PS Plus Games for November 2021

PS Plus Games for November 2021

PS Plus is an incredible and clever service that only adds to the total value of the gaming company. The PlayStation is a membership service that gives its subscribers access to an array of amazing games at an optimal cost.

Sony as a way to show appreciation to its Plus members for their subscription by giving out free PS Plus games every month. The games are available to be downloaded within a specified period and can be played forever (as long as the member has a subscription plan).

Last month, PlayStation decided to double the happiness by giving additional three free games to the PS Plus subscribers. Since the month marked the 5th anniversary of PS VR, the company decided to give away three free VR games along with the three-monthly free games in the Plus subscription.

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PS Plus Games for November

  1.     First Class Trouble
  2.     Knockout City
  3.     Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning
  4.     Until you Fall
  5.     The Persistence
  6.     The Walking Dead: The Saints and Sinners


  1. First Class Trouble

Available on: PS5 and PS4

This strategic game places trust and deceit at its core. The game is simple, think critically and overcome the adversary. Six players come together as passengers on a luxurious cruise ship that is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay. However, things start getting messy as Personoids malfunctions and starts killing off passengers. Can you trust everyone when among the six passengers lies two Personoids who will do everything to stop you and the others from stopping the rogue AI. Keep your mind alert as you fight your way through the ship of lies.


  1. Knockout City

Available on: PS5 and Ps4

Originally released for PS4, Knockout City is a sports game that will battle you against teams for epic dodgeball matches. This multi-player team sports game is all fun as you and your crew play your way to the top of the game.

With so many customization options, always look good as you dodge or throw the ball. Learn cool tricks and roll with your friends as your teamwork help you win matches. This video game will be available to PS5 with upgraded features to adapt to the DualSense and high graphics of the console.


  1. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Available on: PS4

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is the re-mastered version of the original Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This PS Plus hit is back with upgraded specs including stunning visuals, incredible graphics and gameplay and the intense combat that makes exploring and saving the mysterious world even more worthwhile.

This masterpiece comes from a team of geniuses, everyone a legend in their field. Todd McFarlane, R.A. Salvatore and Ken Rolston joined hands for this project.


  1.     Until you fall

Available on: PS VR

Set inside a beautiful neon world, Until you fall is a PS VR game that is available for the PS Plus members as a part of the additional games offered in November. This fantasy sword fighting game is perfect in every way with the added fun of VR that makes the whole thing even more worthwhile.

Donned in your synthware, all you have to do is kill magic monsters, learn cool tricks, cast spells, upgrade yourself with every single battle, dodge any attack that can be fatal and the list goes on. The array of weapons that you can equip is another reason to look forward to downloading this game.


  1. The Persistence

Available on: PS VR

This one is for the sci-fi fans. This game has it all, a desolate ship, the impending pull of the black hole, a crew that have turned into monstrous beings and are trying to hunt you and much more.

Your job is to find the source of this mal-functioning somewhere deep inside the starship and repair the same before getting killed or the ship being destroyed in the middle of nowhere. Pave your way forward by building an arsenal for yourself, upgrading your skills and abilities and gathering as many resources as possible.


  1. The Walking Dead: The Saints and the Sinners

Available on: PS VR

Another PlayStation VR in the list of free PS Plus games for the month, The Walking Dead: The Saints and the Sinners is the best addition to the mix of the above games. Zombie survival with a storyline and VR is the perfect blend for an immersive and awesome experience.

Every day is a struggle as you survive in the zombie-infested New Orleans. You hunt, you fight, you run and do everything in order to get through this nightmare. Meet new people who may or may not be your friends.

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