Nintendo Switch Features: People Usually Forget

Nintendo Switch Features: People Usually Forget

Nintendo Switch Features: People Usually Forget

The PlayStation 5’s rewards feature allows users to offer gifts to other players in multiplayer games, with the idea that this will help foster kindness and friendship in the gaming community. But, Sony officially took it off the PS5 this week for one reason: nobody used it. Most people don’t know it even exist.

It got us thinking: What other game consoles may have unwanted features? Take Switch for example. Of course, Nintendo’s hybrid handheld has lots of handy little tricks, like the versatile zoom function. But there are also some that you can probably clean up without anyone bothering – or even noticing.

Find the controller function:
Of the many options in the Switch’s controller menu, the Find Controller feature collects the most dust by far. Once you open it, you will see a menu with a list of Joy-Cons connected to your console. Hands on the ‘A’ button over the Joy-Con you are aiming for and it will roll. Quietly. About the frequency of hearing animals. It’s designed to help you find separate Joy-Cons that may be missing but aren’t efficient enough to do their single job. It doesn’t matter that you absolutely have to have at least one Joy-Con handy to use it.

Unfortunately, there’s no console functionality to deal with the spectre of Joy-Con drift.

News application:

Various of the permanent icons on the Switch’s home screen are very useful shortcuts to submenus. However, one is only used by people who coincidentally clicked it: the News app. Open it and you’ll see chronological feedback of press releases made digitally from the history of Nintendo’s marketing machine. (There will be three most recent “stories’ ‘ visible on the left side of the screen when you start the console.) But if you’re viewing news related to gaming, you won’t be reading them on console games — which you probably started doing for gaming. You won’t read it, especially on this console, when the text is so small. You are more likely to receive messages from your favourite gaming sites.

Keyboard support:

Nobody likes having to enter a password (twice!) to purchase something on Nintendo’s eShop, which is what happens with the console’s tiny touchpad. This solution doesn’t work in manual mode, but you can connect a USB keyboard to the dock and use it for typing. But also: the time it takes to get the keyboard out and connect it to the Switch dock will likely take longer than the task you were trying to complete in the first place. (If you need to get into the eShop faster, just disable the password requirement.) Nintendo may be able to discontinue keyboard support without much fanfare.

Screen Lock:

Yes, the Switch’s screen lock feature is indeed very useful, well that’s important. Plug it in and you enable your console a kind of purgatory between wake and sleep states. You have to then tap the button which is the same three times related to your console, which could prevent it from accidentally turning on while rummaging through your bag, for example. To be honest, it shouldn’t be an option: it should be the default. Free yourself from choice, we say, and leave the lock screen the default.

Voice chat:

Yes the Switch has voice chat, no matter what you hear! Rough. It’s a mess. To start voice chat on PlayStation and Xbox, plug in a headset and start voice chat. However, on the Switch you have to go through a multi-step process and launch the companion smartphone app. Nintendo can delete its voice chat without anyone caring. If you use a smartphone app to talk to members of your group, Discord is for you.

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