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Included Warranty

1 Year
1 Year Warranty Included.

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Special Note –

  • This is a Seller Refurbished item and it is as good as new one..
  • You may find minor scratches on console which happens during Testing and Loading The Games.
  • You can’t play online. Basically, online gaming is not suggestable as it comes with Custom or Hybrid Firmware.
  • All Gaming Titles are Genuine, digitally downloaded, online purchased And Full Version Not Demo (Highly Customised).

Key Features –

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 S Console 500 GB With Top 75 Games.
  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • Support for up to four wireless game controllers
  • Two memory unit slots
  • Xbox 360 models include hard drives for storing your photos, music, and video for playback in your home theater.

List of Top Rated Digital Full Version Games Pre Installed to your XBOX 360 are mentioned below: 500GB XBOX 360 GAME LIST

Sr. No.Gaming Titles (500 GB)StoragePlayers
1007 James Bond Legends
2Ace Combat 6
3Alone In The Dark
4Ashesh Cricket 2009
5Assassin'S Creed 4 Rogue
6Batman Arkham Asylum
7Battlefield Hardline
8Ben 10 Omniverse 2
10Bully Scholarship Edition
11Burnout Anthology Complete Edition
12Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare
13Call Of Duty Black Ops 3
14Dead Rising 2
15Dead To Right 3
16Devil May Cry 5
17Don Bradman Cricket 2014
18Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2
20Far Cry 4
21Fifa Street 3
22Forza 4 D1_D2
23Forza Horizon 2
24Forza Motorsport 3 D1
25Gears Of War 2
26Gears Of War 3
27Gears Of War Judgment
28Ghost Recon Future Soldier
29Gta 5
30Gta San Andreas
31Halo 4
32Halo Combat
33Halo Reach
34Hitman Absolution
35Icc Cricket 2007
36Ice Age 3
37Just Cause 2
38Kinect Animals
39Kinect Body N Brain
40Kinect Dance Central3
41Kinect Dance Paradise
42Kinect Dragon Ball Z
43Kinect Ea Sports Active Personal Trainer 2
44Kinect Fruit Ninja
45Kinect Game Party In Motion
46Kinect Joy Ride
47Kinect Just Dance 4
48Kinect Kung Fu Panda
49Kinect Marvel Avenger
50Kinect Motion Sports
51Kinect Rocksmith
52Kinect Self Defence Tc
53Kinect Sport Season 2
54Mafia 2
55Max Payne 3
56Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
58Mortal Kombat Armaggendon
59Moto Gp 14
60Need For Speed Run
61Ninja Gaiden 3
62Red Dead Redemption
63Resident Evil 6
64Rise Of The Tomb Raider
65Sleepin Dogs
66Sniper Elite 3
69Tekken 6
70The Amazing Spiderman 2
71The Witcher 2
72Top Spin 4 Tennis
74Wwe All Star
75Wwe Smack Down Vs Raw 2K17
Install 500 GB Games on your Internal Hardisk that are trending in the gaming community now! Here is a popular list of 65 – 75 Full Version Digital Games that shine on the trend and are pre installed by HG WORLD in your XBOX 360!
Pay nothing extra! Instead, grab away timeless and unlimited thrill.

Xbox 360 Game customization with your choice of games also available @ Nominal Charges. You can select games from below list and if any games which you looking not available in list you can mention in customer notes while placing order or via WhatsApp .

