Know why PS5 is more famous Than Xbox Series X among Indians

Sony and Microsoft launched their next-generation console in the same month last year, adding to the already intense competitive rivalry between them. Ever since all gaming eyes have been busy nit-picking and challenging every feature claim, the gaming giants had claimed before the launch of their respective gaming consoles.

We have covered numerous blogs post on the same, where we compare the two- Sony PS5 console and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, based on their features, power, games and so much more. Click here to check that out.

Going by that, it was already clear that Xbox with its powerful new console wins the power race between the two.

So, the question arises, Why or how is PS5 more famous than ‘World’s most powerful console’?

It has been months since we first saw Xbox Series X in its full glory. Its grandeur doesn’t really stop there. The company kept on adding exciting and unprecedented features to the already powerful console. Insiders in the gaming business let out a rumour a few couple of months back that the console making giant even waited significant months to launch their newest addition due to the AMD technology that they wished to add in the same. This was the power move they needed to gain an edge over their competitor- Sony.

Truly, the newest Xbox is a work of wonder with features that are assured to give anyone an absolutely magical experience. When comparing the features, specs and basically every other aspect between the two consoles, they stood on par with each other. However, we did agree that Xbox seemed to be ‘the world’s most powerful console’ just as Microsoft claimed.

However, it wasn’t until we got our hands on both of them and indulged in long gaming sessions to test the two.

And these are the reasons why we think that Sony PS5 Console is more popular among Indians as compared to Xbox

·        The DualSense Controllers give PS5 the superiority over the other. We have seen the visuals getting better and better with every single new-gen console launch. However, Sony decided to change its approach this time. So, to influence and conquer the gaming market they focused on improving the haptic feedback on their controllers and transforming it into something that the world has never seen before. And honestly, after trying those controllers ourselves, we believe every single claim and rumour that went around regarding the DualSense controller being the game changer and amazing.

·        The amazing game line-up that has every game lover on the edge with excitement. Sony was not playing when they decided to launch their much-awaited console in the market. Along with the astonishing features that the console possesses and the cool new controller, they decided to shook the gaming community by announcing a plethora of jaw dropping games.

Spider Man: Miles Morales, Astro’s Playroom and Demon Souls had our heart thumping widely in anticipation. Honestly, even one of the about mentioned game would have done the job of creating an anticipatory energy among gaming enthusiast but oh well, we really aren’t complaining. Astro’s Playroom is something that is included in every console and we are all for it. The game itself is so refreshing and fun for the whole family to enjoy together that Sony PS5 console ticks all the right boxes in our hearts.

Apart from this, Sony had planned great stuff even for the third-party games. Take for example, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The game is also available to be enjoyed on Xbox Series X and it’s really fun to play the same there. However, Sony Ps5 console took the crown by putting the legendary game and DualSense together. Now, this is what that gives PS5 an upper hand even when it comes to providing exclusivity to third-party games.

In conclusion:

Xbox has a lot to offer. Amazing features, strong build up, nostalgic games, and so much more still on its way. Microsoft has a bit of a different vision as compared to Sony, as it continues to develop their online game space and truly it has the potential of changing the gaming world forever.

For the time being though, Sony PS5 console takes the cake for winning the hearts of Indian gamers.

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