8 Tricks to level up your gaming

Gaming tricks

We are back with some amazing gaming tricks and tips that will help you level up in your game.

Of course, there is the Practise. Practise. Practise a mantra that will lead you to the path of being adept at the game you are playing. However, it would take a lot of time and you would want to improve your game a bit quicker. Don’t worry we got you.

Along with practising, improving your hand-eye coordination and your strategy, you need some gaming tricks in your bag to improve your performance in competitive games or gaming in general.

Through this blog, I will tell you all about some of the smartest gaming tricks and tips that will add new skills to your gaming and improve your gameplay by many folds.  


Read along to learn more.

Gaming Tricks: 

  1. Plan your day

Playing for long hours is certainly a way to ensure you are at the top of your game. However, burnout and mental fatigue are very real when it comes to gamers and their gaming.

Strategize your gaming time the way you strategize your gameplay. Include breaks and exercising in between your gaming sessions. This will positively impact your coordination and thinking prowess that will project well in your game.

It is often seen that gamers and their team are vigorously tapping away at their keyboards/ controllers for long hours continuously. These teams are more likely to lose focus and confidence due to the mental fatigue and irritation of not being able to give their absolute best due to tiredness.

So, schedule your gaming time and breaks accordingly and give your mind the refresh period it requires. 


  1. Connect and socialise with fellow gamers

Now, it is no secret how inviting and amazing the gaming community is. It is always beneficial to interact and socialise with as many gamers as you can.

This can be possible by attending meets and greets, on stream, or even while playing online with others.

Connect and play with them. Analyse their gameplay and see how different it is from yours, are the results better than yours? Don’t be shy to ask them for gaming tricks and tips whenever you are facing a problem.

Your gaming friends and their experiences will definitely bring about a significant change in your gaming and increase your confidence when you are playing with the squad.


  1. Take your time with the controls

A lot of games have a separate control and sensitivity setting. These settings allow gamers to customize these controls according to their preference.

Many a time, we jump straight into a game, eager to explore what it has in store for us. And after that, we fall into a continuous loop of completing level after level completely ignoring the sensitivity controls and the impact they can have on our overall gameplay.

Before you start a game, make sure to check out these sensitivity controls and fiddle a bit with them. Then jump back into the game and see how the changes work for you. Repeat this a few times and you will find the exact controls that will increase your ease with the game. This subtle yet powerful change will bring about a lot of fundamental improvement in your gameplay. 


  1. Don’t hesitate to mentor a newbie

Yes, you read that right. Helping or mentoring a noob is the best way to memorise and review your skills. It encourages self-improvement and gives your memory a boost.

Apart from this, it offers a fresh set of eyes that could very well point out the mistakes or shortcomings in your own game and strategy.

A newbie has a lot of questions mostly basics that help in remembering and understanding the fundamentals that you may have forgotten. You can then visit your basics and apply the same effortlessly in your gaming.


  1. Read and understand any upgrades or patches

Some of the most amazing gaming tricks are the most basic and subtle ones. Developers roll out upgrades and patches often. They do this to break the monotony of the game and blow some action into it.

These upgrades involve a lot of changes to the characters’ abilities and specs. For example, some characters may be upgraded and buffed whereas some may see changes in their powers and abilities. This also goes for other aspects of the game like the weapons, skills, spells and many more.

As soon as you hear that a new patch or upgrade is up, make sure to read and understand all the changes and additions made through the update.

Trust me, this very subtle change will place you a lot of steps ahead of the other players of the same game.


  1. Get in some fresh air and exercise

I cannot stress enough how important this gaming tip is. Coped up in front of your PC or console all day without fresh air can do more damage than good.

Try to take breaks in between sessions and walk out to take in some fresh air and sunlight. This will let you declutter your mind and help you relieve any built-up stress. You can also freshen your mind by simply opening up your windows and letting your room or your gaming space fill up with fresh natural air.

Gamers need to be fit not only mentally but also physically and sitting in your gaming chair will not improve your physical health. You ought to get up and get some exercise in. Mediate regularly to help your mind and body cope with the stress you face during your gaming.


  1. Learn to be patient and maintain your composure

Professional gamers are constantly faced with stressful situations and performing the best even in such situations is a given. These gamers have built themselves up in a way that helps them keep their composure in the direst of situations.

However, it isn’t as easy as one could think. Start by controlling your spiralling emotions while playing by yourself, especially at a difficult level. Listen to soothing and peaceful songs to calm yourself down.

Once you start to maintain your composure it will start reflecting on your gaming positively and help you through the most stressful of times.


  1. Learn from your favourite gamer/streamer

The best of us gets intimidated when asked to watch our favourite gamer play. No doubt that gamer is the absolute best at the game and nails everywhere you lack. Watching them play makes you realise how lacking you are as compared to them.

However, if you really want to improve and bring about a positive change in your gaming you ought to observe and note your favourite gamer’s gaming tricks.

Nowadays it has become quite easy to follow and watch the pros at play, thanks to YouTube and Stream. It is also quite likely that your favourite gamer makes videos and tutorials giving out solid gaming tricks and tips to help their fans level up in their own game. 


In conclusion

Overall, I think that succeeding and being the best at something takes a lot of time and hard work. That goes for gaming as well. Your dedication will be tested many times and you have to do your utmost best every single time. We hope these gaming tricks and tips give your gaming a push and set things better and easier for you.

That’s all from us today. Hope you found this blog helpful. Let us know what you think. We are always eager to hear you. Till then happy gaming!

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