How to maintain your video game systems and consoles?

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Let’s talk about video game maintenance. As important levelling up in a game, it is equally important to take care of and maintain all your video game consoles and controllers from time to time. Trust us, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to take care of your gaming products and help them last longer.

Most of the consoles and other gaming devices have their lifespan cut short due to the most common issues- heat and dust. The same can be taken care of with proper storage and cleaning. So, to further tell you about all the tried and true tips and tricks that gamers and collectors do to maintain their gaming accessories, we have compiled a small video game maintenance list that every gamer can dedicate themselves to.

  • Cleaning them regularly:

This shouldn’t be a secret. Keeping your gaming equipment clean by giving them regular clean-ups and dusting will help them last longer. Dusting and wiping down the areas around the console will also help reduce or eliminate any sort of build-ups that can hinder ventilation. This will keep your consoles from overheating.

While wiping and cleaning the consoles and other accessories make sure that you are using a dry cloth or wipe to clean the same. Your console shouldn’t be exposed to any sort of moisture. The wetness from the cloth or the cleaning product can accidentally seep from any nook or vent and cause a serious amount of damage to your gaming product.

To clean the inner parts of the console you can blow compressed air through vents parallel to the console so that the dust flies outside the console instead of collected inside it.

  • Updating the software of your consoles:

Just like how you update your PCs and smartphones regularly with the latest updates, you should also keep updating your consoles to the latest version or upgradation that is available out there. Also, resetting your consoles to the factory reset can help them run smoother and longer than usual.

Make sure to keep a lookout for such software updates and problems arising within your operating system from not installing the latest one. Sometimes the operating system also acts up due to the games’ fault. Make sure to test and check that out too.

  • Proper storing and cooling of your gaming devices:

Now, video game maintenance in the form of proper storing and cooling is as much important as cleaning them regularly as mentioned above. It is very important to place or store your consoles at a suitable place where the fans and vents are getting enough space for ventilation. Do not store them next to a window, wall or heating vent. This can seriously affect the functioning of your console.

The next thing about properly storing the product is the placing. As in how you are keeping the product- horizontally or vertically. We suggest you research the most optimal position for your console online or read the user’s manual. We like to place our consoles horizontally as this position eliminates the risk of tripping the console over or something like that.

  • Do not drop your gaming accessories:

We know this is something you wouldn’t wish even in your wildest nightmares but be extra careful while transporting or dealing with gaming products. The controllers, the consoles may look very sturdy from their outside body, however, they are very delicate electronics that won’t survive a fall or mistreatment that well. A lot of times while relocating or setting up your consoles they may slip from your fingers or you may trip them over accidentally. Now, this may lead to a greater problem in the form of data loss, some part damage or shutting off the console completely.

In the case of portable consoles and gaming products like the Nintendo switch, make sure you are storing them carefully in your bag and then handling the same with utmost care. A single drop can cause serious damage to the screen, Wi-Fi receiver, the buttons or all three at once. Your controllers are equally delicate, make sure to place them at a proper place during your breaks or when you are not using them. Often, we tend to forget them on the couches or sofas and someone unknowing might sit over them.

  • Taking care of your video games:

Now if you have video games discs, make sure to store them at a dry place far away from any sort of moisture. Also, don’t keep them at a place where they are directly exposed to sunlight or heat. Keep in mind to remove the discs after every gaming session and put them back in their cases.

Mishandling of the video game disc-like leaving them on the furniture or someplace other than its case after playing can mark them with scratches which will eventually render your games unplayable. Make sure to take care of them as well, as you won’t be able to play your favourite game with just your console and no video game discs.


In conclusion:

Your gaming product and accessory can last for a very long time. Proper video game maintenance will help them survive and function without a glitch for a very long period. You cannot call yourself a true gamer if you are not emphatic towards your gaming products and give time towards their cleaning, upgradation and maintenance. The above-mentioned steps can be performed by you very easily without much effort. However, if you face a more serious problem, contact a specialist instead of just opening the console or whatever gaming product you have on your own,

Talking about repairs and maintenance, we at HG World also deal with faulty gaming hardware and damaged parts. We are pioneers in providing you with the best spare parts or repairing the console for you at amazing prices. Head over to our website to know more about our services and how they can benefit you.

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