Sony State of Play October 2021- All the Announcements made during the Event


The October 2021 State of Play was filled with lots of surprises over the upcoming PlayStation games and updates. The 20-minute-long presentation gave us an insight into what to expect from the indie studios in the coming months.

The list below covers all the games and their updates that were announced during the famed State of Play event. 

  • We are OFK:

This music band biopic game is all set for a 2022 release. We are OKF is a five-episode interactive series that will feature the band, their music and their life. Every sensational episode will have a new song equipped with an animated music video, i.e., five new songs from the band with this game.

The trailer shown at the State of Play event featured all the four members of the band in their own spaces talking about their upcoming game. The animation looks super cool and chic.

The representative of the indie-pop band, Itsumi Saito at the State of Play shared about how the band is excited to share their story and art with the development team and gave a glimpse of what to expect.  It includes five episodes each with a new song and music video, options to choose for decision making, texting and some adult texting and some flirting well you get the point.


  • Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Security Breach is a first-person survival game that let’s player control the character of a little boy who has been trapped into the Freddy’s Mage Pizzaplex overnight. The once shining and full of life Pizzaplex has now transformed into a deserted horror place with its security trying to hunt you down.

The motive of the game is survival until you can find a way to escape this hellish place. Throughout the night you will be chased by three animatronics- Chica, Monty and Roxy and all the S.T.A.F.F bots. Your only ally in that place is Freddy himself, giving you clues on how to get out and also alerting you about some dangers. You will also be equipped with some tools to help you survive this night.

Click here for the trailer shown at the State of Play event.


  • King of Fighters XV

King of Fighters has been around since 1994 and has established itself as an outstanding first-person fighting game. The game has had many spins offs and this instalment would be the 15th entry to the main series.

The trailer at the State of Play showcased the robust gameplay and design this game sports along with an array of characters most notable the latest addition named – Dolores. The aura she gives off in the trailer along with her appearance is enough to pique anyone’s interest in the character. Giving a bit of a back story about Dolores, SNK Corporation, the developers behind this game claimed her to be a unique character having powers like talking to the earth and so on.

The striking moves and fighting styles can be seen through its trailer.


  •       Deathverse: Let it Die

This game comes after the 2016 hit- Let it Die is all set to release next year on PS5 and PS4. This funky and weirdly cool game instantly gained popularity in 2016 due to its roguelike gameplay and its theme.

The events of the video game are said to be set hundreds of years after the events of Let it Die. This instalment will follow the reality show with survival combat at the core of it. The trailer that was released during the game featured some cool characters and gave us an insight into what to expect from the same.

The battles will be close-ranged and every contestant will have something like a compact robotic assistant known as the ‘Wilson’ unit. This piece of highly advanced technology will assist the player by transforming into weapons, activating certain skills, forming a Défense and much more.

You can watch the trailer here.


  • Bugsnax: The Isle of BIGsnax

Bugsnax was first launched in November 2020, alongside the then newly released PS5. The game has been in several libraries since. The development team behind this fun game in an announcement last year hinted at the expansion of the franchise. And now the team has announced the update through the State of Play event held in October. The update will be free and will boast a lot of new and amazing additions to the already amusing game.

The game also features several upgradations including earning accessories and furniture to decorate your personal space- your hut. You would be earning these by completing tasks assigned to you through packages left at the mailbox.


  • KartRider: Drift

KartRider makes a glorious entry with Drift next year, available on PS4. The crazy racing is assured to hit all the nostalgia points with improved and next-generation gameplay and graphics. Drift will allow players to play in real-time online with players from all across the world.

The video game introduced two different modes- Speed mode and Item mode. The speed mode, perfect for the pure racing enthusiasts who focus on drifting and racing ahead of their opponents. This mode will also feature boosts. On the other hand, the item mode consists of racing and collecting items on the tracks that will help you race past your opponent.

With new characters and more than 20 karts and their customisation, KartRider: Drift has raised everyone’s expectations for the same. 


  • Little Devil Inside

This unique game is anything we have ever seen before. Billy our protagonist is tasked with delivering an artefact from a mansion to a professor and thus embarks on a journey of his lifetime. As he arrives at the mansion, things start to go awry pretty soon. Since then he is on an adventure that takes him through extreme environmental conditions and deadly creatures that need to be slain.

The narrative and map style along with the heartfelt character development of our protagonist is something to look forward to.

Here is the trailer for the video game.


  •  Death’s Door

Originally released on Xbox and PC, Death’s Door has been making rounds as one of the best games of 2021.

The developers finally revealed the video game’s arrival to PS5 as well as PS4. For those who aren’t aware of the game, the theme of the same is very much inspired by Zelda and has explosive combat gameplay.

It also consists of clever and wonderful puzzles that would feel rewarding once completed. The developers of the game have ensured to incorporate all the DualSense features into the game for an even immersive experience. Look at the trailer yourself!


  • First Class Trouble

Released on November 2, First Class Trouble introduces you to the world of trust and deception alike. The theme of the game is survival with your strategic and deduction skills.

In this video game, you are aboard a luxurious cruise equipped with every luxury you could imagine including AI assistants known as Personoids. Things start going awry as the mechanically engineered beings go rogue. They are sabotaging and killing off every person (Residents) aboard.

Firstly, the player has a choice to play as either the Resident or the Personoid. Depending on this, you are assigned you task of either stopping the AI disaster by reaching C.A.I.N at the heart of the cruise or sabotaging/ deceiving/killing off anyone trying to better the situation.

The trailer for the game is here.


  •   Star Ocean The Divine Force

The latest instalment to the long-running series Star Ocean is all set for a PS5 and PS4 release in 2022.  The game will also celebrate the 25 successful years since the game’s first instalment release in 1996. The series consists of various, main titles, spinoffs and even a mobile game!

The Divine Force will give you a peek into the sci-fi fantasy world of the game with its beautiful graphics and gameplay. The introduction of the two new protagonists and the two heroes’ system take things to another level.

With an interesting story, diverse characters with their own backstories, free to fly environments and epic combat, this game is all set for a 2022 release. Click here to see the trailer shown at the State of Play event.  

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