Sony PlayStation 3 | PS3 Super Slim | 2 Tb | 174 Top Games Free | Refurbished

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What’s Included –

  • Refurbished Sony PS3 Super Slim Multimanwala Console- Pre-owned but Excellent Condition (Next to Brand New Condition)
  • Original Full Version Digital Games Installed in Internal Hardisk.
  • Internal Hardisk 1Tb + External Hardisk 1Tb
  • New 1 Dualshock3 Wireless Controller (TRUE COPY) – Color may vary depends upon the availability.
  • New Hdmi Cable
  • New Power Cord
  • New USB Charging Cable
  • New AV Cable
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Included Warranty

1 Year
1 Year Warranty Included.


Special Note –

  • The internal HDD of Console is 1Tb and the external HDD is 1Tb makes a 2Tb storage.
  • This is a Seller Refurbished item and it is as good as new one..
  • You may find minor scratches on console which happens during Testing and Loading The Games.
  • But here you have a plus point that it has MULTIMAN Wala software – Able to Add or Remove single games too??.
  • All Gaming Titles are Genuine, digitally downloaded, online purchased And Full Version Not Demo (Highly Customised).

Key Features –

  • PS3 Super Slim 2 TB With174 Top Games
  • PS3 Super Slim is the gaming brand’s latest console and its cheaper & slimmer that its predecessors
  • Lighter design
  • Massive storage capacity.
  • Easy hard drive access

List of Top Rated Digital Full Version Games Pre-Installed to your PS3 are mentioned below: 2TB PS3 GAME LIST-

