Nintendo Switch buyer’s guide

Nintendo Switch buyer's guide

Now, this product is worth all the hype. The company made history by announcing and then launching a one-of-a-kind, portable gaming console capable of rivalling even the most advanced gaming home consoles. What’s more, is the variety of games that are exclusive to Nintendo Switch owners and users. Games like Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon Sword and Shield among many proves their significant place in the gaming industry. From being a handheld device that you can carry as you travel to work or school to be a very reliable home console as you and your friends battle it out to see who is best in the game, the Switch can do it all that too quite effectively and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about managing two different libraries for your on the go version or your home console version as it is one in the Nintendo Switch.


Some impressive features to make your decision about buying a Nintendo Switch concrete:

  • You can play region-restricted games without any hassles:

You read that right. If you are an avid gamer, you may know that a lot of consoles don’t allow you to download and play certain games as they are region restricted. However, that is not the case with the Switch, you can easily access all the region-restricted games as per your liking. For example, you are living in India but wish to download Japanese video games, all you must do is go to Settings then click on Systems and finally Region. Choose accordingly and you are free to download and play any game.

  • Many control options:

Once you hold the Switch in your hand you will notice the two joysticks and several buttons on the side of the screen. You can very conveniently play your favourite game with these two attached joysticks. However, you have the freedom of detaching the same and passing one to your friend and having a competitive yet friendly match with your friend.

Apart from this, you can also influence a game with one controller in each hand just like the old Nintendo Wii. You can also turn it into a standard gamepad by combining the same with an accessory known as the Joy-Con Grip.

People who wish to enjoy gaming the traditional way can buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Gamers can also play multiplayer with two or more Switches together in public.

  • You can pair your Joy-Cons with your smartphones and PCs quite easily

This astonishing feature lets you connect/pair the Joy-Cons to any device that possess Bluetooth. Of course, you can also connect these to your PCs and Macs with the help of an application known as JoyToKey. All you must do is hold down on the small sync button on the top of the controller, flash with light after a few minutes signifying it is on pairing mode. After that, you must go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone or other devices and lo you are ready.

  • Finding the lost Joy-Con:

Imagine finding the lost sock every single time you need them. Impossible, right? However, that is not the case with the Joy-Cons. They are siblings that have each other back. You can very easily find them. All you must do is press the Grey controllers button on the home screen and then click on Find Controllers. After that, you can make any paired controller or Joy-Con vibrate anytime. So, you can go around your house and let the lost device vibrate.

  • Making friends and playing games with them

To play a game with your friends, you must ask other Nintendo Switch users their friend code. To find friend code, click on your Mii picture on the upper left corner of the home screen and then click on the Add Friend button. After which punch in the digits in the Search with Friends code. You can also very easily see your friend code on the lower left side. Once you become friends, download the game both of you wish to play together. Open it and create an online room. Make sure you have a Nintendo Online Subscription to play multiplayer with others.

  • Voice chatting with your friends

Once you have become friends, you can take advantage of this feature. Except for Fortnite (it has an on-console chat), you are required to download the Switch online mobile phone application on your respective phones and must open the same during your gaming sessions.

  • Check your battery life

On average the Nintendo Switch gets a battery life of three to six hours. Now, this can sometimes be stressful especially when you are out travelling. So, you will need to adjust several settings like the brightness, the volume, and make the Switch play last longer. To easily check the battery percentage, hold down the Home button while playing a game and a menu will instantly pop up. Apart from this you can also hold down the ZR and ZL together or go to Settings>System>Console Battery percentage to check your battery.

  • An Easter egg feature

You may or may not know about the three times clicking of a button that unlocks the console. While doing so it makes some weird yet entertaining noise. However, you will notice that most of the buttons make the same sound except for the ZR trigger and the ZL trigger. Another amusing thing to notice is the clicky kind of noise it makes when you press a random sensitive area on the screen. The pitch of the sound depends on the pressure you apply while pressing your finger to the screen.

In conclusion:

Buy a Nintendo switch to experience all the above-mentioned features yourself. Owning this new-gen, one of its kind consoles is worth all the money you pay for it. To buy your very own Nintendo Switch at an astonishing price visit HG World, the one-stop destination for all your gaming amusements. We offer amazing discounts and services that would make you want to come and shop with us again and again. So, what are you waiting for visit us today to know more!

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