Difference between Digital PS5 and standard PS5

PlayStation 5 gaming console powered by Sony was launched in the late 2020s along with the X box series X of Microsoft. The hype of PS5 was considerably more than the Xbox series, the reason being the tremendous success of PS4 sales in the past decade and magnificent marketing efforts of PS5 by Sony.

Sony has launched the PS5 in two editions, the standard and the digital edition. Both with similar specifications that include 120 fps and 120 GHz, 4K-Television gaming, 8K HD support, 3D-audio technology, ultra-high-speed SSD, and so on.

This blog will guide you to analyze both the editions of these gaming consoles and help you decide the best console for you.

The primary differences between the two editions of the PS5 console are:

a. Hardware/Design

The digital edition does not have a disk drive, which makes the design of the PlayStation look symmetrical. The games available on the disc cannot be played on the digital edition of PS5. The games have to be downloaded through online platforms. Whereas players with standard edition have the access to play games available on the disc.

b. Storage capacity

Games need to be installed on the digital edition from online stores. And the storage available is only 825 Gb. This storage will get used up in no time and you will be restricted to limited games or you might have to empty your pockets for external SSD. The standard editions have games on the Blu-rays/ DVDs so there is no need for an external SSD.

c. Compatibility/Upgrade

Game publishers can let the players upgrade from PS4 games to PS5 games but with certain restrictions, Owners with disc versions of PS4 games can upgrade their disc to PS5 games and digital owners can upgrade to the digital versions of the games.

d. Price

PS5 digital edition consists of less hardware as compared to the standard edition so the initial price of the digital edition is 399.99$ and the price of the standard edition is 499.99$. These are the initial price but if we look deeper into the picture, the digital edition will require high-speed internet to download the games and will require an external SSD if the in-built SSD is exhausted. All this would be equal to or more than the cost of the standard edition.

In Conclusion

Now that you are aware of all the differences between both the consoles, you can analyze and buy the PS5 of your choice. But is the doubt of where to buy the PS5 bothering you? We are here to provide you with one of the best gaming solutions!

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