PlayStation Eye Camera PS3 (Pre-owned)

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Key Features –

  • Tracks the motion controller’s sphere to accurately read player position.
  • Engineered to perform well in low light conditions.
  • Enables head tracking to read complete upper body movement.
  • Zoom lens for close-up or full body options.
  • Captures the video of you and your surroundings, turning the living room into the setting of the game.
  • Fast frame rate up to 120 frames/second provides pristine video quality.
  • Take photos of your victories and defeats and share with friends.
  • Creates a realistic, lifelike avatar of yourself using your own image.
  • Can be used for in-game chat and voice-commands.
  • Sound quality is crystal clear with the built-in 4 microphone array.

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Description –

  • The Sony PS3 Eye Camera functions as a video chatting interface, with a 120 frames-per-second camera that delivers sharp images and video. The zoom lens of the camera can be adjusted for close-up and full body focus options, letting you choose the distance you want to stand at while using this Sony Eye Camera. The camera performs well under low-light conditions too. So if you plan to host the next gaming night at your place, dim the lights and get set to have the time of your life.
  • The PS3 Eye Camera accurately reads each player’s position accurately, tracking up to 4 players for a single game. The Eye Camera also features head tracking to read upper body movements, giving you the freedom of a wide library of games to choose from. Using the PS3 Eye Camera, each user can create a lifelike avatar for themselves in games that support the function. This avatar can look exactly like you, with similar body features, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.
  • You can use the Sony Eye Camera for in-game chat and to deliver voice commands, keeping you ahead in the gaming scene. The sound quality captured by this Eye Camera is mind blowing, with a built-in 4 microphone array. You can video chat with up to 6 people at the same time with this Camera, taking the term ‘multi-player’ to new levels of awesome. Step in to the new world of Move capable games in style, with the Sony PS3 Eye Camera.

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PlayStation Eye Camera PS3 (Pre-owned)

800.002,999.00 EMI Available (-73%)

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