Is video game streaming a viable career?

Is video game streaming a viable career

Who doesn’t want to turn their hobby into a full-time career? However, it is easier said than
done. Watching your favourite gamer or streamer enjoying and making money out of playing
games makes you wonder if you could do the same. With this blog, we tackle exactly that and
talk all about it in detail. Read ahead to know more.

Video game streaming has boomed beyond measure these past few years and you can find
numerous gaming streamers playing games on various online platforms. It has become quite
mainstream for viewers and other fellow gamers to tune in regularly to watch their favorite
gamer play and stream. However, sitting on the other side of the spectrum, the question arises:
Is video game streaming a viable career?

These days gaming and streaming go hand in hand. A lot of gamers like to show off their
gaming skills online to other fellow gamers. What’s more, is that many of these gamers end up
taking an actual interest in video game streaming and building a career around this.
Due to the accessibility of the internet all over the world, a career in gaming has become very
rewarding. Keeping game development and building aside, becoming an esport player or
streamer is no longer considered a far-fetched dream. More and more people are proving this
by becoming video game streamers. However, having a career in video game streaming is
more difficult than you think. Simply setting up a camera, and mic and playing for hours doesn't
ensure paid bills.

The rise of streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube has opened up many avenues for
game content creators and video game streamers. However, creating quality content regularly
enough to earn money is somewhat more difficult than you think.

While getting into the streaming business, you have to consider the following factors:

Building a niche for yourself

Only being good at a game does not ensure a successful career as a streamer.
You not only need to be good at playing games but also have an entertaining personality to
engage viewers and keep up the views.

Apart from that, you have to offer something unique to the masses that will set you apart from
the rest of your fellow gamers. In short, you have to stand out in order to make it in the industry.

Quality of your content

No one likes monotony, so you are always expected to come up with fresh and interesting
ideas for your content. Experiment with what is working for you and what's not. Make sure to
improve yourself with every new release. Not only that, these days ideas get quickly
represented in better and more exciting ways leaving the original creators' work far behind. The
mad race for better content isn’t limited to just the general entertainment community, it is even
more fierce in the gaming community. Amidst this, concentrate on giving your best in your work.


You have to give hours after hours of content to your audience. Not only do you need to
dedicate time to practicing and perfecting your game but also to streaming and recording in-
game and other related content. Not to mention, the time for editing and coming up with ideas
for your content. Interacting and socializing on various social media platforms packs another
punch to your already stacked schedule. We cannot stress enough how important your time
management skills will prove to be if you decide to become a video game streamer, especially a
full-time one.

Frequency of your content

Posting once or twice every so often wouldn’t make you a star creator. Honestly, we highly
doubt it would monetise you and your work. You have to be serious about the schedule and
frequency of your content. Posting regularly coupled with live interaction sessions and social
media activeness will help boost your following and fan base.


You can earn money through your content posted on Instagram and Youtube. You can also
earn through streaming on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. Attracting sponsorships and
donations is another way of funding your streams. These days streamers put out their
merchandise like clothes, candles or any accessories to increase their revenue.

In conclusion:

As we have mentioned above, the rise of streaming platforms has opened up infinite avenues
for video game streamers, and now is the best time to become one.
Sure, it pays well and can be quite satisfying as a career, however making money out of your
content is way more difficult than you think it is. All, we are saying video game streaming isn't
everyone’s cup of tea, especially if one is looking to make a career out of it. To earn money and
make enough of it through video game streaming takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and
patience. Yep, you read that right, your level of patience would be tested to the fullest as you
work hard to get your content recognized. So, do not quit and keep up the hard work.
That’s all for today. Hope you like this blog. Follow us for more such content.

Until then Happy Gaming!

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