1007 Legend"
2Ace Combat Assoulat Horizon
3Alone In The Dark
4Angry Birds"
5Army Of Two The 40Th Day
6Ashes Cricket
7Assassins Creed Brotherhood
8Assassin'S Creed Iii"
9Assassins Creed Iv Black Flag
10Assassins Creed Revelation"
11Assassins Creed Rouge
12Asuras Wrath
13Batman Arkham City
14Batman Arkham Origins
15Battlefield 4
17Ben 10 Omniverseg 2
18Beyond Two Souls
19Bioshock Infinite
21Boderlands 2
22Borderlands The Pre-Sequel"
23Burnout Ultimate Box"
24Cal Of Duty Black Ops 3"
25Call Of Duty Advance Warfare
26Call Of Duty Black Ops
27Call Of Duty Black Ops Ii
28Call Of Duty Ghosts
29Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
30Call Of Duty World War"
31Call Of Duy Modern Warfare 2"
32Captain America Super Soldier
33Castle Vania 2
34Crysis 3
35Dantes Inferno
36Dark Soul 2
37Darksiders Ii
38Dead Rising 2"
39Dead Space 3
40Demon Soul
41Deus Ex Human Revolution
42Devil May Cry 5
43Dirt 3
45Don Bradman Cricket 14
46Doom 3"
47Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi
48Duke Nuken
49Earth Defense Force 2025
50Escape Dead Island
52Farcry 4
53Ff 13"
54Fifa 19
55Fifa Street 3
56Fight Night Champion"
57Fist Of North Star Kens Rage 2
58God Of War Ascension
59God Of War Collection
60God Of War Collection Volume Ii
61God Of War Iii
62Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City
63Grand Theft Auto Iv
64Grand Theft Auto V
65Granturismo 6
66Gta San Andreas
67Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 2"
68Heavenly Sword
69Heavy Rain
70Hitman Absolution
72House Of The Dead Overkill
73Ice Ageg 4 Continental Drift Arctic
74Infamous 2
75Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
76International Cricket 2010
77Ironman 2
78Journey Collectors Edition
79Just Cause2"
80Just Dance 2015"
81Killzone 3
82L.A. Noire
83Lego Marvel Super Heroes
84Little Big Planet 3
85Lost Planet3"
86Madden Nfl 15
87Mafia 2
88Marvel Squad Hero"
89Marvel Vs Capcom 3
90Mass Effect 3
91Max Payne 3
92Medal Of Honor Warfighter
93Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
94Metal Gear Solid 4"
95Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
96Middle Earth Shadows Of Mordor
97Minecraft Story Mode"
98Mortal Combat Complete
99Motogp 15
100Motorstorm Pacific Rift
101Move Medievil"
102Move Tiger Woods Pga 12"
103Murdered Soul Suspect
104Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3"
105Nba 2K18
106Need For Speed Rivals
107Need For Speed The Run
108Ninja Gaiden 3
109One Piece Pirate 3"
110Payday 2
111Persona 5
112Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare
113Portal 2
114Price Of Persia The Forgotten Sands
115Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
116Prototype 2
118Rainbow Six Vegas2"
119Ratchet Clank Nexus
120Rayman Legends
121Red Dead Redemption Goty
122Resident Evil 4
123Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
124Resident Evil 6
125Resident Evil Operation Racon City
126Resistance 3
128Risen 3 Titan Lords
129Saints Row Iv
130Saw 2
131Sherlock Holmes
132Silent Hill Downpur
133Skyrim Elder Scroll 5
134Sleeping Dogs
135Sly Cooper Thieves In Time
136Smack Down Vs Raw Wwe All Star
137Sniper Elite 3
138Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
139Socom 4 Us Navy Seals
140Soul Calibur 5
141Spec Ops The Line"
142Sports Champion Move
143Sports Champions 2 Move
145Star Trek
146Star Wars The Force Unleashed2"
147Start The Party"
148Tekken 6
149Tekken Tag Tournament 2
150The Adventures Of Tintin The Secret Of The Unicorn
151The Amazing Spiderman 2
152The Evil Within
153The Godfather Ii"
154The Incredible Hulk
155The Last Of Us
156The Walking Dead S2"
157The Wolf Among Us
159Tom Clancy'S Ghost Recon Future Soldier"
160Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. 2
161Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist
162Tomb Raider
163Top Spin 4
164Toy Story 3
165Transformer Fall For Cyber"
166Twisted Metal
167Ufc Undisputed 3
168Ultra Street Fighter Iv
169Uncharted 1 Drakes Fortune
170Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
171Uncharted 3 Goty"
173Wolfestine The Blood"
174Wwe 2K17
Get hold of the most popular 150 – 160 Full Version PS3 Digital Games in the gaming world. We pre install the best set of thrilling games that are handpicked by YOU!
1TB + 1TB External Hdd full of Games will be installed in your Hardisk efficiently based on your stock availability. Don’t worry! Your pockets won’t pinch this time as this whole game set up is FREE!

List of 200+ Top Rated Digital Full Version Games For PS3 Game List Customization Service (YOUR CHOICE)

