Here is yet another Zombie Defense

Yet Another Zombie Defense is a genre-blending video game that successfully manages to incorporate the aspects of both- Zombie slaying and a tower-defence game. The game is a perfect stress reliever after a long weekend when you just want to get into some mindless yet fun zombie shooting.

On the surface, Yet another zombie defense looks like a barebone game with minimal graphics and a very simple gameplay. However, as you progress through the game you start understanding its fantastic dynamics which is quite addicting.

The game reprises some added modes, new and advanced graphics and a gameplay that is worth every second through. The loadout is kept quite simple however, it upgrades rapidly and you have quite some options to choose from. There are a total of three different modes- standard survival mode, Deathmatch and Endless mode with an array of weapons, throwables and value-added upgrades that is enough to keep you hooked to the immersive zombie defense video game. I felt the Endless and the standard survival mode similar to each other with the Endless mode having the specific objective of surviving the hordes of zombies for as long as you can. The Deathmatch seemed an interesting concept where you ward off the hordes of zombies, of course, but also battle other players in the midst of all the chaos. It could be a bit more enjoyable with more added substance to it which I think can be expected from future upgrades if there are any.

There are four playable characters to choose from. The graphics of the game is not very colourful with grey gradients but somehow manage to look exceptionally creative and thoughtful. The game starts with a lamp post. Yes, literally a lamp post. The light from it is the only source of visibility throughout the game and not going to lie, I like it. It just adds to the overall scarce and tense environment.

Starting from the first level, you begin by protecting your beloved lamp-post. So, you have like three or maybe four objectives- 1. Protect your lamp post, 2. Crush every level and survive for the longest time and 3. Build your base around the lamp-post to help aid your survival. 4. And protect your teammates if you have any that is.

The different barricades available need to be purchased as the game progresses. They are always available and unlocked however, you need money to actually use them. From a simple barricade made of wood to a cool one made from metal infused with electricity, the array will have everything you need for your base. There are weapons in the inventory to choose from that ranges from a cool chainsaw to a legit rocket launcher.

As you progress through the game you get a lot of upgrades in terms of skills that gets added to your skill tree, health regeneration, range of item pick-up, reload speed and also your movement speed as you make your way through your base attacking and protecting it. Usually, I choose health refill over anything else, especially in a zombie defense arcade game, but here I felt that movement and speed are far more essential than anything else. With upgraded movement and agility, I was able to take on hordes of the undead and also create a kind of distraction that lured them away from my teammates and give them a breather.

The video game also consists of an online multiplayer mode where you can just add in your friends or play with local players. Even though you cannot communicate with them over voice or chat form in the game, you can easily have a blast teaming up together and surviving till the next part of the day (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

All in all, I feel that this game is worth the bucks you put in to buy this. The game is cute with engaging gameplay that will keep you entertained for quite some time. Again, it isn’t a forever game but it isn’t a dud as well. Click here to check out Yet Another Zombie Defense trailer.

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