World’s Top E-gamers and their earnings

World’s Top Egamers and their earnings

The gaming industry is creating high paying jobs with its continuous expansion. The past few years have been a witness to the immense growth in popularity of the esports side of the business with more and more gamers turning to gaming as a full-time profession. Becoming a top egamer/ esports athlete is something that is now looked upon.

A lot of esport stars have been setting examples by entering official games and tournaments and winning big.


Some of the world’s top E gamers with their earnings are given below:

  • Jesse Vainikka

This Finland Esport gamer is considered as one of the highest-earning esport players in the world. He has earned a tremendous amount of fortune by playing Dota 2. He goes by his popular nickname or you can say his gaming name ‘JerAx’. JerAx has been a member of the epic Dota 2 team, ‘Team Liquid’. However, he left the team before its international tournament win in 2017.

He went on to win the tournament the next year with his Team OG. Since then, the team has dominated every Dota 2 event or tournament they can get their hands on. JerAx has estimated earnings of 6.5 million dollars as of January 2020.

  • Kyle Giersdorf

This highest paid esport player from the USA has made quite a name for himself in the Fortnite scene. His spectacular performance in the Fortnite World Cup of 2019, made all eyes turn towards him in awe. He is popularly known for his gamer name ‘Bugha’.

Epic Games have spent millions in organising Fortnite events and tournaments since 2018. Bugha is a name dominating every single one of them. He has earned 3.2 million dollars through his epic win in the Fortnite World Cup of 2019.

  • Johan Sundstein

This gamer is without a doubt on top of every ‘highest-earning top egamer’ list. His beyond an impressive career as an esport player in Dota 2 has proved him as a premier player in the field. He belongs to Team OG, which makes him Jesse’s teammate. Team OG has won the international tournament two years in a row.

He goes by ‘N0tail’ or ‘BigDaddyN0tail’. He is also the most earning Dota 2 player in the world. He earned a winning amount of 2.2 million dollars approximately from his historic win at the International 2018, Dota 2. He has won more than 3.7 million dollars up until January 2020.

  • Lee Sang Hyeok

This 24-year-old esport player is the highest paying and top esport player from South Korea. He goes by his nickname ‘Faker’. He is also named as one of the best League of Legend players of all time. Apart from earning prize money, his total net worth also includes fees from selling licensed merchandise, endorsement deals and not to forget, his annual salary.

Without any doubt, he earns more than most professional and premier esport players in the industry. He is one of the two players in the history of League of Legends to have won the championship two times in a row. As of January 2020, he has earned more than 1.2 million dollars combined by winning several gaming events and tournaments.

  • Tyler Blevins

Now, this gamer/Esport player is one of the most known in the world. He is one of the highest pain Twitch streamers of all time. He plays a lot of games to entertain his audience on the streaming platform.

He made it to the list as he has time and again entered into official esport events and tournaments, even winning a few. However, the majority of his revenue comes from streaming on Twitch.

  • Peter Rasmussen

Also, known by his gamer name ‘dupreeh’ has earned more than 1.7 million dollars in earnings. He is also the second-highest paying player in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the world. He has successfully won four major valves in CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

He is considered to be an integral part in pushing Astralis to the top and making it one of the best CS: GO teams of all time.

  • Sven Magnum Carlsen

Now, this name is a very odd one on the list. This chess grandmaster has earned a total of $590,719 by winning around 43 tournaments.

This person is a very highly impressive one as he is a traditional sports player that earned tons by becoming a top esport player.


Honourable mentions:

Name of the player            Total earnings

  • Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Højsleth        $1,771,621.90
  • Anathan ‘Ana’ Pham          $6,000,411.96
  • Sebastian ‘Ceb’ Debs             $5,501,233.01
  • Lee Ho Seong (Duke)            $954,620.95
  • Cho Sung Choo (Maru) $850,638.83


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In conclusion:

The gaming world is huge. There is something for everyone in the industry. No longer it is considered as just a child’s thing or just a source of entertainment. The gaming industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate and creating jobs equally. The above list is just a glimpse of this widespread and ever-growing industry. There are so many gamers who are earning every single day by gaming, streaming and so much more.

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