 and thus comes with the technology to answer for the price.

However, you should really consider your budget when deciding between the two.


  • Specs and Performance

Let us talk about the Xbox Series X first. The powerful console is one of the best consoles in the market due to its sheer strength concerning its features and performance. The next-gen console comes with a next-gen spec that includes a GPU of 12 teraflop which is capable of running 120 fps. The console also comes with variable ray shading, 8K resolution support and ray tracing. All of this is a complete upgrade from the former Xbox One X.

Possessing an NVMe SSD, the Xbox Series X can run any game within seconds without any wait. No matter how big the game is, the Series X can run in no time all the while with several other games running in the background.

Apart from all that, the console also comes with incredible VRR and improvements to the in-controller communication that makes Xbox Series X an undefeated champion.

Moving to the Xbox Series S. the console is impressive with the power it is capable of punching despite its cute size. Possessing a very similar GPU to that of the Xbox Series X, Series S is capable of running video games at 120 fps. Instead of the 4K resolution, the console focuses on the 1440p.

The only downside about this is the absence of a disk drive and its storage which is way too less if we compared it with the Series X. However, Xbox has solutions to counter those as well. For example, subscription to the Xbox cloud gaming or using external hardware to enjoy all your Xbox One games.


In conclusion:

Honestly, deciding between the Xbox S and Xbox X can quite be a challenge with how similar they appear.

The Xbox series X comes with the fastest load times, incredible graphics and unprecedented performance, all justifying the hefty price tag it comes with. Additionally, if you own a TV that supports 4K resolution and a budget to go with it. The Series X is the best investment in this case.

However, if you are new to the next-gen console scene and want to build exposure around the same, the Xbox Series S is the perfect entry point for you. You can play almost all of the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass that lets you enjoy the console even with comparatively lower storage.

At the end of the day, you have to make a choice between Xbox S and Xbox X taking into consideration your budget, interests, space and other factors before buying either.

Hope you liked the blog. We post such informative blogs regularly, so make sure to check the same. If you still haven’t bought the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, we have the best deal for you, check our website hgworld for the same.


See you next time. Until then, Happy Gaming!

watch the video of ps5 here.

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