Which gaming console you should buy – Nintendo/PS5/XBOX one

Which gaming console you should by Nintendo PS5 Xbox One

It’s an excellent era for every gamer! As there are so many exciting and new video games that pop out every month. Thus, making it the best time to grab a new gaming console if you require an upgrade or maybe fresh gear! However, which gaming console should you be buying still stands to be the number one question. Nintendo, PS5 or Xbox One? 

So without further ado, let’s dig into the details of these gaming consoles and help you choose the best one!

Nintendo Switch – The best choice for hybrid gaming!

Pros Cons
Is a handheld/ TV configuration console aka a Hybrid! An old-fashioned console design
Has Ample Switch titles Mediocre battery lifespan.
Has a wide range of fun add-on accessories! It lacks high-quality visual effects compared to other consoles of Nintendo.


Presently, It’s undoubtedly the most famous console by Nintendo. It’s a hybrid console i.e you can take it with you whenever you want as it can be handheld or connect it to your biggest screen! Because Nintendo Switch is compatible with various control formats for every different form of setup. It’s very affordable!

If talking about drawbacks, the console is a bit outdated compared to Nintendo OLED. There are no enhancements in the graphical/visual aspect. Thus you may miss out on the newest AAA titles by Nintendo! However, ample Switch titles are available! Furthermore, this model has never seen any upgrades.

It’s one of the best consoles if you want to get your hands on the newest switch titles or if you are looking for a console that is compatible with your on the run needs.  


PS5 – The Finest PlayStation escapade!

Pros Cons
It has fantastic designs Has a comparatively small internal SSD
Has an exceptional DualSense controller Massive dimensions
It is a Next-gen 4K model with a performance of 120fps performance


The PS5 is the perfect example of the next-gen gaming! It offers 4K at 60 frames per second or even 120fps according to the compatibility of the supporting device. The drawback would be the small internal SSD. Also, the storage upgrades are quite a hassle and expensive if compared to Xbox Series X.

However, when we talk about the performance of the PS5 it’s unexceptional! Its extraordinary DualSense controller makes it stand out from all the other PlayStations. A disc-less digital PlayStation 5 is also available at a flat discount with the same performance as that of the console.


Xbox One S vs. X: 

The Xbox One X!



Enhanced HDD speed rates for quicker loading time. Is quite expensive!
Has thousands of compatible games Needs a 4K Television for most of the games.
Has an Amazon Echo and IR blaster for  voice controls and TV control respectively


The Xbox One S!



Has several thousand games Even on 1080p the games do not run properly.
Has an Amazon Echo and IR blaster for  voice controls and TV control respectively 4K games are not available.
Is more affordable!


In the end, the choice between Xbox One X and Xbox One S depends upon whether you already have a 4K TV or not! Both of these consoles have numerous similarities, are affordable and true to their Pros.

Then, which gaming console should you be buying?

The mentioned consoles are some of the best options and are worth investing in! Depending upon your gaming interests you can choose the apt console and enjoy gaming at your own pace! 

And, If you are thinking of buying a console at the best deal! Don’t worry we got you covered! We at Happy Gaming World look forward to offering the best consoles at affordable rates. So to get the 100% original one right away and stay tuned for more updates related to gaming. Happy gaming y’all!

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