1007 James Bond Golden Reloaded101Dead Rising201Hitman Bm301Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor401Toy Story 3
2007 James Bond Legends102Dead Rising 2202Hitman Trilogy Hd302Midnight Club Lost Angel402Transformer Revenge
350 Cent Blood On The Sand103Dead To Right 3203Homefront303Mind Jack403Transformer Rise Of Spark
4Ace Combat 6104Deadpool204Hot Wheels Worlds Best Drive304Minecraft404Transformers Dark Of The Moon
5Alan Wake105Deadspace 2205Hunted305Mortal Kombat405Ufc 3
6Alfa Protocol106Deadspace 3206Icc Cricket 2007306Mortal Kombat Armaggendon406Ultra Street Fighter
7Alien Isolation_D1107Def Jam207Ice Age 3307Mortal Kombat Vs Dc Universe407Virtual Tennis 4
8Alien Isolation_D2108Deus Ex Human Revolution208Injustice308Moto Gp 13408Wanted
9Alien Vs Predator109Devil May Cry 4209International Cricket309Moto Gp 14409Watchdogs
10Aliens Colonial Marines110Devil May Cry 5210Inversion310Moto Gp 9-10410Wet
11Alone In The Dark111Dirt 3211Iran Man 2311Motocross Madness411Wheelman
12Amazing Spiderman112Dirt Showdown212Iron Sky Invasion312Motor Cycle Club412Wolfestine The New Order
13Americans Army113Dishonored213Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge 2313Mud413Wwe All Star
14Anarchy Regin114Divinity 2 The Dragon Knight Saga214Jurassic Park314Mud Fim Motocross414Wwe Smack Down Vs Raw 2K17
15Angry Bird Trilogy115Don Bradman Cricket 2014215Just Cause 2315Murdered Soul Suspect415Xmen Destiny
16Apha Protocal116Dragon Age Origins216Kene & Lench 2316Mx Vs Atv
17Arcania Gothic 4117Dragon Ball Xenoverse217Killer Is Dead317Naruto Revulation
18Armed Core Verdict Day118Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Z218Kinect Animals318Nba2K15
19Army Of Two119Dragon Ball Z Brust Limit219Kinect Blackwater319Need For Speed Rivals
20Army Of Two The Devils Cartel120Dragon Ball Z Hd Coll220Kinect Body N Brain320Need For Speed Run
21Ashesh Cricket 2009121Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast221Kinect Dance Central321Never Dead
22Assassins Creed 2122Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2222Kinect Dance Central 2322Nfs Hot Pursuit
23Assassin'S Creed 3123Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi223Kinect Dance Central3323Nfs Most Wanted 2
24Assassin'S Creed 4 Rogue124Driver San Fransico224Kinect Dance Masters Dance Evolution324Nfs Undercover
25Assassins Creed Brotherhood125Duke Nukem Forever225Kinect Dance Paradise325Nier
26Assassins Creed Revelations126Dungeon Siege 3226Kinect Dragon Ball Z326Ninja Blade
27Asuras Warth127Dynasty Warrior 7227Kinect Ea Sports Active Personal Trainer 2327Ninja Gaiden 3
28Avtar The Last Airberder The Burning Earth128Enemy Front228Kinect Fable The Journey328Payday 2
29Bang Bang Racing129Enslaved Odyssey To The West229Kinect Fighters Uncaged329Pes 2018
30Batman Arkham Asylum130Escape Dead Island230Kinect Fruit Ninja330Portal 2
31Batman Arkham City131F1 2012231Kinect Game Party In Motion331Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time
32Batman Arkham Origin132F1 2013232Kinect Harry Poter332Prison Break
33Battlefield Hardline133F12014233Kinect Joy Ride333Prototype
34Battlefield 3134Fable Anniversary234Kinect Just Dance334Prototype 2
35Battlefield 4135Fable Iii235Kinect Just Dance 4335Rambo The Video Game
36Battlefield Bad Company136Fable The Journey236Kinect Kung Fu Panda336Rayman Legends
37Battleship137Fall Out New Vegas237Kinect Kung-Fu High Impact337Red Dead Redemption
38Bayonetta138Far Cry 2238Kinect Marvel Avenger338Remember Me
39Ben 10 Omniverse 2139Far Cry 3239Kinect Mj The Experience339Resident Evil 4
40Ben10 Omniverse140Far Cry 4240Kinect Motion Sports340Resident Evil 5
41Ben10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction141Far Cry Classic241Kinect Nike Trainung341Resident Evil 6
42Ben10 Vilgax Attacks142Fast And Furious Showdown242Kinect Power Ranger 2012342Resident Evil Biohazard
43Binary Domain143Fast N Furious243Kinect Power Up Heroes343Resident Evil Revelations 2
44Bioshock 2144Fear 3244Kinect Rocksmith344Ride To Hell Retribution
45Blades Of Time145Fifa 15245Kinect Rush345Rise Of The Tomb Raider
46Blood Knights146Fifa 16246Kinect Self Defence Tc346Risen 3 Titan Loards
47Bloodforge147Fifa 17247Kinect Sonic Free Riders347Rockstar Table Tennis
48Blur148Fifa 19248Kinect Sport Season 2348Rouge Warrior
49Boarderland 2149Fifa Brazil 2014249Kinect Sports349Rugby Challenge 3
50Bodycount150Fifa South Africa 10250Kinect Sports Island Freedom350Sacred 3
51Boishock Infinity151Fifa Street 2012251Kinect Star Wars351Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell
52Borderlands The Pre Sequel152Fifa Street 3252Kinect The Hip Hop Dance Experience352Saints Row The 3
53Bose Breaker153Fifa13253Kinect Yoostar 2353Saw
54Bound By Flame154Fifa14254Kinect Your Personel Trainer354Saw 2
55Bournout Paradise The Ultimate Box155Fight Night Champion255Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved355Sckate 3
