How did PlayStation become famous in India? History from PS1 to PS5

Playstation India

Remember your cool friend back from school days? Yes, we are talking about that friend who used to invite you to their house every day after school so you play or mostly watch them play on their PlayStation together. Let us know the Playstation India history.

PlayStation is a brand full of history and legacy. An unbeatable legacy that continues to shake the world by bringing forth revolutions and innovation in the gaming world.

PlayStation in the 1990s started launching and introducing gaming wonders to the world and soon the craziness reached India.


Launched in 1994, PlayStation picked Sony up and placed it against the unrivalled gaming champions of that decade- Nintendo and Sega. These two brands had been creating and releasing hit after hit games in the gaming market, thus creating a huge fan base for themselves.

The launch of PlayStation changed the way people saw games. It introduced super-fast processors that were quite new for the generation, 3D graphics that were seen at real-time and so many epic games. Every single game of that generation became legends and continued to have many series. Some of the games that PlayStation introduced with it were- Tomb Raider 2, Gran Turismo, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy 7 among others.                  

The console also popularised the CD formats among the masses. Moreover, it went on to make history as the first console to ship more than 100 million units including by PlayStation India.


Think PlayStation but portable. First introduced in 1988 at a Japanese game show and then launched in 1999. PocketStation had a built-in monochrome LCD screen. The portable micro console also supported multi-gaming. Other notable features were the sound capabilities, five face buttons, infrared data interface among others. It allowed the transfer of little saves in games among different devices.

PlayStation One

PS1 was launched in 2000, just a few months before the launch of PS2. It was a revamped version of PocketStation and also cost less as compared to the former. It includes a 5-inch LCD screen that gave the gamers the freedom they craved to carry the game whenever they were away from home. It sold approximately 28 million units overall.

PlayStation 2

This console has been considered the best console of all time. This successful successor came and conquered the market leaving no space for competitors. Some of the notable features include- 4 MB video RAM, in-built USB ports and DVD player, one core processor, 32 MB RAM for the system and many more. In fact, it was the very first console to have such features.

Another add on benefit that literally blew everyone away was the amazing backward capability of this console. No gaming console could be backward compatible that made history by allowing its gamers to have access and play most PS1 titles.

The most iconic and amazing DualShock 2 controller was also introduced with this console. Later, that is in 2003 the company also announced the arrival of a Network Adapter that would change the way one played games. It introduced the gamers to play online games through the console like the Final Fantasy XI. Overall, it is estimated that around 10000 games were launched during this period making Sony PlayStation an undefeated champion in the gaming world.

Some of the epic games released with this console were Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, God of War among many.


The PlayStation Portable or most popularly known as the PSP was launched in 2004. This was the time when the handheld consoles like the Nintendo were all in rage. Sony showed its entry and commitment in the portable console space with this masterpiece.

PSP also walked with the ‘Walkman of the 21st-century’ title. The handheld device had a great design, amazing graphics, 4.3 inches wide high-resolution screen and possessed the ability to play music and videos anytime. This made it the perfect partner to have on the go. Be it playing games or watching anything or listening to music, you got it all. Some of the legendary games that were introduced through PSP are Ridge Racer, Monster hunter and so on.

PlayStation 3

This expensive console is considered one of the costliest products from PlayStation. It was the first one to have a Blu Ray drive. It also introduced the Sony PlayStation’s Plus subscription and the PlayStation network. Again, the PlayStation network was quite popular as it let the owners connect to the Internet, watch anything on YouTube or Netflix, play and download games.

The console without a doubt introduced a lot of never seen before features as expected, however, gamers were not that convinced with buying the same at first. The reason being the too high launch price and lack of amazing games. The console’s cell processor created a lot of discontent among the game developers that resulted in the lack of good games in the initial years. However, all of these problems were thrown out of the window by PlayStation 3 slim version easily available through PlayStation India.

PlayStation 4

Launched in 2013, PS4 is still the coolest console to date. It cleaned up very effectively after the high priced PS3 with a reasonable price and amazing features. The console has a total of three variants that were introduced by the company after the launch of the original one. The variants are – original, slim variant and a PS4 Pro variant. As the name suggests the Pro variant was marketed to professional and esport athletes.

Sony’s PS4 conquered Microsoft’s Xbox One by blessing the gaming industry with PS4 exclusives that were too good to be true. Some of the titles included- God of War, Last of Us 2, Bloodborne and many more.

The company is said to have sold over 110 million consoles and over 1 billion games to date. Imported by PlayStation India.

PlayStation 5

This latest addition to the PlayStation family was launched last year, days after its competitor console Microsoft’s Xbox Series X was launched.

The next-gen console had features that once again reminded the gaming world of the grandiose the PlayStation brand holds in the gaming industry. The console is tall and very futuristic in design. It can be placed in both vertical and horizontal ways.

The loading time is less than that of PS4. The console also introduced the otherworldly Dual Sense controllers that we’re one of a kind. Apart from this, the backward compatibility of the console also earned it some brownie points. Also, the exclusives like Spider-Man Miles Morale, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon: Forbidden West and many more made buying the PS5 all the more worthwhile.

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Watch the trailer of Playstation5 India here.

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