Play Time Management Tips for Gaming Families

Play time management tips for gaming families

Want to complete that video game but your work/study deadline is near? Read ahead to find out how exactly you can achieve both with a few management tips.

Gaming can be quite addictive and often gamers irrespective of age, unintentionally start to blur their gaming time with their productive time. This causes trouble as your daily life is disturbed which eventually starts projecting on your gaming as well.

 Playing video games can be advantageous for your mind if played for an optimal amount of time. However, if played for overtime it can have some serious repercussions. So, to avoid the same, we have listed down a few management tips that will help ensure that your gaming sessions balance out perfectly with the rest of your schedule.


Here are some Time Management tips for you and your family to help manage your gaming time: 

  • Schedule a time limit:

Dedicating a few hours every day to playing video games will help manage your time better. However, easier written than done. Once you start playing a game it becomes very difficult to restrict yourself from getting away from the game. Now, this can become a huge problem as it will take away all your productive time and make other chores and work pile up leading to frustration.

Try making a detailed gaming schedule that comprises the genre you will be playing and the hours you wish to dedicate for the same. Set an alarm and place it near your gaming set-up to help you remember the schedule. However, if you are facing a problem with this the next tip could help you with managing your time better.


  • Finish all your Work first:

Yes, you read that right. If you cannot follow a gaming schedule because the level you are playing is way too exciting and addicting to leave at the moment then do so. But, how about completing everything you planned to do after your gaming time before? This will not only relieve you of the stress of pending work but also will allow you to enjoy your gaming session more.

Try bribing yourself or your kids (whoever needs time management) with incentives and rewards on the completion of the work first. Allow yourself or your child gaming time only if you or they finish the pre-determined work first.


  • Try playing one game at a time:

 I have a lot of friends like that who love to play three-four games at a time to ‘cover more ground’. I feel like this ruins the whole essence of playing games. You feel rushed as you play many games at once and if you come across a difficult level and can’t clear it, that just adds to your frustration.

Over time you start feeling as if it is a chore that needs to be done and that can seriously affect your gaming.

It is better to focus on one single game rather than trying to multitask and taking up multiple games at once. Or you can do what I do. At a time, I pick two games- one a major big one and another a lighter and smaller game. I dedicate good hours to the bigger game after I have finished everything on my schedule and have ample time to beat the bigger bosses with ease. On the other hand, I spend my smaller breaks like my lunch break or my commute time to and from my university playing the smaller game. This works brilliantly for me. 


  • Don’t pressure yourself if things are not going your way:

We have all experienced this at least once. When no matter what things are not going your way. You try to beat the level and fail again and again to the point where you start obsessing over it. You think through all your moves and responses, come back with better strategies and something still is amiss and you haven’t progressed at all. So, you decide that you have to try until you succeed and for hours you try to get through that level but in vain.

The best solution to this is just logging off from playing games and giving your body and brain the much-needed rest it requires. Switch your gaming device off and best go to sleep, fair enough you won’t get any gaming done in those few hours but it will prove even more beneficial to you when you sit for a gaming session refreshed. This will make you see things from a better and fresh perspective. 


  • Try to stay away from your gaming equipment and room:

Often, just seeing your gaming set-up makes you want to reach out and finish off just one level or the level you left earlier. This may result in loss of productive hours and further cause troubles in your schedule.

Try to stay away from the room where your gaming equipment is kept. Try to complete that presentation in your living room or your kitchen. And if you don’t have the luxury of doing your work elsewhere but your room, try to sit with your back facing towards the set-up. 

We truly hope that the above-mentioned time management tips help you to balance your gaming hours with the rest of your schedule better and more efficiently. These tips are something even I look up to following in my daily life and it has proven to improve my game and help me get in a healthy work-play schedule.

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