56Bournout Revenge156Fight Night Round 4256Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012356Screamride
57Bulletstrom157Fighters Uncaged257King Kong357Serious Sam Hd
58Bully Scholarship Edition158Final Fantasy Xiii258Knight Contract358Sherlocks Homes
59Burnout Anthology Complete Edition159Final Fantasy Xiii 2259Kor Reckoning359Siants Row 4
60Cabelas African Adventures160Fist Of The Ken Star Rage 2260L.A.Noir360Silenthill Downpour
61Cabelas Big Game Hunter161Fist Of The North Star261Laracraft Guardian361Silenthill Home Coming
62Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare162Flashing Point262Left 4 Dead 2362Skyrim
63Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare163Forza 4 D1_D2263Legend Of Wrestlemania363Sleepin Dogs
64Call Of Duty Black Ops 1164Forza Horizon 2264Legendary364Snipe Ghost Warrior 2
65Call Of Duty Black Ops 2165Forza Motorsport 3 D1265Lego Batman 2365Sniper Elite 3
66Call Of Duty Black Ops 3166Frontline Fow266Lego Batman 3366Sonic Adventure 2
67Call Of Duty Ghost167Full Auto267Lego Jurassic World367Sonic Generation
68Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3168Fuse268Life Is Strange Episode 1368Soul Caliber 5
69Call Of Duty World At War169G.I.Joe The Rise Of Cobra269Life Is Strange Episode 2 Dlc369Spec Ops The Line
70Call Of Juarez170Game Of Thrones270Lightning Returns Final Fantasy Xiii Xbox370Spiderman Edege Of Time
71Call Of Juarez Gunslinger171Gears Of War271Lolipop371Spiderman3
72Call Of Juarez The Cartel172Gears Of War 2272Lord Of Ring372Splintercell Blacklist
73Captain America Super Soldier173Gears Of War 3273Lord War In The North373Split Second
74Cars 2174Gears Of War Judgment274Lost Planet 2374Ssx
75Castelvania 1175G-Force275Lost Planet 3375Star Ocean The Last Hope
76Castlevania 2 D1176Ghost Recon Future Soldier276Mad Riders376Strangleehoold
77Clash Of The Titans177Grand Slam Tennis277Madagasakar 3377Street Fighter Vs Tekken
78Condemned2178Grand Slam Tennis 2278Maddan Nfl16378Super Street Fighter 4
79Counter Strike Go179Green Lantern279Madden Nfl 25379Tekken 6
80Crash Time 4180Grid280Madden Nfl13380Tekken Tag 2
81Crimes And Punishmen Sherlock Homes181Grid Auto Sport281Mafia 2381Test Drive Unlimited 2
82Crisis 3182Grid2282Man Vs Wild382The Adventure Of Tintin
83Crysis 2183Gta 5283Mark Of The Ninja383The Amazing Spiderman 2
84Damnation184Gta Iv284Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth384The Crew
85Dantes Inferno185Gta Liberty City285Marvel Vs Capcom385The Darkness 2
86Dark186Gta San Andreas286Mass Effect 1386The Evil Within
87Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic187Gun287Mass Effect 2387The Godfather 2
88Dark Sector188Halo 3288Mass Effect 2 D1388The King Of Fighters
89Dark Siders189Halo 4289Mass Effect 2 D2389The Walking Dead Season 2
90Dark Souls190Halo Combat290Masseffect 3390The Walking Dead Survival Insinct
91Dark Void191Halo Odst291Max Payne 3391The Witcher 2
92Darkness 2192Halo Reach292Medal Of Honor392The Witcher 2
93Darksider 2193Harry Potter293Medal Of Honour Warfighter393The Wolf Among Us
94Dead 2 Right194Harry Potter Deathly Hallow 1294Men In Black394Thor
95Dead Fall Adventures195Harry Potter Dh 2295Mercenaries 2395Tiger Woods Pga Tour
96Dead Iland Reptide196Hawks 2296Metal Gear Rising Revenageance396Tna Impact
97Dead Island197Heavy Fire Shattered Spear297Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zero397Tomb Raider
98Dead Or Alive 2198Hell Boy Tsoe298Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain398Tomb Raider Anniversary
99Dead Or Alive 5199History Legends Of299Metro 2033399Tombraider Under World
100Dead Or Alive Ultimate200Hitman Absolution300Metro Last Light400Top Spin 4 Tennis
If you are looking for Game Choice or Game Customization, then You Are At Right Place. How?
Here is your answer-
We will prepare your Ordering CONSOLE by Loading The Games Of Your Choice From The Above Game Library.
@ INR 500 Extra For Xbox360 Game Customisation Service.
For game selection - Use COPY, CSV, EXCEL, PDF Option that option will come at the top of the List, then edit it.
1. IF 160Gb/120Gb, Select 20-25 Gaming Titles.
2. IF 320Gb/250Gb, Select 40-50 Gaming Titles.
3. IF 500Gb, Select 65-75 Gaming Titles.
4. IF 1TB, Select 120-150 Gaming Titles.
5. IF 2TB, Select 250-260 Gaming Titles
6. IF 3Tb, Select 300-320 Gaming Titles.
After selection of games of your choice, share with us on whatsapp or make a note of it and add the notes(selected games) to "Order notes (optional)" section that page will come after clicking on "Proceed to Checkout" button.

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Included Warranty

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1 Year Warranty Included.

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HGReNew | Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim | 500 GB | 75 Best Games Bundle | Gaming Console | Warranty Included | Fast Delivery

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