These games are coming to the Xbox Game Pass this Month

These games are coming to the Xbox Game Pass this Month

New games are advancing towards the Xbox Game Pass this month and we are more than
ready for it.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has been a fan favorite for quite some time due to the extensive
library of Xbox games it offers its subscribers. The service is ever-expanding as it introduces
new and amazing titles regularly to keep things fresh and loads to explore for anyone willing.
The service has a diverse library of titles that has something for everyone. From amazing indie
thrillers to first-party blockbusters, the Game Pass is a force to reckon with.

Microsoft has introduced the Xbox Game Pass for its brand consoles – the Series X and the
Series S as well as the Xbox One. The Xbox Cloud Gaming allows gamers to stream their
favorite from literally any device. There is the PC Game Pass for the PC gamers through
Windows. However, you can treat yourself to enjoy all of the above-mentioned perks through
one single subscription- Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

With everything happening super fast, it is quite normal for you to lose track of what’s coming
and leaving from your Xbox Game Pass subscription. So here we are to help you with that.

Below is the list of all the games coming

to the service this month

●  1st June

For Honor: Marching Fire Edition

For Console, Cloud, and PC

The Marching Fire Edition blows more air to the already awesome For Honor available
through the Xbox Game Pass subscription. It provides an in-depth experience for
everyone who enjoyed the vanilla version of the game. It is also being introduced to the
PC and Cloud gamers through the game pass, so more gamers can experience the

● 2nd June

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

For Console and PCNinja Gaiden: Master Collection is the complete package that offers gamers the chance
to explore a variety of games under the Ninja Gaiden title. The games include – 1. The
Ninja Gaiden Sigma, 2. The Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and 3. The Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s
Edge. Every game is thrilling and wonderful to binge on.

●  7th June
Assassin’s Creed Origin

For Console, Cloud and PC
A work before its time, Assassin’s Creed Origin makes a dashing debut to Xbox PC and
Cloud space. As for the subscribers using the Xbox Game Pass for their consoles – the
video game is heavily upgraded with better graphics and combat sequences. It also runs
at 60 frames per second resolution on the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X.

●  7th June

For Console, Cloud and PC
Developed by Fishlabs, Chorus is a space combat game experienced in the third-person
view. Join Nara, the pilot of Forsaken, a battleship on her quest to fight off the circle, a
vicious cult wanting to dominate the universe.

● 7th June
Disc Room

For Console, Cloud and PC
This action-puzzle thriller is full of rooms and surprises. Navigate and explore through
the many rooms designed all the while avoiding bullet projectiles.

● 7th June
Spacelines from the Far Out

For Console and PC
This video game was confirmed by Xbox very early and is coming out in the first half of
the month. This co-op game seems very similar to the immensely popular Overcooked.
Spacelines for the Far Out requires players to manage their spaceships.

● 16th June
TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

For Console and PC
Coming straight from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, TMNT: Shredder’s
Revenge is an action brawler perfect to get us out of our shoot-up hangovers.

The pixelated and colorful graphics of the game adds to the overall charm of the game. Play
as one of the playable characters and fight off bad guys in several different locations.

● 21st June
Shadowrun Trilogy: Console Edition

For Console
Shadowrun Trilogy consists of three tactical games that invite players to the dystopian
future where magic has become a thing. This high fantasy thriller has gained a cult
following in the last few decades.

● 21st June
Total War: Three Kingdoms

For PC
Total War: Three Kingdom is the 13th entry in the Total War franchise. Developed by
Creative Assembly, Three Kingdoms is a strategy tactic thriller video game. As a player,
you have control over one of the twelve factions existing during the Three Kingdom era.
Your goal is to defeat other factions, unify the kingdom and become the supreme leader
of the same.

● 23rd June
FIFA’ 22

For Console
Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now play FIFA ‘22 through the Xbox Game Pass
Ultimate that has EA Play. With improvements made to the long running football series,
the Career mode in FIFA’22 is the one to die for.

● 23rd June
Naraka: Bladepoint

For Console
Naraka: Bladepoint is a battle royale game that blends action and adventure to make it
even more exciting. At a time 60 players can play together to fight each other solo or in
groups of three to be the last person standing. You are equipped with different skills and
weapons to help you win this video game.

● 28th June
Escape Academy

For Console
Enter the Escape Academy to become a master escapist. With several rooms full of
puzzles and surprises, you can play this thriller in co-op or single-mode.

Games leaving Xbox Game Pass this month

This is a list of all the games we know that will be leaving the subscription this month. However,
you can always buy these games at a 20 percent discount with your Xbox Game Pass
subscription. So, no hard goodbyes, right?

● Limbo
From Console, PC and Cloud
● Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance
From Console, PC and Cloud
● Worms Rumble
From Console, PC and Cloud
● Greedfall
From Console, PC and Cloud
● Darkest Dungeon
From Console, PC and Cloud

That’s it for today. We hope you liked this blog. Follow us for more such content. Until then
Happy Gaming!

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