How can I join an esport tournament in India?

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Esports has emerged as a whole new industry that is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. Over the past few years, it has successfully attracted the attention of investors and companies that have become a pioneer today to help this industry grow and flourish.

Since it is the next big thing everyone wants a part in it. Gone are the days when playing games was just for children. Today, kids and parents are very much interested in getting into the professional gaming scene either by becoming an esport athlete or game designer or any other related job. India too got swept into this big gaming wave, thanks to the pandemic, affordable mobile phones and great internet connection.

Since it’s something everyone is talking about, it was only natural for those who do not know, to get curious about the whole thing. Let us give you a small input on the same.

Esports tournaments and India

Gaming has always been around. However, the rapid growth of urbanisation coupled with technological advances led to the creation of modern games and gaming devices that changed the way one experienced gaming in general. In India, cyber cafes became quite famous as youngsters spend their idle time furiously tapping away on the keyboards while trying to get through a tough level. PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles were always there, however, the majority of gamers in India couldn’t afford the same and simply settled with paying hourly at a nearby cybercafé. And then came the inexpensive smartphones with amazing features and the low-cost internet connection. This opened up a whole new world for everyone. People started playing and exploring options to monetize their hour-long gaming sessions. This gave way to the introduction of esports in the country.

Although it still needs to get mainstreamed, esport tournaments and events are already giving companies and gamers an insight into what is to come.

Well, if you are wanting to pursue gaming as a career and enter esport tournaments, win titles and money of course you have to start somewhere, even though the industry is pretty much new, it doesn’t help your case. The nature of this industry is based on competition literally. You have to be the one on the top to win big and make a name for yourself in the community.

However, we do have this article which we hope will serve you as an initial guide to the long journey you will need to take to become a professional esport athlete and enter esport tournaments.

Steps to follow

1.     Picking out a genre:

The most primitive and important step of the whole process is setting on a genre that suits you the best. You should be comfortable and confident in playing games under that genre. Some of them are given below:

·        Massive multi-player online games

·        First-person shooter

·        Real-time strategy

·        Massive multi-player online games

·        Collectable card games

·        Sport games

·        Fighting games

·        Rhythm games and so many more.

2.     Choosing ‘THE’ game:

If you already know which game you wish to excel in and enter into tournaments of, then it’s all good. However, if you do not know then we advise you to choose between 3-4 game titles that interest you and start playing them. If you start getting bored while playing one move on to the next one. Choose the game that boldens your skills and bring your confidence forth.

Remember you may not be a pro at this level, however, there is nothing practice cannot fix.

Some of the examples of games that are very popular among esport tournament organizers and esport athletes:

·        Street Fighter

·        Smash Bros

·        FIFA

·        Warcraft 3

·        Dota 2

·        CO: GO

·        StarCraft 2 and many more.

3.     The best Platform for you:

Now that you have chosen a game of your choice next step would be choosing a platform on which you wish to practise and compete in. Please note that not every game is on every platform, so you need to know if your game is playable on a certain platform or not.

Don’t confuse yourself too much into choosing between console or PC. Just select the one that resonates with you the most. The PlayStation and Xbox consoles are very similar in price, whereas the Nintendo is the most inexpensive one. As for PC, usually, the gamers customize it as per their convenience and the price to build one varies due to the parts needed.

Start your gaming journey with us by buying the ‘platform’ that suits you the best. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo we have them all. What’s more, is the amazing the various offers and discounts our website HG World boasts about.

4.     Getting into and studying your chosen games:

You need to develop and sharpen your strategies to excel in the esport game you wish to compete in. This can be done by watching others play. And by others I don’t mean just your friends or anyone in random, I mean professionals. The gamers who compete in esport tournaments.

There is a lot of content available online for you to look through. A lot of these esport gamers have their content online on sites like YouTube, Twitch, MLG, etc. They also conduct live streams where you can see all their mistakes and improvisations in real-time.

Trust us, this will give you a boost and improve your gaming strategies by folds.

5.     Practice. Practice. Practice

Now that you are equipped with everything, the only thing that remains is for you to practice the hell out of that game you have chosen to go professional in.

You will need to focus on several skills and polish them until you are a master in using them. There is no other way around it. However, long practising hours doesn’t ensure you improved efficiency. What you need is ‘Optimal training’, where you train for an optimal amount of time and spend the rest recovering, watching other’s strategies, avoiding injuries and revising your strategies to eliminate maximum weaknesses.

6.     Communicate and Network

Trust us, when we say that communication will take your gaming to another level. A lot of these esport tournaments and events require teamwork. Teamwork and communication at a time where the stakes are high and your stress are out of the world will ensure you amazing results. Get out and network with gamers online. Challenge and practise with them. The more skilled the player the more you will gain from that person. Their skills will help shape your skills and their feedback will be more than important in the long run.

Try attending events and training sessions organized near you. These events can be near you at some local gaming centre or can be an international event organised for gamers all across the world. Search for these events online. Often you will be required to buy a ticket or access these events. The little would be beneficial as you will be receiving special coaching, tips and get an opportunity to connect with other gamers.

7.     Create your online presence

It is important to create an online presence. This will help you to meet and network with amazing gamers from all across the world.

Use live streaming platforms, social media and other content posting sites to your utmost advantage. Share or live-stream your gaming sessions, collaborate with gamers and teams. Post regularly and get yourself a fanbase.

A lot of these online sites will also pay you for your content if they attract a lot of views. This is the best way to attract sponsorships, donations and calls from famous and experienced gamers and teams.

8.     Join a team/Start a team

The next step requires you to join a team. We suggest Discord or Reddit for first-time gamers trying to join a team. Remember the first team you join doesn’t have to be your team till the end. To join better teams, you would require team experience and there is only one way to gain the same. Playing with various teams and gaining different types of experiences with each one.

If you are scared that you will end up in a worse team, don’t worry start your own and become a leader. Then start hiring or asking other gamers to join in.

Or if you already have an online presence then teams will contact you.

Make sure the team you join or built shares similar goals and is highly motivated to achieve them.

9.     Enter into esport tournament

Now that you have a team and some gaming experience you need to start participating in esport tournaments. It can be an amateur level league; however, it will gain you and your team a lot of experience. The community will start recognising you as you keep on competing in tournaments and events (Even better if you win them).

After you have successfully won a few online league titles, start entering LAN esport tournaments. It would be a whole new experience as there will be a lot of people around. Also, your competitors will be close by. These LAN tournaments are a goldmine of amazing information. Bond with other players and they can be your future teammates.

Now all that’s left is for you to remain active in the community. Keep playing, practising and entering esport tournaments. This way you will attract huge sponsorships or even big team offers, that will not only improve but also do wonders to your entire gaming career.

That was all from us. Follow us for more informative blogs. We post updates regularly.

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