What games should you consider playing on the Oculus quest 2?

Oculus quest 2 games

With the gaming industry getting more momentum with every passing second, it isn’t a surprise that VR (virtual reality) is attracting more attention. 

The marvels of this beautiful technology are many but that is for another day. Today we will be talking about the Oculus quest 2 and some of our favourite Oculus quest 2 games

So let’s get right into it. 


What is Oculus quest 2 and what does it offer?

As we have mentioned above, VR is surely something you would wish to experience someday and let us advise you to start your VR journey with the Oculus quest 2 which has now been renamed (more on that later). One of the best VR devices out there, the Oculus quest 2 offers a supreme experience above all. 

The Oculus quest 2 has now been renamed the Meta quest 2. You can connect your Meta set to your preferred device using either an Oculus link cable or the Air Link feature. Make sure that the device is compatible enough to support Oculus quest 2 games. 

What’s even more exciting about the Meta headset is the range of games for you to explore and experience. There are first-party titles as well as some old video games being developed to fit the VR gaming format. Right from horror to action, the list is vast and worth every penny you decide to spend on it. 


Here is a list of some games that top our best Oculus quest 2 games list.

  • Beat Saber 

The list would have been incomplete without the mention of ‘Beat Saber’. Even if you know nothing about games and gaming, we are pretty sure you have seen videos of players playing this game which has pretty much become one of the most sought after VR games. 

Mix a bit of Star Wars and Dance Dance Revolution, you will get Beat Saber. You have to slice through incoming coloured cubes with your colour coordinated lightsabers. Apart from the challenging speed that increases throughout the game, players also need to keep an outlook on the incoming threats- walls, bombs etc. 

Make sure you have a lot of room to move around as this game gives you a complete body workout with all the dodging, moving, jumping and so much more. Enjoy all your favourite bangers while testing your swordsmanship. What’s the most amazing thing about this game is the extensive music library that keeps on updating regularly. So, if you want to chill and vibe to your favourite song, get ready to have an adventure with this bad boy. 


  • Resident Evil 4 VR

One of the most immersive Oculus quest 2 games out there, Resident Evil 4 VR should be the perfect inclusion to your VR gaming library. 

It’s been almost a decade since Resident Evil 4 was released and now we have a VR version of the same. It offers a fresh view of the game with sharper and updated visuals to fit the VR standard and make the experience even more immersive. 

The game is a total package with an impressive inventory and mind-boggling action that leaves no room for disappointment. Play as Leon S. Kennedy as you go on an epic adventure of slaying the undead within a world full of evil. 


  • Half-Life: Alyx

Easily one of the best VR games ever made, Half-Life: Alyx is the perfect example to show you the prowess of VR technology and all the potential it has. 

Although not one of the Oculus quest 2 games (since it is not available on the Oculus store), Half-Life: Alyx can be played by connecting the headset to the PC through an Oculus Link cable. 

This action-packed thriller has everything from an intense storyline to kickass action. The developers took their time highlighting details in this masterpiece and it clearly shows. If you wish to taste the finest of the VR world make sure to experience this beauty before anything else, 


  • Topgolf with Pro Putt


This game feels way too realistic with the Oculus quest 2. A golf simulator, Topgolf with Pro Putt started with a modest start.  Topgolf is a complete package with different courses, a varied range of clubs and so much more. 

The realistic feel of the weighted clubs and the ball trajectory mechanics, all contribute to the success of the video game. The game also comprises three different modes- the practice mode, the multiplayer mode and the career mode. 

Every mode is put in with lots and lots of opportunities to enjoy the game to the fullest. The practice mode has a wide 10000 sq ft area to swing your club and practice before jumping to the actual deal. The career mode is another aspect to look forward to. Topgolf lets you build an impressive career. The multiplayer mode is the perfect way to challenge your friends and chill out over the weekend. 


  • The Climb 

One of the most aesthetically pleasing Oculus quest 2 games out there, The Climb is your much-needed break from all your action fantasies and adventures. 

Straight from the studios that gave us iconic Far Cry and more, comes this jewel that makes climbing fun. This climbing simulator lets you venture to mountains and hills from all across the world for fun yet thrilling climbing adventures. 

The game requires proper attention and gripping techniques to hang and climb mountains and hills alike. Apart from deciding your climbing strategy, you are awarded the most serene and spectacular sights from all across the world as you continue your climb to the top.

Every win rewards you with a higher rank or a better-advanced climbing gear. This VR game can be your perfect getaway from the everyday mundane. 

These were the games that we think you should consider playing on your brand new Oculus quest 2.  

Hope you enjoyed this blog. For more updates follow us. Until then Happy Gaming!

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