A Review on 2K22: New game modes, My Faction mode and much more

2k22 review

Welcome back to another review! This time we will be reviewing the latest addition to the WWE series- WWE 2K22. So, let’s get started on 2k22 review.

For those new to the scene, the WWE series is based and inspired on the real-life WWE, ie. World Wrestling Entertainment. 2K22 is the 22nd instalment to the overall WWE video game series. The game is available on a wide variety of platforms including the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. 

Released on the 11th of March this year i.e 2022, the game has managed to garner quite a lot of positive reviews. 

Now, this is a significant development for the series as the predecessor of 2K22, the 2K20 failed to hit the mark, thus receiving a lot of hate from the gaming community worldwide. After such a disappointing reception, Patrick Gilmore, the executive producer of the series released an announcement stating about the quality improvement within the series. 

Below we have given a detailed 2K22 review highlighting all the new modes and changes that the game underwent in comparison to its predecessor, WWE 2K20. 


WWE 2K22 review 

Let’s start with the MyRISE mode

MyRise mode can be easily dubbed as My Career mode which follows around the character we choose to be in the game and shapes their role in the game. To enhance the gaming experience, the developers upgraded the Career mode into MyRISE mode which has unlimited potential in terms of the decisions, choices and the storyline we take and follow. 

The storyline begins with our arrival at the training centre also known as the WWE Performance Center. Your journey begins with training in this state of the art infrastructure that is known to train the next-gen WWE champs. 

You can choose your background from a variety of available options- Athlete, MMA Fighter, Wrestle and Actor. This influences your story and presents various decision options in the game. 

These decisions further decide your character and your overall role in the game. It helps shape your career path and gives depth to your story in the game. 

The Rebranding of the GM Mode

Even before I started writing this 2K22 review, I was stoked to know that the GM mode is returning after its hiatus from the series. 

Let me tell you all about it. The GM mode is back after a very long time (since the release of WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008, with which it was released) in a more refined version known as the MyGM. The main objective of the MyGM mode is to fight opponents to get more shows and gain a lot of fans, thus increasing popularity. 

Talking in detail about the mode, we can earn only two titles for every brand and book and participate in three matches per week. 

However, the experience lies in the quality of the content it presents. You can choose different contenders from a pool of diverse wrestlers that have been designed so beautifully that it would seem as if you were watching or participating in a real-life WWE match or championship. 

Your matchups and shows are all rated as per pre-decided parameters. These ratings decide the money you earn and the fans you gain. 

Overall the MyGM mode deepens your playing experience and adds more life to your video game. 

The much-awaited MyFACTION mode

Team-based gameplay and factions are the new raves in sports video games and fans of WWE couldn’t have been happier with the inclusion of the MyFACTION mode in 2K22

Such mode is very popular and thriving in other sports games like the NBA, FIFA, Madden and so on. And it’s more than welcome into the WWE series. 

WWE’s take on the Team-based is a very creative one and we are all for it. The mode lets us build a dream team of unique and innovative members through collecting cards. This team will help you overcome various problems and challenges throughout the game. 

The mode is full of raw and unchallenged potential that is waiting to be fully explored by the development team soon. For now, the MyFACTION mode remains a single-person mode. 

Apart from this, the trading of cards that is so celebrated in the team-based modes in other sports games is another development that can be expected. 

Now whether the developments come in the form of upgrades or inclusion in the next instalment of the series, the developers have their work cut out for them. 


Audio and Graphics

The audio of the game is quite mainstream and includes songs that we hear way too often. Unlike other sports games, the developers have not tried to match the vibe of songs to that of the situations. The songs featured in the game are some of the most popular tracks in the past few years. 

I have also noticed the songs getting ‘beeped’ to make it ‘kids friendly’ in some of the more intense parts of the song. 

Apart from that the in-game music in the matches is the same used in the predecessors that also stops abruptly during conversational scenes between the characters. The in-game commentary is something that keeps the audio and sound of this game afloat. Besides that, I am not too sold on the audio of the game. 

Talking about the visuals and graphics, the design team sure took special care in the lighting and detailing department. A lot of characters, especially the superstars, are very precisely designed and almost look real. 

For me, when it comes to sports video games, I expect the direction and camerawork akin to that of a real match. Too much? But the camera angles, the lighting and the intense camera work are all I can see and WWE 2K22 has clearly ticked the right boxes when it came to that. 

The design team highlighted and spent extra time creating the magic we see on-screen throughout the game. 


My final thoughts and verdict (2K22 review)

Talking about the good parts in the WWE 2K22 review, all I can say is the game came as a boon to the series promising revival and a lot of other things that fans of WWE have been expecting for years.

The new modes- MyFACTION, MyGM and MyRISE tapped into the creative potential of the series offering us a sublime experience compared to its predecessors. Although the MyFACTION mode has a lot of parts unexplored, the arrival in itself is a good sign for the series. 

The gameplay, at times obsolete, gave me a lot to experiment with and improve my level of experience. 

Talking about the weak parts of the game, I am not completely satisfied with the MyFACTION and the whole Ultimate Team it presents, however, I do hope that the developers try to enhance and widen the scope of the mode. 

The soundtrack, however a visible upgrade from the predecessor’s still felt a bit out of it. Machine Gun Kelly’s additional input into the game did blow some life in the audio section but not enough. 

The MyGM mode needs some work along with the dialogues and scripts. It gets way too funny and weird at times. 


Final verdict on WWE 2K22 review

Overall, I feel that the studio made a sincere effort in reviving the series with 2K22 and that can be clearly seen while playing. 

Although not completely up to the mark, WWE 2K22 announces that better things are on the way. 

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