PS5 and Xbox Series X: Which is more reasonable?

ps5 or xox series x

We are back to analyzing the two best home gaming consoles developed to date. The fight between the two legends of the gaming console industries has battled for the past few decades. To be precise PS5 by Sony and X box Series X by Microsoft.

This blog will analyze both the console on various technical and non-technical aspects to find the best suitable console for you.


X box series X comes with a simple and sophisticated design. The front panel consists of a disk drive, USB, and power button. The top of the console is for liberating heat out of the console. PS5 has a more futuristic design than X box and is available in two variants digital as well as the standard edition.


On paper, Xbox performs better than PS5 but when tested practically PS5 seems to have lower frame drops in various action games and provides 4K mode at 30 fps and 60 fps for performance mode. VR games are supported by PS5 and not on Series X. The frame drops and screen tearing is observed in the X box. Both the gaming consoles support real-time ray tracing for better graphics.

Backward Compatibility  

 PS5 supports various PS4 titles, whereas Xbox is more focused on backward compatibility. X box series X is compatible with all the titles of X box launched earlier. Due to the difference in the editions of PS5 Sony has made announcements, players with video games on disk can upgrade their disk and same with digital copies. So if you have various games on your disk sony won’t upgrade them to digital copies.

Games and Subscriptions

 The availability of games defines the strength of consoles. PS5 overpowers X box when it comes to the availability of games. The game library is quite small for X box such as halo infinite and PS5 announces some popular titles such as demon’s Soul, Cyberpunk 2077, with many others regularly.

X box users till now required gold live subscriptions to play free games with friends but now X box has plans to remove the need for any subscriptions. The live gold membership provides 2 free games every month whereas the PS plus subscription provides 10 random games every month.


X box series X costs 499.99$ (prices are subject to change) similar but not identical to PS5. The digital edition of PS5 is 399.99$ (prices are subject to change) and the standard edition for 499.99$ (prices are subject to change). The price difference is due to reduced hardware components in the digital edition.



Both the gaming consoles have their separate and loyal fanbase. Yet, from the technical aspect, PS5 outperforms  Xbox series X and provides variation in the type of games. Whereas Series X  provides you with nostalgic games from the past decades.

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