Nintendo Back again with Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs Brain Battle Start from December 3 – Brain Academy Game

Nintendo Back again with Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs Brain Battle Start from December 3 - Brain Academy Game

December 2021 is going to be a blast! As Nintendo is all set to release its Big Brain Academy game, Brain Vs Brain Battle for Nintendo Switch. Well, y’all better be ready with your intellective skills as this game is going to challenge your rational thinking through multiple visual quiz series.

It’s an absolutely fun and challenging game for you and your friends/ family. The best part of this game is its online modes, where you get to battle with people across the world persisting with similar brainpower and expertise. Brainiacs! Gear up as this game will be out on 3rd December 2021.


Brain Vs Brain Battle, A Sweet Treat to your brain!

The gameplay of this Big Brain Academy game comprises multiple distinct brain-twisting pursuits. They are divided into five different sections: Memorisation, Computing, Identification, Visualisation and Analysation. This game contains a wide array of entertaining and difficult modes that will stimulate your mental stamina in diverse and unique ways.

There are several player modes like solo mode, A party mode which is a multiplayer mode in which you can battle locally with three more players. You can even compete with the brainiacs from all around the globe over Ghost Clash online mode.


Notch up your Intellective Skills as Intense Party mode awaits you!

 Party mode can be played amongst four members. To attain the maximum points in this mode of brain academy game you will have to complete the activities as soon as possible. You can set the difficulty level in this mode. The range starts from Sprouts class being the most modest level and Super Elite Class that is the toughest level. Super Elite class requires quite the sturdiest brainpower to crack through.

The most unique thing about this game is that you can set your difficulty level while playing with others. This feature offers everyone a fair and square chance to win the game in their league. And even if you lose the game you still have a chance to redeem and sharpen your skills in the practice mode. Practice Mode can prove to be your saviour in grabbing those extra brownie points to win the game.


Gift your brain with a Rapid Mental Test Mode

With a fun test series, you can easily up your Big Brawn score. Dr Lobe reveals your Big Brawn Score, which eventually helps you in gaining in-game money. Unhitch hundreds of outfit alternatives with this in-game money and dress your in-game avatar your way on Nintendo Switch.

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Go against the Sturdiest Brains round the globe in Ghost Clash Mode!

 Jump in the Ghost Clash mode to battle with brainiacs from around the globe. Compare your rankings/scores outside this mode with family, friends and online players. Practise more and get ready for grinning till you win this brain academy game.


In conclusion

The Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs Brain Battle – Brain Academy Game is a perfect game to stimulate your brain with brain twisters and challenges! Hop in the Solo Mode or Ghost Clash Mode your mental mettle will surely be challenged. It’s the best game for brainy champions of all ages for Nintendo Switch.

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