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‘Esports’ is a concept that is gaining immeasurable popularity in recent times. However, esport is something that has been around for quite some time. The space has grown rendering impressive job and employment opportunities to those interested.

So, let’s start by knowing what exactly is an esport.

Esports are video games (mostly multiplayer) that are played by professional gamers to win titles and prizes. Esports can very much qualify as sports as they are played for viewers and other spectators all the while being competitive. They are organised professionally similar to traditional games and sports.

Since these esport gamers enter and play in a group, they spend hours and hours practising, challenging, perfecting, and coming with new strategies along with their teammates to ace that tournament they are planning on crushing soon. To ensure that these professional gamers attain that level of precision and coordination in their game, they are provided with top-notch facilities including coaches, fitness experts, nutritionists and other facilities by the team that they are in. These teams are sponsored by huge companies. Everything is taken care of by these companies who wish to have their gamers in top shape to rival competitors in world tournaments and matches.


What is the difference between gaming and esports?

The last decade has very effectively challenged the years-old notion of ‘Games are for kids’ or ‘They are just a means of entertainment’ and many more. With the introduction of new technology and the upgradation of the past existing means of gaming, companies have completely changed the world’s view on gaming. However, it remains a mystery to many people that the gaming world has advanced and is so much more than just playing video games in a game parlour or with friends over the weekend.

Gaming is playing video games merely for entertainment. These gamers play games that are not officially sanctioned. Unlike esport athletes or gamers, they do not enter tournaments or games to win prize money or titles, they simply play for their or their viewers’ enjoyment. A lot of Twitch live-streamers that we see fall under this very category. They rack up millions of views by live-streaming themselves playing their favourite game or trying out new games.

This distinction between gaming and esports is very important as it serves as an exciting opportunity for brands and sponsors to invest. The popularity of investing in esports can be seen by big sports companies buying and sponsoring esport players and teams, thus building a gaming space name for themselves that includes both traditional and gaming athletes.


The Esports scene in India

As mentioned above, the concept of Esports is still very new in the country. However, it is not completely foreign to our folks here.

Currently, China leads with the biggest esports market in the world, followed closely by the US, Japan and Korea.

The gaming market is gaining popularity at a very fast pace with more and more developers entering the game designing scene and showing off their expertise there. Not only this, but major investors both Indian and foreign have been heavily investing in the gaming industry in India.

With the introduction of affordable smartphones and high-speed internet across the nation, gaming has reached every nook and corner of the country with mobile gaming gaining immense success.

A lot of huge companies like the energy drink giant Mountain Dew and smartphone company Oppo have been continuously sponsoring esport competitions and tournaments in India, encouraging esports and supporting esport jobs in the country.

Apart from them, many other stakeholders are working in their respective fields to facilitate everything needed for the expansion of esports in the country. For example, for esport gaming, players would require advanced and reliable hardware that is also affordable. Giants like Flipkart and Amazon come to the rescue here, by providing these at a lower price than that in the offline traditional markets. Along with this, the players would also need high-speed connectivity which is being supported by telecom companies like Jio and more. Such infrastructure will ensure the steady growth of the esport industry in the country.


A career in Esport and related jobs

Esports hasn’t become the norm yet as compared to traditional sports. Parents are still not convinced that gaming can be a stable career for their kids, hence the support there is a bit lacking.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Indian gaming scene doesn’t have any opportunities for people wishing to contribute or make a career in the new esports scene. Moreover, it is the best time to become a stakeholder in the future of gaming.

Below are a few of the Esport jobs and employment opportunities other than being a pro gamer for anyone interested

  • Software and Network engineers:

We need engineers everywhere. Esports is not an exception either. The ever-growing online environment requires the help of software and network engineers to ensure its smooth functioning during tournaments or event days. They are also required to build and introduce new games to the gaming world.


  • Event Managers:

Just like how traditional events require event managers to set and control everything, Esports also need event managers to ensure its success. The event manager needs to choose a potential platform that will be needed for the esport event, then work with the network engineers to ensure a smooth broadcast for the spectators, work with ticket vendors and so much more.


  • Journalist:

They play a very important role in introducing and educating people about esports and the nature of gaming. Every esport team requires a journalist to write about their successes and promote them. Journalists are also the individuals responsible for attracting potential investors and sponsors to a certain team or event.


  • Digital marketing strategist:

This constitutes a major part among several esport jobs, as digital marketing strategists are the one that controls the quality and quantity of content that goes out for the viewers to see across the globe. They either work individually or with a team to render their expertise for the same.


In conclusion:

These were some of the lesser-known esport jobs that serve as excellent employment opportunities for the Indian masses. As we have mentioned earlier, Esport is a relatively newer market but is blooming at a rapid pace, this makes it one of the best places to have a career.

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