Our Review on Heavenly Bodies (For PS5)

Review on Heavenly bodies

Dive into the world of ‘tricky physics’ with this all-new whacky game on your PS5 and PS4 today.

Puzzle games are fun. They test you, tease you and most importantly leave you with a feeling of fulfilment similar to that of having the last French fry when sharing with your siblings.

Heavenly Bodies is here to challenge you to its frustratingly fun levels as you make your way around space completing important tasks and missions.

I recently played Heavenly bodies and was quite surprised with how well-planned this game was. There is a lot going on in this game that needs to be mentioned, so without further ado let’s get right into it. And oh! Have you checked out the amazing deals on PS5 on our website? The console is now in stock and available at an unbeatable price. Click here to know more.


Heavenly Bodies – The game

Developed by 2pt Interactive, Melbourne based developers, the game is nothing short of a satisfying play. Frustrating at times (All for the right reasons), I feel Heavenly bodies is way too underrated and that needs to change.

You have a radio control and a manual booklet to aid you through your journey/adventure in space as you are all set to show the world engineering at its best. However, there is one small problem. Zero-gravity. You are expected to bull-doze your way (not literally) through this weightless environment and complete all your tasks with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

The game is 70s style graphic inspired and hits all the right visual boxes for its aesthetic graphics and designs.

Talking about the concept of heavenly bodies, I feel it is quite creative. Your level of patience along with your critical thinking is put to use as you try to cruise your way through space. The main key, however, lies in understanding the controls of the game.


The gameplay and controls

Now, this is the main point of focus in the entire game. To say the controls of the game are tricky would be an understatement. Honestly, it took me quite a while to finally understand what I was doing with my controls.

The game takes complete advantage of the absence of gravity and your cosmonaut’s weightless form in that environment. You are to independently control all your cosmonaut’s limbs along with their movement. Seems easy? Not especially when you have to complete tasks with those thumbsticks that are to move, push, pull all at the same time.

The best advice here would be to try out the controls for yourself and see how it works for you. You will go through several combinations before you feel somewhat comfortable with how you are moving in the game.

I will have to admit that there was more than just one instance when I wanted to throw away my controller in frustration just because I couldn’t successfully move through a tunnel.

These controls can be quite fun in co-op mode though as you bump into your partner (intentionally or not) as you go about completing your respective tasks.   


The story

There isn’t much to the story of Heavenly Bodies except for the basics that get you started. You are on your way to creating history. Aboard a 70s style space ship, you a cosmonaut is assigned with several tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the mission as well as the space shuttle.


The levels

There are a total of seven playable levels in this crazy video game. The difficulty and complexity increase with every passing level. Layer after layer is added to each level and it never ceased to amaze me how much can this game frustrate and enthral me at the same time.

Before you start a particular level, a manual/guide is provided to you telling you what needs to be done. This is then stored and saved in the manual booklet that can be viewed on your screen at any time. Although the handy book tells you what to do, it doesn’t say exactly how to do it. That has to figured out on our own. There is only one variable solution to every task and trust me, figuring it out will be one of the most satisfying feelings you have experienced in a while.

Tasks may include clicking on a button, shutting something down, pulling a lever or connecting some wires together, basically anything and everything.


Solo v/s Co-op

The game supports two different modes- the single-mode and the local co-op mode. The single-mode as the name suggests is played by you on your own and the local co-op with the friend sharing the same space.

I had the opportunity to experience both and I will prefer the co-op mode over the single one any day. Let me tell you why.

In single-mode, you are alone on your own figuring things out. And not every time you get things right which is understandable having played a lot of puzzle games before. However, at times you just feel so stuck with no way out and that is quite depressing even if it is short-lived.

On the other hand, in the co-op mode, you have company and the missions are shared between the two playing cosmonauts, you and your partner. With someone there, you are re-assured in the frustrating state of the game. The mistakes, the bumping and all the ‘eureka’ moments will definitely lead to hearty laughs and playful shoves. Figuring things together is much more convenient than going through it alone. Also, as for levels that require you to take up two roles at the same time to finish the task at hand, the co-op level is way for entertaining than the solo one.


In conclusion

Overall, Heavenly bodies was a fun game to play. It took me about seven hours to finish the whole thing with approximately 30 minutes to an hour for a level. The biggest challenge was definitely the controls. I mean they were absolutely out there to annoy the hell out of me. But like the good puzzle games out there, you are in for a fun ride with all the frustrations, tries, anticipation and everything in between.

One level into the game and you will notice that the developers really put in all that work and thought in making this masterpiece.

Heavenly Bodies will tickle you in all the right places if given the chance. It’s a beautiful tragedy with equal servings of fun and satisfaction.

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