10 Essential Gaming Accessories You Must Own if You Are a Gaming Lover

Gaming is always fun. However, no one likes interruptions. Imagine coordinating with your teammates in a game of Fortnite and your headphones break, there, the enemy killed you. not so fun, right? Or you are taking an XP shot and your mouse doesn’t work. You being a gamer, wouldn’t like that very much. Would you?

Take it from us, every great gaming experience is supported by amazing and essential gaming accessories. No doubt, gaming accessories accentuate your progress in your game and give you complete satisfaction of playing and winning it. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro gamer or a beginner, these accessories are sure to fill the excitement and fun in your gameplay.

Whether you are playing video games on your PlayStation or your Nintendo, gaming gear is assured to add some excitement and fun to it. Proper gaming gear is sure to add an advantage to your gaming skills and show the other, those who are up against you, your battle and playing prowess.

Hereafter much research and scouring the internet, we have compiled a list of 10 essential gaming accessory you must own:

A gaming Mouse:

Unlike a regular mouse, a gaming mouse is much more sensitive concerning responsiveness. While playing, games where every single second scratch that every millisecond count, a gaming mouse allows you to reach with great precision and speed. To up your game stats and score, a gaming mouse proves to be very helpful.
A high-performance gaming mouse is Logitech’s G502. Equipped with a few LEDs on the top and the side which can be customized into 16.8 million color combinations, this mouse uses 25600DPI optical sensors to pinpoint your every move with utmost precision

Mousepad for Gaming:

Your mouse needs a partner to improve its accuracy and speed, that’s where a mousepad comes into the picture. Of course, a lot of us have been ignoring the mousepad considering it as useless, however, you would be shocked how much of an asset these gaming mousepads are for your gaming sessions.
A mouse pad provides a smooth surface for gamers to easily slide their mouse and make quick decisions.
Cosmic Byte Dwarf Speed Type Gaming Mousepad has been specially designed to add that gaming edge to a gamer’s game. It gives them the responsiveness and the speed they are looking for.

An Ergonomic Chair:

You might have seen them in a lot of YouTube gaming videos, where the online gamer uses it. an ergonomic chair is a partner for your long gaming sessions. It eliminates the risk of serious back pain that most gamers complain about as they sit for long hours playing.
Andaseat’s Jungle has amazing features like armrests that are height adjustable, a lumbar pillow, a high-back design, and a headset pillow that is again height-adjustable.
The chair can also roll up to 160 degrees, to cater to all your stretching needs.

A gaming Headset:

To fully enjoy multiplayer gaming sessions with your friends or to pinpoint every single move of your opponent, a gaming headset with a great quality attached mic is essential.
The Cosmic byte is one such headset that has a cushioned headband to provide you with utmost comfort for all your long gaming sessions. Its microphone is very flexible for accurate positioning. It has great sensitivity and picks up sounds with the precision that assures you an immersive overall gaming experience. This headset can be connected to your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other gaming device.

Controller Charger Dock:

A controller is absolutely important and adds that intense edge to your gaming experience whether solo or with your friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gaming console kind of person or a PC gamer, your controller needs a charger dock of its own.
That is where the Power of an NSW Pro Controller Charging Dock comes into the picture. It allows you to charge 2 joy-con controllers at the same time, impressive right? Its sleek design adds a touch of toughness your gaming desk or setup is looking for.

Gamepad with Power Bank:

This one is for all mobile gamers. The mobile cooling pad doesn’t let games drain out your battery by charging them at the same time. It has an inbuilt power bank that has a battery capacity of 2000 mAh. This keeps your phone charged for 5 hours. What’s more, is its handle that supports your wrists and gives you an amazing gaming experience.

Backlit Gaming Keyboard:

This keyboard is sure to add liveliness and excitement to your gaming sessions. Razer’s Ornata Wired Keyboard has mid-height keys that are soft to press due to mecha-membrane. It also has a cushioned wrist rest that is easily removable. The backlighting of the keyboard keys is customizable as per your needs with a lot of options to choose from.

Stereo Speakers:

If you are a speaker kind of person, we got you covered. The Edifier’s G2000s accentuate the sounds in high-definition clarity to give you an amazing experience. They support Bluetooth as well so you can stream music as you like. The right speaker has volume control. the RGB light strip is the one feature that stands out from the customizable rest.

High-Resolution Monitor:

The video gaming experience is incomplete without the display of proper visuals. BenQ’s 24-inches 4k monitor supports a Display port as well as two HDMI ports. It has a 1ms response time that is amazing as it doesn’t lag. It supports HDR and FreeSync to make your gaming experience even more immersive. It also uses ambient light to match the setting of the game with the monitor.

Bluetooth Gaming Controller:

Microsoft’s Xbox Core Controller is the one to look out for. The layout of the controller includes four triggers, two analog sticks, a directional pad, and four buttons. You are free to connect them with the help of Bluetooth. It also has a battery life of 30 hours per charge or can be supported through a pair of rechargeable AAs.

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