Is the God of War PS Port a genius move by Sony?

Is the God of War PS Port a genius move by Sony?

The Santa Monica Studios announced the arrival of their critically acclaimed ‘The God of War’ to PC. The date of release has been confirmed as 14th January 2022.

God of War was originally launched on 20th April 2018 for PS4. And since then, has been successful in selling more than 19 million copies across the world. The events of the game take place years after the events of God of War III, where Kratos finds himself in the Midgard realm of Norse mythology. The game also involves his son, Atreus from his second wife Faye. The duo sets out to fulfil Atreus’ mother’s last wish, which is to spread her ashes across the highest peak of the nine realms. On their journey to do so they are confronted by Baldur who is of course sent by Odin to get to Faye unaware of the fact that she is already dead. Kratos kills Baldur thus officially starting the three-year-long Fimbulwinter, the prelude of the Ragnarok. Later, it is also revealed that Faye originally named his son Loki which was changed to Atreus by Kratos in honour of his late Spartan comrade.

The latest instalment in the series saw significant changes in not only the mythological setting but also in the gameplay. Our protagonist, Kratos who originally used his dual blade weapon changed it for a magical Leviathan axe. Apart from that the visuals, sound play and storytelling have also upgraded from the past titles of the same series.  

Sony officially announced its decision to port the God of War to PC and we think there is certainly more to it. And the much-awaited sequel, God of War: Ragnarok that is coming in 2022 can be another reason for this historic decision.

When we talk about PlayStation exclusives, Sony has given us some really amazing and power-packed exclusives over the years. They include The Last of Us, Marvel’s Spider-Man and so many more. These exclusives have time and again proved why Sony’s PlayStation is a force to reckon. However, with the continuous shift and trends in the gaming world, the company is bound to make some difficult and strategic decisions. That includes making their dear Sony exclusives available on platforms other than their own home brand’s. We have seen super hits like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC giving the PC audience a whole new opportunity to have a taste of these amazing games.

Now that God of War, the PS4 exclusive that has been making rounds since its launch by winning the Game of the Year in 2018 is coming to PC, it’s only natural for sceptics to raise their eyebrows towards the decision. But let us tell you why the decision of porting this video game to the PC is such a fab decision.

  • PC gaming has always been popular and now with the help of Stream and various social networking sites and applications, it seems to have gained even more popularity in recent years. More and more gamers are turning towards the PC as a convenient way of playing games. So, porting the game to PC is a wise decision that will increase the fan base of a certain game and also advertise Sony’s game developing and publishing marvel. Have a PC but do not know how to level it up. We got you, click here for Stepwise guidance to clear the confusion regarding which gaming accessories to have and when
  • Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and so is the price of such technology. Developing and publishing video games today has become way too expensive. So, it makes perfect sense if Sony ports God of War to PC that will help increase its sales even more than the console medium.
  • Another reason for this decision could be the longevity of this game. Spreading the game on a wide number of platforms introduces the game to more excited players that help preserve the game for a long time.
  • As we have mentioned before, porting War of Gods is the perfect marketing strategy that will help attract a whole new audience to that franchise which is still expanding successfully. Even though the release of Ragnarok has been postponed due to the pandemic, the tentative launch of the instalment can be anywhere in the first quarter of 2022. Sony has announced the PC port version for a January 2022 launch which can be perfectly beneficial to pull gamers into the series and increase the hype of Ragnarok.
  • We know Sony has been dominating in selling consoles since the arrival of its next-generation PS5, however a little more push in advertising its console through its exclusive isn’t that bad of a strategy, is it? After Sony has successfully lured gamers into the God of War series, the hype for Ragnarok which is a Sony exclusive will encourage them to buy the console since there is no guarantee of a Ragnarok port transfer. Are you having a hard time finding an authentic deal on PS5? Fret no more, Hg World is a one-stop destination for all your gaming hassles. Visit us today for some amazing deals and offers.

 Santa Monica Studio on Sony’s blog page has assured gaming enthusiasts that the PC version is exceptional and that it would offer a high-performance and breath-taking version of the game on the new platform. The PC version will be available for 4K resolution (on supported devices) and no-cut scenes giving the game a cinematic experience. As for controllers, Sony has a full-proof plan on having a reliable keyboard mapping customisation in addition to the wireless controller support (DualShock and DualSense). They have also assured the PC gamers about having complete control over the customisation of their keyboard and mouse control setup.

Additional content exclusive for PC has also been announced by the studios through their blog on the PlayStation site. Click here to view


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