Benefits of playing video games beyond just entertainment

Benefits of Video Games

Video games have come a long way. From spending hours in your local arcade room or cybercafé to playing with your friends on your respective consoles in the comfort of your home, gaming has changed forever. Several people have claims video games as only a source of entertainment and have associated gamers as ‘couch potatoes’ or lazy. Well, between you and us, we know how untrue that is.

Over the years, it has been proven that video games can bring tangible benefits to an individual physically and mentally. Today, we discuss some benefits of video games that will make your gaming sessions even more worthwhile and exciting.


Some benefits of video games:

  • Problem-solving:

This shouldn’t come out as a surprise since games are all about clearing a certain level to move to the next one. Games comprise puzzles, mysteries, clues that require planning and strategizing on the part of the player to clear a certain problem.

Players use various combinations of kicks, punches, jumps, swerves and so much more to get that extra edge in their game that they failed to achieve in the last attempt. Hence, gamers are used to thinking thoroughly which can also apply in real-life situations.

  • Help with reading:

Many a time, video games require the players to read small textboxes or instruction texts to understand what needs to be done. Also, it is very common for games with storylines to have texts, this creates a perfect reason for the players to focus on reading and understanding the words written on the screen.

Gaming has also proved to help dyslexic gamers read better. People involved with video games are very eager to rush to the official sites of their favourite games to know about the latest update on them, this proves beneficial to their overall reading ability.

  • Improves creativity and imagination:

One of the most interesting benefits of video games is that it helps in improving the imaginative and creative abilities of a child. Video games give an amazing boost to one’s creativity resulting in improved imagination skills.

These qualities reflect very positively on one’s overall personality benefitting both the gamer as well the people around them. This has a greater impact on children who get a chance to continue their imagination play even after moving on from Legos and make-believe house play.

  • Improves social skills:

Video games act as the perfect refuge for kids who have difficulty connecting with people in real life. Virtually, they form teams and playmates that gives them an incredible confidence boost. This is later reflected in their interaction with peers and colleagues in real life.

One of the major benefits of video games that busy people look forward to these days is the virtual play-dates with their real-life friends after a long day at work or school. Video game serves as a perfect getaway for people looking to meet-up online all the while doing something they mutually love i.e., playing games.

Not only this, the gaming world and video games are the perfect conversation topics for kids to socialize over at schools and colleges. Kids get to know each other through this common aspect they share.

  • Helps in improving your vision:

Gamers pay attention to every single detail happening in the virtual world. This then carries forward in understanding colours and shapes even in real life. A lot of games put your navigation skills to the test thus improving your visual-spatial skills.

  • Raises interests in learning:

There are so many major games that use actual historical facts and events to give their game a fascinating storyline. This piques the interests of the gamers to find out more about the characters and events in the gaming world they are so actively immersed in. hence, begins a continuous process of learning.

Today, games are developed in so many different topics like architecture, cooking, science, geography, physics and many more. This will get anyone into learning more about the same.

  • Careers:

Gone are the days when gaming was only considered a source of entertainment. The gaming industry is diversifying and growing at an unbelievable speed. More and more companies are investing in the video games industry, thus resulting in increased career opportunities for a lot of people.

Professional gaming is a thing now with gamers making millions in competition and tournaments. (To know about how many pro gamers make click here).

Apart from becoming a professional gamer, opportunities at advertising, marketing, coding, planning tournaments and many more waits for experts.


In conclusion:

The above benefits of video games give us more of a reason to continue what we love doing, i.e., playing video games regularly. So, get your controllers out and stock up on your favourite snacks for an epic gaming adventure.

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