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ps5 tips Sony launched its next-generation console, the PS5 in 2020. The gaming market has been a buzzed since then. With incredible added features, design, new games, and a lot of other changes, the gaming legend has once again proved its presence in the international gaming scene.

The console comes with so many added features that it may or may not be challenging to find all of them to improve your experience with it. The hidden features are something that may take you months or maybe years to discover on your own as you are more focused on installing new games and beating your game buddies during game marathons.

Don’t worry we got you covered. Here, we have a list of hidden PS5 tips and tricks that will add in value to your gameplay and will also enhance your overall experience with the latest console from Sony.


  1. Save a lot of storage space on your PS5:

The storage space is limited in the PS5. It has a considerably small SSD with no option to upgrade the same. Don’t worry, we know a way to help you save some storage space.

When you start playing games on your PS5, most of them are PS4 games. You can install and store these PS4 games on an external hard drive. This will reduce the internal storage consumption on your PS5.


  1. Avoiding game spoilers:

Let’s face it, no one likes spoilers. Be it about a TV show, a movie or a game you are about to watch or play yourself. However, many a time these spoilers pop up as you are browsing the Store in one form or the other. Or your very persistent game buddy keeps sending your screenshots after screenshots of their gameplay even after asking him not to do so.

PS5 has a great feature to counter the same. Follow the steps of this PS5 tip that is given below to ensure that nothing spoils the fun of experiencing the game for the first time by yourself.

  • Click on Settings and select the ‘Saved Data and Game/App Settings’.
  • There on the left-hand side choose the ‘Spoiler Warnings’ and click on the ‘Everything you haven’t seen yet’. And there, you are done.


  1. Resolution or Performance:

Another secret feature that the PS5 comes with the choice of choosing between Resolution and Performance. Now, this completely depends upon the gamer and their preference to choose between the two added features. When in the Resolution mode, the graphics of your game and screen are higher in resolution than when the mode is not activated. And the Performance mode gave you higher frame rates.

How to explore the same? Follow the easy steps given below:

  • Go to Settings. Choose ‘Saved Data/App Settings’.
  • Select ‘Game Presets’. Finally, choose between ‘Performance Mode or Resolution Mode’.


  1. Sharing your Gameplay screenshots and videos easily:

Now, this PS5 tip or feature will truly change your victory game as you very easily record and share your high score or victory page screenshot with your game buddies. You may often regret not recording something or not screenshotting some epic gameplay moves to share with your friends. Don’t worry the newly updated controller with Dual Sense Control got your backs. The new controller has a small button, somewhere above the D-pad that lets you record a short clip or take screenshots of your game screen. These media clips and pictures are then saved to your PS5 media gallery from which you can further share the same with your gaming friends and teammates.


  1. Setting the difficulty mode:

Yes, you read that right. You can now select a default difficulty mode with the new PS5. This will save you the hassle to choose the same every time you start a game. All you have to do is under the ‘Game preset’ that is in the settings>’ Saved Data/App Settings’, click on the default difficulty level you wish to play your games in. Option of ‘Easiest’, ‘Easy’, ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Hardest’ are present under that tab to choose from. We like to keep this option as ‘Normal’ since we enjoy playing the games in Normal Difficulty. However, if you are a pro gamer you can always go higher up ‘Hard’ or ‘Hardest’.


  1. Saving your Controller’s Battery:

The newly updated controllers or more clearly the DualSense controllers are designed in a way that makes them function all the time. They never turn themselves off. So basically, even if you are taking a break from your gaming marathon or not playing or using your PS5, it will continue to drain your controller’s battery life.

However, the PS5 comes with a solution as well. One of the less known PS5 tips, allows you to save your battery power in your controllers. To enable the same go to System and then Power Saving. On that page, click on ‘Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off’. You can set a time convenient to you. the value ranges from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes.


We hope you like this article. We had immense fun while going in-depth and playing a bit with the PS5 to discover these PS5 tips and tricks. You can incorporate all these hidden treasures we mentioned above in your next gameplay and see your experience with the console soar to the highest level. Oh, wait! You don’t have the new PS5 yet? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

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