Is it worth buying the PS Plus for your PS5?

ps plus subscription

We are back with another blog! And this time we will be talking about the PS Plus subscription and whether it is worth buying especially if you own a PS5. So, let’s get right into it.


What exactly is the PS Plus subscription?

PS plus is a very popular service rendered by PlayStation for PS5 and PS4 that allows online access to multiplayer games and more. It consists of a huge library full of online games. 

What’s more, is that the service comes with more benefits than just getting access to a wonderful range of games. Let’s talk about those benefits.  

  • The first and foremost reason for owning the PS Plus subscription is definitely the online games. The PS Plus subscription has a wide range of amazing online games that the PS5 and PS4 users can gain access to. 
  • PS Plus subscription also brings in free games every month that can be downloaded and played for as long as you wish to. PlayStation brings out three free games every month and the period to download the same remains till the end of the month, 

However, please note that these three games per month will drop to two free games from the month of June this year. 

  • The PS Plus subscription also brings cloud storage to the table allowing the users to use 100 GB of cloud storage to save games that can be transferred anytime. 
  • The subscription holders are also recipients of great discounts and offer on games, especially during sale periods and festivals. 


Talking about the history of the PS Plus, it was introduced through PlayStation 3. The service was also available to the PS vita users then. However, this facility has been long discontinued from both the PS3 and the PS Vita. 

Benefits of buying the PS Plus for your PS5

Now, you might be wondering if buying the PS Plus subscription is worth it if you own a PS5? Worry not, we have the answer for you. 

Sony pulled all stops when launching its next-generation console, the PS5. Even though the console in itself is a powerful force, enough to make everyone open their wallets as soon as they can, Sony very cleverly launched the PS plus collection exclusively for PS5 users. 

The PS Plus collection is a culmination of 20 bangers that are exclusively available for anyone who owns a PS5 and also buys a PS Plus subscription. Every game on the list is worth every penny and promises an unprecedented experience. We have got the list of games that are available to be downloaded through the PS Plus subscription if you own a PS5 as well. 


  • God of War: This video game follows Kratos (one of the most iconic characters in the history of PlayStation) and his son Atreus as they travel through the Norse Lands to fulfil Atreus’ mother’s last wishes. 
  • Until Dawn: This horror-thriller ticks all the right boxes giving you an experience similar to that of a cinematic horror movie. The game has it all, a creepy lodge with a history of evil and hauntings, a killer on the loose and a lot of other things that you have to see for yourself. 
  • Fallout 4: This masterpiece of a game set up in a post-apocalyptic setting in England, gives you an extra clear view of destruction, exploration, and action at its finest. 
  • Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Another masterpiece on the list, RE7 is an attempt of venturing outside the usual Resident Evil narrative and introducing a first-person view in the game. The game has a creepy house with a family whose intentions aren’t that great. 
  • Bloodborne: The gothic horror will set your heart racing with its incredible sequences that quite resemble those of Dark Souls with its own individuality. Stride into the streets of Yarnham to fight-off gods, werewolves and other such creatures alike. 


Apart from the high-rated video games mentioned above, the PS Plus subscription with a PS5 also includes the following titles. 

  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition
  • Ratchet and Clank 
  • Persona 5
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombie Chronicles Edition
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • The Last Guardian 
  • Battlefield 1
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Monster Hunter World
  • Crash Bandicoot: The N.Sane Trilogy 
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Detroit: Become Human 
  • Days Gone


The New PS plan and its availability in India

The rumoured ‘Project Spartacus’ has finally come into the spotlight and has been revealed as the new PS Plan that will be effective soon for all the PS Plus holders. This new project is the perfect balance that amalgamates the original PS Plus plan with the new PS now plan. 

The new PS Plus plan includes a three-tier subscription plan, each with its own set of benefits and features. The three plans in the new system include- PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium. 


Below is a detailed description of the plan and the benefits it offers.

  • PlayStation Plus Essential

Now this plan offers the exact same benefits as the current PS Plus subscription and honestly isn’t bad for anyone new to the PS Plus system or online cloud gaming. The benefits include:

  • Access to online multiplayer games. 
  • Exclusive and amazing discounts on the PlayStation store. 
  • Two free downloadable games every month. 
  • Free cloud storage space to download games. 


  • PlayStation Plus Extra

This plan is the next tier in the overall new PS Plus subscription plan that includes everything that the PlayStation Plus Essential offers in addition to access to a whole range of exciting games. 

  • Includes all the benefits from the PlayStation Plus Essential. 
  • Includes additional 400 games from both the third-party and PlayStation original studios. 

  • PlayStation Plus Premium

This plan includes everything that the previous two plans offer. Apart from the additional benefits that this comes with are:

  • In addition to all the PS5 and PS4 games available in this PS Plus subscription, PS3 games are also made available through the cloud streaming feature. 
  • You get the opportunity to relive the wonders of classics dating back to the PS2, PSP and the original PlayStation generation. 
  • Includes all the features and benefits from the PlayStation Plus Essential and PlayStation Plus Extra plans. 
  • You can also try several games for a limited period before actually buying the game. 


Are you convinced yet? Pamper yourself by buying a PS Plus Subscription for your PS5 today at the best price.

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