1007 Blood Stone"
2007 Legend"
3007 Reloaded"
4Ace Combat Assoulat Horizon
5Alien Isolation
6Alone In The Dark
7Alpha Protocol
8Anarchy Reign
9Angry Birds"
10Armored Core For Answer
11Army Of Two The 40Th Day
12Army Of Twog The Devils Cartel
13Ashes Cricket
14Assassins Creed
15Assassins Creed Brotherhood
16Assassins Creed Ii G
17Assassin'S Creed Iii"
18Assassins Creed Iv Black Flag
19Assassins Creed Revelation"
20Assassins Creed Rouge
21Asuras Wrath
22Bad Companny 2"
23Batman Arkham Asylum
24Batman Arkham City
25Batman Arkham Origins
26Battle Vs Chess
27Battlefield 3
28Battlefield 4
29Battlefield Bad Company 2
30Battlefield Hardline
32Ben 10 Omniverse 2
33Beyond Good Evil Hd"
34Beyond Two Souls
35Binary Domain
36Biohazard Remaster
37Bioshock 2
38Bioshock Infinite
39Blaster Factor"
41Boderlands 2
43Boishock 2"
44Borderlands The Pre-Sequel"
45Bound By Flame
48Burn Out Paradise City
49Burnout Ultimate Box"
50Cal Of Duty Black Ops 3"
51Call Of Duty Advance Warfare
52Call Of Duty Black Ops
53Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
54Call Of Duty Ghosts
55Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1"
56Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
57Call Of Duty World War"
58Call Of Duy Modern Warfare 2"
59Captain America Super Soldier
60Cars 2"
61Castlevania 2
62Castlevania Lords Of Shadow
64Clash Of The Titans
65Conflict Denied Ops
66Crysis 2"
67Crysis 3
68Dantes Inferno
69Dark Sector
70Dark Soul 2
71Dark Soul1"
73Darksiders 2
74Dead Island
75Dead Nation"
76Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round
77Dead Rising 2"
78Dead Space
79Dead Space 2 Limited Edition
80Dead Space 3
83Demon Soul
84Deus Ex Human Revolution
85Devil May Cry 4
86Devil May Cry 5
87Diablo 3
88Digimon All-Star Rumble
89Dirt 3
91Dmc Devil May Cry"
92Don Bradman Cricket 14
93Doom 3"
94Dragon Age Inquisition
95Dragon Ball Raging Blast
96Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Z
97Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi
98Dragon Dogma"
99Dragonball Xenoverse"
100Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen
101Driver San Francisco
102Drivver Sanfrannsisco"
103Duke Nuken
104Ea Sports 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil"
105Earth Defense Force 2025
106Escape Dead Island
107Fairy Fencer F
108Falling Skies The Game
110Far Cry 2"
111Far Cry 3
112Farcry 4
113Fear 3
114Ff 13"
116Fifa 15
117Fifa 18
118Fifa 19
119Fifa Street
120Fifa Street 3
123Fight Night Champion"
124Fist Of North Star Kens Rage 2
125God Of War 3
126God Of War Ascension
127God Of War Collection
128God Of War Collection Volume Ii
129Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City
130Grand Theft Auto Iv
131Grand Theft Auto V
132Granturismo 6
133Grid Autosport
134Gta San Andreas
135Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 2"
138Heavenly Sword
139Heavy Rain
140Hitman Absolution
141Hitmang Hd Trilogy
143House Of The Dead Overkill
144Ice Ageg 4 Continental Drift Arctic
145Infamous 1
146Infamous 2
147Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
148International Cricket 2010
149Ironman 2
150Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
151Journey Collectors Edition
152J-Stars Victory
153Just Cause2"
154Just Dance 2015"
155Killer Is Dead
157Killzone 2
158Killzone 3
159King Of Fighter 12
160Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning
161L.A. Noire
163Lego Jurassic World
164Lego Marvel Super Heroes
165Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens
166Little Big Planet
167Little Big Planet 3
168Little Big Planet2"
169Lollipop Chainsaw
170Lost Planet3"
171Madden Nfl 15
172Mafia 2
173Man Vs Wild
174Marvel Squad Hero"
175Marvel Vs Capcom 3
176Mass Effect 3
177Max Payne 3
178Medal Of Honor
179Medal Of Honor Airborne
180Medal Of Honor Warfighter
181Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
182Metal Gear Solid 4"
183Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes
184Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
