Detailed Review of Dirt 5 – A PS5 game

Dirt 5 Review

Get in your racing boots for this adventure-filled off-road racing game. Read this dirt 5 review.

Codemasters continued the raucous and adrenaline pumping Dirt Series with its latest addition the Dirt 5. Over the years Dirt has seen changes, up-gradation and so much more throughout the series, however, this one is a bit different and special. Unlike the rest of the series which was developed by the Southam campus of the game developing company, this project was taken over by the Cheshire campus, giving the original theme a twist of their own. And honestly, this old-school arcade adventure-filled game got an amazing opportunity to show off the possibilities and elements it can offer. 

To describe the game/ dirt 5 review to someone who has never played the same, we can say it is purely an arcade-style racing game with shiny cars and breath-taking views that feels as if you were driving through those locations in real life. The game enthralls your senses with realistic surroundings and climatic elements. Race through the snow-clad Himalayan terrains or dirt tracks full of mud in Norway, this game is designed to satiate all your traveling blues that you missed out on this past year due to the pandemic and lockdown. 

We had a great time playing and exploring everything this game had to offer. And we were quite pleased with our decision to spend our weekend cruising through various locations on our PS5 to bring you this dirt 5 review. Oh! You still haven’t got your hands on the latest PS5? Don’t worry. Head over to our website and shop with us. We not only sell and deal with gaming consoles but also sell gaming accessories and games. What’s more, are the great discounts and offers that are literally everywhere on our website. Click here to know more. 

Let us give you a detailed review of this terrific off-road racing game. 

As soon as you load the game up in your console the very first slide gives you a subtle hint of the experience you are to expect with the colorful and bright title and user interface. You can choose your controls as per your needs and desires. For example, if you want an exciting yet challenging ride, you can choose the manual transmission where you manually change the gears just as in real-life driving. However, if you want a fun yet simple drive you can use the pre-set controls where you only have to concern yourself with three buttons- the handbrake for when you want to pull through some tight turns, the breaks, and the accelerator. 

The game is significantly crafted to offer you a wide range of locations to drive through. The 10 locations included in the game are- New York, Greece, Nepal, China, Italy, South Africa, Norway, Arizona, Morocco, and Brazil. Every location is very precisely designed, bringing out the various real-life features and elements of all the above-mentioned places. What’s more, is the game’s dynamic representation of seasons and weather. The weather system in the game is very relevant to that of the original location and offers you a brilliant myriad of scenarios to drive

your car in. For example, you are driving underneath a beautifully clear and blue sky and halfway through your drive, the sky is filled with clouds and you experience thunder, heavy rain, and low visibility throughout. This experience is so alluring and frustrating at the same time as it increases the challenge level yet allows you to be awestruck by how fine the game design is. 

The story of this game moves forward in a very creative way with two real-life podcasters- Nolan Sykes and James Pumphrey who are also huge auto enthusiasts, who have their own in-game podcast. Although the game does lack a bit with character models and development, the involvement of Troy Baker and Nolan North makes the podcasters’ occasional terrible jokes bearable. Troy Baker who is well known as Joel Miller from This is Us, plays the part of a guide/sensei AJ (Alex Janieck) to the player. Nolan North, most known from Unchartered, lends his voice to Bruno Durand, an eccentric villain that rivals our player every chance he gets. 

The game requires you to complete a certain set of objectives to move to the next part or unlock the other branches of the game. Sometimes, it does get a bit boring and repetitive. After playing the game for several hours straight, a lot of game modes began to look the same. For example, take Land Rush and Rally Raid, they seemed the same based on their gameplay. We found this out through their website that they were different from the spirit aspect and not the actual mechanics. Our personal favorite was the Ice Breaker. As the name suggests it involved a lot of drifting along the ice-clad routes. With very little control due to its nature, the mode was the most exciting and challenging for us. 

This dirt 5 review would have been incomplete without talking about its most enjoyable factor. As the career is a single-player-focused thing, the arcade mode is the real deal. First of all, it brings out memories. You can try the arcade mode offline with a split-screen of up to four players including yourself. 

Except for the split-screen, every single mode is easily available to be played across the featured routes (70). You can set the number of laps, the weather conditions and almost everything without worrying about clearing a mission or objective first. 

Another astonishing component of this game is the customization of the tracks. Yes, you read that right. You can very easily transform or add barriers, or any other element you wish to create your very own customized track. You can even share this online for other players’ enjoyment and use. 

Summarizing our dirt 5 review 

If you are someone who loves or would like to get a taste of a gaming experience that comprises unbelievable speed, neck-whiplashing drifts, and racing against a beautiful backdrop, Dirt 5 won’t disappoint you. It is a game full of ideas and potential. Yes, you read that right, we do think that there are small moments or rather say places that hit below the expectation, however, the clever and nostalgic experience one gets while driving through the lanes in this game makes up for it. We hope you enjoyed our dirt 5 review. Stay tuned for more informative and entertaining blogs.

Watch the trailer of Dirt 5 here.

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