How The Gaming Industry in India Today Could Become a Dedicated High Earning Career

A few years ago, the only thing which video games referred to was Tetris (An amazing tile-matching game that started in the early 90s) was probably the only popular video game that people knew about. The one with joysticks and remotes, the super Mario era came in but it was still a luxury in the beginning.

The concept of gaming has only accelerated since then. The technological and conceptual aspects have made the gaming industry a large sector which includes monetization and distribution at peak. This $115.8 billion industry worldwide is not just for entertainment purposes but it now holds a major career scope. Here are a few highlights you should check out for more clarity!

Inside the Gaming Industry in India:

As we all know, India holds a large youth population, which gives this industry a large base of the target audience. Right now, the gaming industry here is worth 2000crs and this can rightly play to our advantage due to the dense population of people below the age of 35.

Gaming: A profession

Young students from different backgrounds and all aspects of life are inclined towards gaming. Due to their interest in the same, the gaming industry has gotten a boost. Graphic designers and gaming art designers are very popular in this industry and have good pay. India can even become a center of outsourcing such talented personalities in the gaming industry internationally.
Animation, 3D and 2D art creation, Game Testing and Design, Coding, Programming, etc are some of the designations which this industry holds along with some management vacancies too.

Skills to Master:

Softwares like Photoshop, Maya, Brush Tools, Max, etc are used for creating gaming arts and graphics so it is very important to have an artistic approach. But that’s not all, the technical aspects are important too! Your liking towards gaming and your attitude to learn will come in super handy. Know the technicalities well.

Scope of earning:

The salary of a person in the gaming industry can be modest at the beginning like any other industry but as one progresses the average pay can vary from 4 to 6 lakhs per annum. Once you have reached a good stage in your career there is no looking back, the pay can be as high as any executive in other industries.

If you want to be a part of something futuristic beyond the limits of just Xbox or sony PlayStations then you shouldn’t miss any job opportunity. The payback here depends a lot on your skillset, passion, grasping power, and hard work as stated by some senior executives.

Game and its Development:

Visualizing the concept of the game is very important when it comes to developing a game. Solid publishing is followed after that. Just because a game is published, it does not mean that the work is done there, maintenance is mandatory. Sometimes new concepts and updates are added to keep it interesting and intriguing. Developers try not to keep the game monotonous.

To carry out these things, a good team is engaged in a full-time process to deliver the best. What we see is just gaming consoles but the hard work and proficiency of many technicians and crew make it fun. There are some people with extraordinary programming and coding skills. The quality of animation, concept, and graphics decide the video game price.

Creative Outlook:

One of the most important things as a developer is sticking to your niche, some of the most popular games were created like that. The coders have their skillset where they are experts in certain aspects. Here is where a specialization course or a technical degree comes in handy so that they can comprehend things faster. There are a lot of options in the development of games from a career point of view when it comes to creativity.

The creative aspect is mandatory because it is used right from cinematography, storytelling, conceptualizing, graphics, colors, theme, music, direction to the other technical details like gaming accessories. All of these are the building blocks that help the gamers to connect and get engrossed. For a game to be successful, the engagement level increases at every stage and so must create curiosity which is why the creative outlook is important.

An Independent Studio:

Once you feel that you have acquired the necessary knowledge for the work you desire to do, approach a studio. A gaming studio comes with the biggest opportunities in hand when it comes to programming and development. It is all a beginner would expect to build a strong platform. You can approach both small and large-scale independent gaming studios.

Bigger gaming studios might have limitations when it comes to the scope of work assigned but it is rather more complex and in-depth. This in return only increases the learning experience.

The skills which one might need to become a gamer are far more different and will always differ from that of a game developer. To be a gamer you should have some really good reflexes, coordination, and hand movements. But as they say, practice makes a man perfect, practising for several hours a day only makes the gamer better than what he was.

In Conclusion

As we saw that the career opportunities in the gaming industry are pretty vast and varied. But it is equally important that we discover the right balance between gaming, screen time, and a healthy lifestyle. It is surely a blooming industry and the count of people in this field has always been increasing ever since.

The shift from a hobby to a career and working passionately towards it has taken place in many countries including India. So games and their details can be anything you could think of, from xbox video to Mario jumps, they all have been curated. The number of such curators has been increasing with every bold choice the youth makes.

We at HG Gaming are here to help you to take up those steps towards your dream designation in the gaming world. Find us on our website to check thousands of options to select from. Get your skills on point with our amazing services!

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