PlayStation Plus September 2021 Games Leaked

PlayStation Plus games

Sony’s PlayStation Plus created to compete against Xbox Live is making rounds again because of the amazing game line-up that are to be included under the service. Let us look at the list that includes the leaked PlayStation Plus games for the month of September 2021.

For those of you who do not know about this service, PlayStation Plus allows the subscribers to have access and enjoy a variety of assorted titles for a monthly fee. Every month they add in some more titles to be experienced by their players. The games included may be smaller games like The Plants vs Zombies or mega thrillers like The Resident Evil VII.

The following list includes the leaked PlayStation Plus games for the month of September 2021.

·       Hitman 2

This Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment hit is one of the best stealth-type games to ever exist. Rendering the thrill in the chaos and action, Hitman 2 has been a hit ever since its launch in 2018. This assassination thriller has been included among the free games that will feature in the PlayStation Plus September edition. It is the second instalment in the assassination trilogy and the seventh instalment in the overall Hitman series.

The story follows the original arc from the first instalment and brings back Agent 47 who is a genetically modified assassin. He is hunting down the ‘Shadow Client’ and their group who are trying to bring down the Province (Secret organisation that controls the world affairs). However, after the big revelation, Agent 47 and his handler decides to switch sides and help find Province leaders.

Agent 47 has gone down in history as one of the most iconic video game characters to ever exist. Speaking about which, the Hitman 3 i.e., the final instalment in the assassination series came out not too long. And playing it on our new PlayStation 5 was an experience on its own.

·       Overcooked! All you can eat

This stressful yet fun game is the best way to end your week with your family and friends. The family-friendly PlayStation Plus game is the best source of entertainment if you are looking for something light yet challenging.

Overcooked! All you can eat is the remastered version of the previous two instalments – Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2. Don’t worry, the team has also released extra content for the same. This game has now introduced cross-play as a part of instalments its gameplay where four players must coordinate and prepare, cook as well as serve the customers and orders in the stipulated amount of time.

The story starts with the world in chaos literally with fire everywhere and huge asteroids hitting the surface of the earth. Our team of chefs along with the Onion King watch the terrible scene unfold in front of their eyes through a roof kitchen. Soon after, the main source or the reason behind this chaos- the spaghetti monster appears in front of the chefs and demands them to cook and feed him. Despite all their talent, hard work and efforts they are unable to satiate the monster’s hunger. The Onion king steps in and opens up a time portal that takes the chefs away from the present apocalyptic world to the past. Specifically to the year 1993. There they are tasked to travel and cook to prepare themselves for the apocalypse and the Spaghetti monster.

The audio and visuals of the game are quite impressive. The load time of this game is another cool aspect about this game. Overall, this new version has 3 new chefs with 7 new levels included in the 200 levels, assist mode, awesome rewards and achievements and so much more.

·       Predator: Hunter Grounds:

This one is one of the few that Sony decided to publish on both the PC and PS4 during its initial launch. As it is rumoured to be launched as a free game in the Sony PlayStation plus game service, fans are in for a sure thrilling ride.

To give you a straightforward introduction of the same, Predator is a multi-player shooting adventure thriller game for anyone who loves shooting games a tad bit more than the other genres.

This game just like its predecessor is developed by Illfonic. It features Jake Busey and Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising their roles as Sean Keyes and Alan ‘Dutch’ Schafer. The main objective of this game is to complete the various paramilitary tasks and operations assigned to you and your team before the Predator hunts every one of you down. The game was launched recently in April 2020 and now is being included under the ever-growing PlayStation Plus game titles.

The video game gives you and your friend to choose a character to control. Four players can form a group of special ops team known as the Fireteam Voodoo. And one another player can play as the Predator who tries to eliminate the entire team. The game is extensively set in wild jungle locations. Originally the special ops team were after a drug lord which then forced them to fight the Predator.


So, basically, a stealth assassination thriller, a light cooking entertainer and a shooting adventure game are all on the list of September 2021 PlayStation Plus games. All of the above-mentioned games are free to play for all the Plus members from 7th September to 4th October.

We think overall, Sony’s PlayStation Plus is doing quite good considering the number of subscriptions that dipped after the Covid 19 lockdowns were eased across the world. The company has had a successful year up until now with an even amazing Spring quarter. One of the reasons behind the same can be the branching out of competitor Xbox Game Pass as they are now more focused on introducing their services to mobile phones.

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Watch the video of ps5 here.

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