185Metro Last Light
186Middle Earth Shadows Of Mordor
187Minecraft Story Mode"
189Mlb 15 The Show"
190Mortal Combat Complete
191Mortal Kombat Vs. Dc Universe
192Moto Gp 10By11
193Motogp 14
194Motogp 15
195Motorcycle Club
196Motorstorm Pacific Rift
197Motorstrom Apocolyps"
198Motorstrom Pacific Rift"
199Move Medievil"
200Move Tiger Woods Pga 12"
201Murdered Soul Suspect
202Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3"
203Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
204National Hocky League 15 (Nhl)
205Nba 2K18
207Need For Speed Prostreet"
208Need For Speed Rivals
209Need For Speed The Run
210Need For Speed Undercover"
211Need For Speedg Most Wanted
212Nfs Hotpursuit"
213Ninja Gaiden 2
214Ninja Gaiden 3
215Ninja Gaiden Sigma
216One Piece Pirate 3"
217One Piece Pirate"
218Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising
219Operation Flashpoint Red River"
220Painkiller Hell Damnation
221Payday 2
222Persona 5
223Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare
224Portal 2
225Price Of Persia The Forgotten Sands
226Prince Of Persia
227Pro Evolution Soccer 2011"
228Pro Evolution Soccer 2013"
229Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
230Pro Evolution Soccer 2017"
231Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
233Prototype 2
234Ps All Stars Battle Royal
236Puss In Boots
237Quantum Of Solance"
239Rainbow Six Vegas2"
240Ratchet Clank Nexus
241Rayman Legends
242Red Dead Redemption Goty
243Red Faction Armageddon
244Resident Evil 4
245Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
246Resident Evil 6
247Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City"
248Resident Evil Operation Racon City
249Resident Evil Revelations 2
250Resistance 3
251Resistance Fall Of Man
253Risen 3 Titan Lords
254Rugby League Live 2
255Sacred 3
257Saints Row Iv
258Saints Row2"
259Saw 2
260Shellshock 2 Blood Trails
261Sherlock Holmes
262Silent Hill Downpur
264Skyrim Elder Scroll 5
265Sleeping Dog"
266Sleeping Dogs
267Sly Cooper Thieves In Time
268Smack Down Vs Raw Wwe 2K17
269Smack Down Vs Raw Wwe All Star
270Smack Down Vs Raw Wwe2K11"
271Smack Down Vs Raw Wwe2K13"
272Sniper Elite 2
273Sniper Elite 3
274Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
275Socom 4 Us Navy Seals
277Soul Caliber 4
278Soul Calibur 5
279Spec Ops The Line"
280Splenter Cell Hd Triology"
282Sports Champion Move
283Sports Champions 2 Move
285Star Trek
286Star Wars The Force Unleashed2"
288Start The Party"
289Super Street Fighter Iv"
290Tales Of Xilia
291Tales Of Xilia 2
292Tekken 6
293Tekken Tag Tournament 2
294Tennis In The Face"
295Test Drive Unlimited2"
296The Adventures Of Tintin The Secret Of The Unicorn
297The Amazing Spiderman 2
298The Amazing Spider-Man"
299The Darkness2"
300The Darksider2"
301The Evil Within
302The Godfather 2"
303The Incredible Hulk
304The Last Of Us
305The Orange Box
306The Walking Dead
307The Walking Dead S2"
308The Wolf Among Us
310Time Crisis Rising Strom"
311Tom Clancy'S Ghost Recon Future Soldier"
312Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. 2
313Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist
314Tomb Raider
315Tomb Raider Trology"
316Top Spin 4
317Toy Story 3
318Transformer Fall For Cyber"
319Twisted Metal
320Ufc Undisputed 3
321Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom
322Ultra Street Fighter Iv
323Uncharted 1 Drakes Fortune
324Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
325Uncharted 3 Goty"
326Valkyria Chronicles"
328Viking Battle Of Asgard"
330Winning Eleven 2018"
331Wolfestine The Blood"
332World Soccer Winning Eleven 2015"
334Wwe 2K17
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If you have 320Gb/250Gb, Then Choose 15-20 Gaming Titles.
If you have 500Gb, Then Choose 25-30 Gaming Titles.
If you have 1TB, Then Choose 70-75 Gaming Titles.
If you have 2TB, Then Choose 140-150 Gaming Titles.
If you have 3Tb, Then Choose 200-250 Gaming Titles.

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