Do you know how much ESport players earn?

Gone are the days when gaming was considered as just a source of entertainment and time pass. Today, ESport player clash with each other to earn millions. A decade ago, the gaming scene was completely different, pro gaming stars were fighting each other to earn even the smallest of smallest reward in the tournaments. Today, with the increasing popularity of live streaming websites and applications, more and more people are tuning in to either watch or play in such tournaments.

This progress and expansion of the gaming industry are not slowing down. Both the viewership and reward amounts exceed their records. This can be verified by seeing the statistical report of Newzoo, a gaming analysis company that reported a dramatic increase in the ESport careers and ESport revenue.


Sources of earning in ESport:

  • Sponsorship cash:

ESports and Esports careers are wiping in all the cash from huge companies at a very rapid pace. This money then makes its way to various competitions, tournaments as well as team ownerships. A popular example of the same is Audi who has a major sponsorship of the Astralis Counter-Strike franchise. Sponsorship comprises around 50 per cent of the total revenue generated in Esports.

  • Cash prizes:

There is a constant supply of cash when it comes to prizes in tournaments and matches. The prize is a single match can go up to 200000 dollars or more.

  • Online streaming:

These days gamers stream various ESport matches and tournaments via online platforms like Twitch. These online streaming platforms have a lot of cash flowing in the form of investments and advertisement of various sorts.

  • Team salaries:

These are one of the most popular out on the list. Esports and ESport careers are quite popular in offering salaries to team players. The salary is quite impressive and also include added benefits like health insurance and plans for retirement/

  • Others:

Media rights and merchandising is another part of the ESport business that brings millions in dollars of investment to the right place, making everything fall in place.


Below are a few top earners in the ESport industry and their earnings: 

Peter Rasmussen

This Danish ESport careers player who goes by his gaming ID ‘duprreh’ has made around 1.9 million by playing Counter-Strike. He has been a major part in raising the Altralis to the top by helping them with their standing and gameplay in the Counter strike. Being a part of one of the greatest CS: GO team, lead him to win his fourth Valve Major.

Johan Sundstein

‘N0tail’, the Danish gamer became the highest earner in all of the ESport games and tournaments in the year 2019. He won 6.9 million dollars by playing Dota 2 as he led the OG at the International again in 2019 after his win in 2018. He has also earned fantastic and fascinating rewards at the T18 and T19. However, the most striking part that set him as one of the highest earners on the list is his long association with Fnatic and OG.

Lee Sang-hyeok.

‘Faker’ is one of the most famous and celebrated gamers of all time by winning T1’s three impressive world titles. This 24-year-old pro gamer won around 1.3 million dollars in League of Legends. He won this title right in his debut year which made him the greatest League of Legends player of all time.

Kyle Giersdorf

Fortnite has been around for some time now. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that gamers took Fortnite more seriously. This quickly helped gain the attention of ESport organizers. Epic, a popular developer wasted no time investing millions on organising and rewarding Fortnite world tournaments.

Kyle who goes by his gamer ID ‘Bugha’ earned an astonishing 3 million dollars with his unmatched performance at the Fortnite World Cup. This led to his world game supremacy.

Ian Porter

This North American gamer who goes by his gamer name ‘C6’ has had some impressive wins in his years of gaming career. He has won more than 1 million dollars by competing and winning more than 37 tournaments and three World championships. He is considered one of the most popular and skilful Call of Duty players of all times.


 In conclusion:

As mentioned above, gaming has changed into much more than just ‘something kids do for fun. It has evolved into a multi-million industry that is growing more and more with every passing minute. You can also try getting into the gaming world by entering into various tournaments with your friends or solo.

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