How to save money on Nintendo Switch Games

Pocket-friendly Nintendo Games

Over the years Nintendo Switch has built itself a strong fan base of loyal gamers. And we kinda get why the Switch is so popular among the masses. However, sometimes it may get a bit overwhelming, especially with the constant high prices of the newly launched first-party and other games. 

So here we are to help you make Nintendo Switch your companion with the best pocket-friendly Nintendo games.  


What makes the Nintendo Switch the best go-to console for gamers?

Personally, as a devout Switch owner, I can probably list down many reasons why you will always find me stuck to the mini-console most of the time and why I prefer playing a lot of games on it. Let me tell you some of them. 

  • First and foremost, the main selling point of the Nintendo Switch is portability. Imagine carrying your PS5 with you especially when you are away from your home. Doesn’t seem plausible right? That’s not the case with your Switch, very easy to carry and even easier to play while travelling. 
  • Apart from portability, Switch is extremely flexible. It can easily convert into a home console and your go-to handheld gaming machine without any hassles. Do you want to enjoy the action of your Nintendo Switch on the big screen? Cool. You can certainly do that. Oh, wait! Does your family want to use the television? Fear not. You can swiftly change it to a hand-held companion and continue exactly where you left it on the big screen. 
  • The range of amazing games, especially the exclusives should be reason enough for you to get yourself a Nintendo Switch. From the Legends of Zelda to the Mario series, Nintendo has already made its presence known among its competitors in the gaming world. 

Honestly, I can go on and on about why Nintendo is my go-to companion in most of my gaming adventures. However, that is for another day.

All of this is really great, however, one may fret over the prices of Switch games. Worry not! We are here to tell you exactly what you need to do to make Switch games your pocket-friendly Nintendo games.

Given below are some tips that you can use to save tons of money while buying Switch games. 

Tips to save money while buying Switch games

  • Nintendo Switch Online should be on your list of monthly subscriptions

Online multiplayer has been the real deal for a while now and Nintendo made sure to keep up with the trend with its own online service known as the Nintendo Switch Online. If you decide to subscribe to this service, you are assured access to some of the most favourite retro Nintendo titles along with other games. 

Although it doesn’t give ample discounts like other popular online multiplayer services, it ensures a nostalgic gaming experience that a lot of us would love. 

Apart from the year-long subscription, Nintendo also offers 90 and 30 days subscriptions individually. 


  • Buying and using Nintendo Switch Vouchers

Now, this can be considered an extension of the above tip. Nintendo Switch Vouchers are very easily available to you if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. 

What’s great about these vouchers is that you can buy two Switch games in exchange for every single one of these vouchers. 

However, I suggest you be on guard while deciding which games to buy since some of them you can buy cheaper individually in comparison to the value of the voucher. You can save up to 15 per cent especially if you get your hands on two Switch exclusives in exchange for a Nintendo Switch Voucher. 

Please note that the availability of these vouchers may differ based on your geographical location.


  • Buying second-hand games

It is very rare for Nintendo to reduce or discount their games, especially their exclusives because they know gamers will buy them even at full retail rates. This may not sit well with gamers who are looking to play on a budget. 

You can simply buy these games off several websites that offer these games as hand-downs/ pre-owned. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with buying second-hand Switch games. Make sure that you buy from a legitimate source and you are good to go. Facebook marketplace is one such place that will help you save a lot of money in the long run. 


  • Buying from the Nintendo eShop, especially during a Sale

The Nintendo eShop should be your one-stop destination for every Switch related need you have apart from HgWorld of course. If you haven’t heard yet, HgWorld is hosting a price drop on a wide range of Nintendo Switch games right at this very moment. So, head over to the Nintendo games section and experience the happiness of dropped prices yourself. And thank me later. 

Anyways getting back to the Nintendo eShop, it has everything from games to demos, software changes to updates ready to be downloaded and installed immediately without any delay. 

Make sure to check the eShop out, especially during season sales or game anniversaries. Always check the ‘Top Deals’ section and compare the price with that of the physical copy before buying it digitally. 


  • Buying a Nintendo Switch bundle

You can save a lot of money by buying a Nintendo Switch bundle. This tip is for gamers who haven’t bought the console yet and are planning on getting one. 

A Nintendo Switch bundle comes with a pre-included game, sometimes even two games. You may find that these bundles are a bit costlier than an individual Switch, however, if you compare buying the paired games and the Switch separately you will notice why buying a bundle can be a good decision for you. 

For example, if you are planning on buying a Nintendo Switch soon and then playing Animal Crossing on it, you can directly buy an Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch bundle right here with no hassles and at the best price. 


In conclusion:

Honestly, there is hardly anything called pocket-friendly Nintendo games. It is up to you how you can save and play economically all the while not comprising on the quality of your gaming. 

The cost of gaming and games has always been quite expensive and it seems to be on a rise especially now that it has attracted a lot of attention from masses outside the usual gamers pool.  

As for the Nintendo Switch games, you can also exchange or borrow from your friends. If you have friends that play the Switch, you can alternatively play a game that one has bought. You can save a ton all the while getting to experience a wide range of games at the cost of half. Apart from this, always be on the lookout for game discount websites that offer amazing discounts and deals on games and other Switch related stuff. One such feature is the Game keys that are also available in the eShop; however, third-party sites sell them at discounted rates. 

 I think gaming as an experience should be experienced by everyone. You don’t have to be a gaming enthusiast or shouldn’t have a lot of pocket money to invest in buying games and other gaming accessories. You can simply bask in the joy of gaming by following shortcuts and tips that can effectively alter and cut down on your game spending. 

I hope this article was helpful to you. Follow us for more such updates and tips on buying pocket-friendly Nintendo games. See you next time until then Happy gaming!

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