How video games affect the brain positively

video games & brain

In this blog, we will be talking about several benefits that gaming can have on a gamer’s mind and well-being. We will also talk about how playing video games & brain development can happen at the same time and what we get out of it. 


So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

Ways video games can affect the brain positively

  • Improves problem-solving and logical skills

The real world is vast and diverse. It comes with its set of challenges and chaos that every one of us needs to face and overcome every single day. It isn’t necessarily taught in schools, it is something we develop on our own according to our experience and situation. 

But what if I told you that these problem-solving skills can be developed or heightened with the help of video games? It is true. 

Often playing a video game requires you to strategize and organize to clear a particular level. Gamers are so used to this, that they naturally develop these skills which extend to their day to day chores and tasks. 

Link to the study that proves that children who played games, scored better grades.


  • Video games help improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Video games, especially the controller led ones, help in improving the sensory-motor skills thus impacting your hand-eye coordination. It trains your brain in using two different sensory organs to perform well at the same time. 

Video games can help in understanding and learning several sensorimotor patterns that also translate to real-life tasks making it easier to grasp and perform them anytime. 

Various tasks like cooking or riding a two-wheeled vehicle or doing anything that requires precision with both your hands and eyes at the same time become easier due to playing with controllers in a video game. 

Here is the link to a study that proved that gamers tend to learn sensory-motor tasks more efficiently and quickly as compared to non-gamers. 


  • Games can increase and impact your brain’s gray matter

First, let me tell you what exactly is ‘brain’s gray matter’. So, your brain’s gray matter is a very important part that consists of most neuronal cell bodies. They include and are responsible for a wide range of regions that influence actions including your muscle control and also your sensory functions. The sensory functions involved here are hearing as well as seeing. Apart from that, the gray matter also comprises regions that are dedicated to speech, memory, self-control, emotions and decision-making. 

Studies have proved that playing video games can help increase and boost the gray matter in one’s brain and help improve the connectivity of the same. Thus, video games & brain development can happen at the same time. 


  • Improvement in the cognitive abilities

We know how important our cognitive abilities are. Video games have the actual power to help sharpen some of your most important cognitive abilities including your visuospatial ones. 

What exactly are visuospatial abilities?

Visuospatial ability is a very important ability that helps one relate to different objects thus aiding in recognising as well as remembering objects and things around. Now, this skill is quite essential as it not only helps you remember everything but also helps you get around. 

These abilities are very useful in a lot of different fields including engineering, architecture, natural sciences and many more. 

Video games can help strengthen these abilities. One can truly benefit from playing video games, be it a student or a professional. 


  • Improves your multi-tasking skill

Yes, you read that right. Playing video games can help you develop multitasking skills and also improve them. This helps you in attaining the utmost efficiency with most of your everyday tasks without much of a hassle. You can finish your work and chores more effectively and timely. It also gives you the boost and confidence you need to carry out these tasks. 

Video games and brain skills, especially multi-tasking skills can be enjoyed and improved even by playing something as simple as an action game. When you play an action game, you need to keep yourself alert. You have to keep an eye on the approaching enemy, your health gauze, remember the equipment you own, and strategize your attack all the while communicating with your teammates over the microphone. 

The intense stimulation of a video game can help train your brain by improving its multi-tasking skills. 

Some more ways how video games affect you positively

Apart from the above-mentioned brain development-related benefits, some additional benefits can be derived from playing games. They are as followed: 


  • Can improve social skills

The whole stereotype of gamers being shy and reclusive isn’t entirely true. 

Video gamers today connect with fellow gamers from all across the world while playing. They are required to talk and coordinate with team members through the microphone or the in-game chat in a lot of games. This lets them socialize and talk to a lot of people albeit strangers. This builds up their social skills and gets them comfortable talking to people in general.

Gamers have a lot to talk about when it comes to gaming and everything related. This would lead other people interested as well as other gamers to join in the conversation. Gaming is a very popular topic for conversation among youngsters and school children. 

A lot of schools also have these esport clubs and other related events that again can be the best place for the gamers to shine. 


  • Can help improve eye-sight 

Now, this may be a little difficult to believe, but there have been various studies that state that gamers are more likely to see details due to their gaming. 

 Games, especially the ones that play action games regularly experience a lot of movement happening simultaneously on the screen, train gamers to see details and also improve their peripheral vision. Now, this can be very helpful while performing everyday tasks like driving and such. 


  • They can help you learn 

Today, there are several thousand games ready to be bought or downloaded and enjoyed. These games are based on anything and everything. Game developers are quite creative and have come up with ideas and plans to make learning fun and creative with a little help from games. 

Games truly make learning a fun challenge and children or even adults welcome it with open arms. There are games on literally anything. Cooking, fashion designing, interior designing, nail art, building something, and the list of different genres of games just goes on and on. 

In conclusion:

Gaming can be extremely beneficial for anyone that identifies its true potential and gives it an honest chance, However, video games should be played in moderation to not let them consume you entirely. 

Video games can help build your patience and persistence due to their competitive nature. It helps blow off steam thus reducing stress and affecting one’s health positively. Playing video games & brain stimulation can happen at the same time, adding value to your gaming experience. 

As mentioned above, gaming comes with a lot of advantages aside from entertainment and it’s time that the masses recognize that. At the end of the day, we all can agree that enjoying video games & brain development simultaneously is very possible.

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Until then Happy Reading!

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