Sony giving away 10 free PS4, PS VR games until April

The play at home initiative was started the previous year in April where popular Play Station titles such as Journey and Nathan Drake’s collection included a set of three video games Drake’s fortune, Among Thieves, Drake’s deception. As the pandemic grew, people were pushed within their apartments. Games have always been a relaxed and joyful activity for everyone. So, to reach out to a larger audience and encourage people to stay safe at home, Sony came up with the Play at Home initiative.

Sony has again announced the return of the Play at home initiative. Working closely with the Indie studios. Sony plans to give ten games for free in 2021, starting from March.

This blog will help you to acquire more information about the ten free games along with extended access to Funimation.

The free games

The kick start of this initiative in 2021 March was by the giveaway of the 2016 Ratchet and Clank of PS4 video games. The free period of these games was stopped on March 31.

The list of games not only includes the games for PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles but also for the PS VR users. The hit titles in different genres are

  1. Abzu – Underwater adventure game and mysteries of the deep ocean. The game was released in 2016.
  2. Enter the Dungeon – A popular 2016 title, a shooting game where the dungeon crawler with battles to reach the dungeon’s ultimate treasure.
  3. REZ infinity – The game is available for Play Station VR was launched in 2001 and remastered by the Ps4 developers.
  4. Subnautica – Experience the life of a scientist who crashed on an alien planet, the only way out is to explore the depth of the ocean with alien creatures trying to hunt you down.
  5. The Witness – a game with over 500 puzzles to solve.
  6. Astro Bot Rescue Mission – A VR adventure game with a lot of mystery to look for while rescuing your crewmates.
  7. Moss – Action-adventure-puzzle game – Quill the mouse goes on an adventure in search of his dreams.
  8. Thumper – Complete action pack with rhythmic violence
  9. Paper Beast –  Unlock the mysteries and puzzles of the paper world releases in 2021.

These games are free of cost in the store from 25th March to 22nd April. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete hunter adventure is the cherry on the cake. The game is free of cost for all the users from 19th April to 14th May at the PlayStation store.

Funimation – Anime platform also named Wakinam in different regions. The play at home initiative gives you extended free access of  90 days on this platform. The charges are applied after the end of the trial period if the subscription is not cancelled.


The Play at Home initiative is similar to the PS plus subscription plans. Users with active subscriptions get free access to random multiple games for a month. Similarly, other gaming consoles have different subscriptions.

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