You love consoles. You love saving money. We love making you happy.

Introducing HG ReNew — our whacky and awesome new line that can really make a
difference to you!

But first, a little context. We’re dedicated to make an impact on the society in which we live,
interact and do our business! We’re legacy-driven, and want to leave behind something that
we can all love and be proud of.

What does that mean for you?

HG ReNew brings you used consoles that are upgraded and amped up with our expertise.
Each used console then goes through multiple rounds of quality checks to ensure they meet
our high bar of quality. End result? You get to enjoy a console that looks and feels like it’s
brand new, but at a much lower price!

But that’s not all. HG ReNew’s used consoles also come with many cool advantages, such
as a 2-year warranty (yes, you read that right), free pickup and drop facilities, local
customer-centric trust points, and lots more that even new consoles don’t give you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority — that’s our promise. Well, what are you waiting for?
WhatsApp 8793789089 or log on to to get your own HG ReNew > New NOW.

Welcome to Happy Gaming! Our team is here to assist you with both sales and after sales.

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