Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Review

Call of Duty Review

Well, the time of the year for which we were eagerly waiting is finally here! Call of Duty is back with a brand new franchise consisting of solo-player campaign mode, altered Zombies and a feature-packed multiplayer mode! This fresh instalment of Call of Duty aka ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war’ takes you back to Vietnam to scrutinize a vital encounter in the war encompassing the superior powers! Now before I spill out all the beans out of excitement, let’s dig into the call of duty review of this span-new franchise!


Call of Duty Review: Black Ops Cold War Solo-Player Campaign Mode

 If we talk about the moment to moment Call Of Duty’s gameplay it is still chiefly a smooth and elegant shooting gallery. Also, modifying its silent time instead of just the deep breaths between the action sequences, Black Ops Cold War has surely enhanced the realistic game experience for users.

The storyline of Black Ops is not as remarkable as its other franchise. However, the significance asserted on search operations and analyzing the importance are decent reasons to stick around with the game. Also, the numerous endings of the game amplify the experience of the game to the next level! This mode lasts around 6 hours.

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Call of Duty Review: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Mode

To be honest, Call of Duty’s Multiplayer mode has not been able to keep the perfect balance between a sentimental experience and an old one! Often it feels like playing an old-school shooting game. The designs of the maps are also very simple. Even the additions to this franchise are deficient and fail to hit the bullseye.

With additional maps, weapons and new gaming aspects this mode can surely be more entertaining! The overall experience of Cold war’s multiplayer mode is exciting but the fun lasts for a very short period.


Call of Duty Review: Black Ops Cold War Zombie Mode

 Call of Duty’s Black Ops Cold war’s Zombie mode is undoubtedly top-notched and intense. This mode is like the desert on the plate just like one would expect from this franchise. The exemplary denomination of fierce zombie killing and the plot correlated to the dimensional shift is exceptionally entertaining.

However, it fails to surpass the benchmark created by the previous zombie mode releases of Call of Duty. Compared to the multi-episode map of Black Ops 4 this solo map feels a little pale. Another turnoff of this mode is the absence of a local split-screen. Improvement in features and more maps can make this Zombie mode more fun and exciting.


Summary of Call of Duty Review: Black Ops Cold War

It’s a wonderful thriller story about spies. Multiplayer is entertaining but not the best of Call of Duty. Zombie Mode is a blast but lacks new features and maps.

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Watch the video of ps5 here.

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