Sony Play comes with the idea of AI technology

Sony Play comes with the idea of AI technology

Sony’s PlayStation plans to partner you up with artificial intelligence that would ‘help’ you with your gameplay.

Sony recently patented the idea of AI technology and is all set to use in enhancing its user’s gaming experience. Think of it as your digital sidekick who helps you in completing side missions or levels that seem too difficult on your own or need help with. Sony has decided to take utmost advantage of this technology as they incorporate the same in their gameplay. This will surely give them a huge upper hand against their more powerful rival Microsoft and their next-gen Microsoft Series X.

However, there is a lot more to understand when it comes to how they plan on using AI concerning their gaming models.


Creating an AI version of you

The gaming giant has already taken a huge step towards enhancing the gaming quality with the help of AI and all the other resources at their disposal. They have also announced a huge R&D division for AI technology as a part of their ‘unleashing the human creativity’ announcement.

The technology will help create a virtual helper for you that will help you clear the parts you get stuck on or the parts you wish for someone else to take care of. Seems robotic and boring right? That absolutely is not the case since Sony is planning big. They won’t be creating a single AI model for everyone. That means there will be several different AI interfaces that will interact and function in a certain way as per the player’s convenience.


How will it do so?

Well. The AI model handed to you would carefully observe and record your actions, decisions, gameplay methods and your overall way of interacting with the game you are playing. The AI model will then adopt all these actions and use them in the gameplay when you leave the game to it. This sort of customization will surely facilitate a personal touch to the entire experience rather than it being a monotonous one-sided robotic affair.

This rather lively version of AI technology models will prove to be a turning point in the future of gaming. No matter the genre or type of gaming you are playing your customised AI model will adapt to it and make your every gaming experience something to look forward to.

These artificial intelligence models will be asking for help to pass a certain tricky gaming situation from expert gamers rather than referring to a recorded version of the developer’s guide. These solutions will then be recorded in a widespread database that can be freely used by other player’s AI bots as well for their reference. This can make a huge library of gaming solution very similar to a gaming FAQs but for the AI version of the player.

Overall Sony wants to introduce a new revolution to the world of gaming by incorporating AI in innovative and user-friendly ways. The result would make gaming even more ‘immersive’. They could also try to play around with bringing in voice acting in the storylines of games to bring more depth to the entire thing. Another thing that the company could focus on could be VR gaming.

AI technology could completely change the way we perceive VR gaming as it can add realistic elements to the overall gaming experience which would be very similar to teleporting to the world of the game you are engrossed in. However, all of this is speculation as we have to wait for the company to live up to all the expectations that the patent has brought forth.

Who knows we might literally have our very own Jarvis from Marvel Cinematic Universe as our own customised play sidekick?

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