See the first Exclusive look at Fall Guys Season 6 Round, Pipe Dream

Fall Guys

With a new and exciting Blunderdome theme, Fall Guys is back for yet another blast.

Inspired by the usage of pipes in other games for travelling and speed, Max Boyle (Junior Designer) came up with the idea of a pipe centric part in the early planning of the game and the rest is history. Available since November, Fall Guys Season 6 is the latest addition to the Fall guys franchise.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, Season 6 features mini-games to the next level with new obstacles and changes in place. The central theme for this instalment is circus and party. And just as it sounds, it is a whole damn party with fellow beans as everyone fights to be the last bean standing.


What to expect from the new Fall Guy season’s gameplay?

Very similar to the rest of the seasons, Fall Guy Season 6 Round, Dream Pipe makes 60 players compete against each other in the most epic way possible. The battle-royale vibe continues with additional obstacles and new maps and a lot of fun. Sabotage, Stealth, Speed and a lot of Practicing remains the best way to the top.

The introduction of pipes to the latest circus-themed Fall Guys season is quite momentous. The pipes are the vacuumed ones that will propel your little bean at the fastest speed and yeet them out of it at an equally astonishing speed. So, getting adapted to the strange pipes is the best way forward.


Go all out with five amazing new rounds

  • Full Tilt

As the name suggests, the new season brings a classic twist to an interesting concept- see-saw but make it 360 degrees. Your balancing coupled with your ability to dodge the constantly rotating bars will be tested here to the fullest. Beware of these funky obstacles that are put up just to throw you off your game.

  • Leading light

You don’t like being in the spotlight? So, when the spotlight is placed upon you, your fellow beans will do everything to take that away from you. Be it pushing you or sabotaging your every move, leading light will test your ability to continue being in the spotlight with the utmost attention and bustling crowds of fans.

  • Party Promenade

The whole package is here, crazy tubes (vacuum), cool water canons and never seen before trapeze swings. The colourful promenade is set up for the sole purpose of celebrating clumsiness. Zoom your stride towards victory by having the most fun here.

  • Airtime

A complete airborne course set to test your airtime speed and agility. Equipped with funky conveyer belts, huge trapeze wings and of course platforms that keep on rotating, Airtime could be your favourite course. However, if you fall…. don’t worry, amazing things await below as well to help you get back on track.

  • Pipe Dream

This theme has caused a huge wave of excitement since its announcement and we are here for it. The course is completely filled with huge tubes that are there just to have fun. Every tube is different and leads to a new maze every single time. Just trust your instincts and skills, maybe it will lead you to…… 


The Epic Part (literally) 

Fall Guys have finally decided that the future of the franchise will include cross-progression between platforms and streams. Players now have the freedom to race it out on a variety of platforms including PlayStation and PC. 

All the progress made on one platform will be easily saved into your Epic Games account that you will have to make. Starting from where you stopped is what Fall Guys asks of you.

You can very easily start your epic battle on PlayStation with your buddies and then stream your progress on Steam.


What’s more? 

Apart from the new additions and upgrades mentioned above, the season is filled with a spectacular Fame Path. It includes over 50 different tiers full of rewards, 20 crowns, a chance to unlock over 2000 kudos and so much more. 

Not only this, the new season is all set to feature more than 25 new costumes that will have your bean stride in style.

The studio has also promised to introduce a lot of live events with amazing rewards to make Fall Guys Season 6 a rememberable experience for everyone.

Find the trailer for Fall Guys Season 6 here.  

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