How the video game industry reacted to WAR

How the video game industry reacted to WAR

Russia declared war on Ukraine on 24th February 2022. As an instantaneous repercussion of the invasion, the video game industries united around the citizens of Ukraine. Several publishers and game developers are striving to help these associations. These developers are also helping the citizens of Ukraine who are displaced due to the ongoing war, to get back to safer places.


Ukraine’s Gaming Market!

In Europe, Ukraine has been one of the biggest development stations. As it has been producing almost everything from Stalker to Metro 2033, to many other detective games like Sherlock Holmes! Hence several Ukraine-based studios like Vostok, GSC Game World, Sengi Games, Frogwares, etc have taken it to social media platforms to call out Russia’s attack.


The situation of Developers Under the Shadows of War!

Investigations were carried out by GamesRadar+ which covered what the real situation was like for the game developers in Ukraine, who were still working when Russia invaded Ukraine. The situation has deteriorated more and more from the day of the invasion and the video game industry has drastically changed in Ukraine. Here’s the take of some of the prominent video game industry on the ongoing war

Video Game Industries Take on War!

Leading Video Game industries like CD Projekt, EA, Epic Games, and 11 Bit Studios’ are adopting major steps to stop their operations or at least reduce their gaming businesses in Russia. 

Ukraine has also appealed to Sony and Microsoft to seize all the gaming accounts which belong to Russia and Belarus. They have furthermore asked them to cancel all the events related to gaming in both countries.

Bandai Namco, Activision Blizzard, Necrosoft Games, Nintendo, and Microsoft have decided to withdraw all new sales and production from Russia as they are deeply saddened by the war and its effects on the Ukrainian people. They have also made many donations and carried out various fundraisers to relieve the Ukrainian people. 


Effects on the Russian Gaming Market!

According to Statista, the worth of the gaming market in Russia is estimated to be $2.3 billion! Hence, the Video Game industry has stepped in to support Ukraine and its people by either halting their productions in Russia or donating as much as they can. This may also cost a huge loss on the economic front of both sides.


Donations and Fundraisers by the Video Game Industries!

In the meanwhile, 11 Bit Studios declared that over the past week it has gained around £520K from the sales of This War Of Mine and it will be donating all this money to the needy people in Ukraine.

An additional huge donation arrived from CD Projekt Red who created the games Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 and made a donation of approx £181,000 to a humanitarian organization present in Poland. 

Many other notable gaming developers have made donations in the favour of the Ukrainian people.


In Conclusion 

The video game industries have come in support of the Ukrainian people. They strongly oppose the war and atrocious invasion of Russia in Ukraine. Hence they have decided to halt their sales in Russia and boycott them from other gaming events.

Other than that they have also endeavored to make donations and also appealed for fhgundraisers to support the Ukrainian people. They are trying to give as much humanitarian aid, donations, etc so that the Ukrainian people can withstand the atrocities of this war

This may result in an enormous economic loss for the gaming industry as the Russian gaming market is huge! However, the gaming community has stood up against the ongoing war and is supporting Ukraine in various ways!


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