Best Immersive Metaverse games available on PS5

Best immersive metaverse games available on ps5

The metaverse universe is the new ‘it’ of the tech industry and we are all for it. Developers and game designers are all in a rush to introduce and incorporate metaverse into their games. Not to mention, the popularity of NFTs and their involvement in the metaverse games just add amazingness to the whole thing.

New metaverse games are added every single day and it can be quite difficult to keep track of the same. So, here we are with our list of ‘best immersive metaverse games available on PS5’

The list:

  • Axie Infinity

Developed by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese Start-up back in 2018, Axie Infinity can easily pass as the highlight of the NFT gaming market.

The game is heavily inspired by Pokemon, where the playable creatures are known as Axies. As a player, you can collect, raise, breed as well as trade these Axies. These fantasy creatures have customisable features and possess unique powers that can be used in battles with other Axies and other tasks in the game.

Rewards can be earned by fighting other Axies and winning. Another easy way to earn rewards is by hunting treasures. You can buy plenty of land and build houses for your creatures in the game.

Every Axie as well as other items from the game have value in terms of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and can be earned by lending your Axies to other players or scholars.

The main currency used in the game is AXS (Axie Infinity Shards). Apart from this players have to earn SLP which is a smooth love potion by clearing different game quests or winning over opponents. Remember both the SLP and AXS are essential in breeding your Axie.

  • Sandbox

Sandbox made its entry in 2012 in the form of a mobile game. The co-founders of Pixelowl from France were behind this masterpiece.

This user-generated platform consists of three main parts.

Modelling and creating 3D objects in the game with the help of a modelling tool- VoxEdit. With this, you can create block-like avatars, vehicles, art and so much more.

The second part consists of the Marketplace. This place serves as a common market in the metaverse to buy and sell the created objects through NFTs and more.

The third part and indeed the most creative is the creation of 3D games with the help of Game Maker. What’s the best thing about this is, that you do not have to write any code to create a game.

The general currency used in Sandbox is called the Sand. You can buy, rent, build or even sell plots of land in the open NFT market to earn money or trade. Apart from this, you can also purchase items and other NFT attached objects through the marketplace.

  • Sorare

Sorare is always mentioned among the top metaverse games available today. The flexibility and the ease with which one can buy NFTs and play in this game can be one of the reasons why players from over 40 countries love playing this game.

Sorare is an NFT card game where the player cards represent real players. An advantage of the same is, that you can easily score points if your card player performs well in a real-life match. The ones with the highest points every week get to build their new cards.

As mentioned above, using and playing on Sorare is quite easy. You can very easily make a new account on the platform using just your email without any money. And that’s it you are ready to log in and enjoy. You can very easily buy NFTs in the game through your debit and credit cards or even through bank transfers. All these transactions are available in over 40 different countries across the world with availability to more countries on their way.

As of now, there are a total of 180 recognised teams on the platform with more coming up every single week. Sorare has been considered a financial success among various metaverse games available due to the financing and development on the platform.

  • Alien Worlds

Another piece with numerous possibilities in the list of available metaverse games is Alien Worlds. First launched in 2020, this game is a fun game for anyone interested in exploration.


Initially, you are given a shovel to mine TLM (Trilium) which is the in-game currency used in the game. The game has six different planets all with different governments. You can vote on either of these planets by spending TLM (Trilium).

To earn more TLM quickly, you can buy land, rent or pay a landowner to buy powerful and better mining tools. Better mining tools guarantee a lot of TLMs. Another way of earning is by entering into battles with other fellow miners and by participating in and completing several mining tasks.

Alien Worlds is a world of possibilities with opportunities to create and imbue NFTs all the while interacting with other players and having fun as you build and run governments and cities.


In conclusion

The above list is just a slice of what metaverse games are capable of. Having a powerful console like the PS5 just enhances and adds to the excellent experience you get while interacting and playing in the metaverse.

Developers and publishers are introducing and taking steps to make the metaverse even more immersive than it is now and trust us, this is the best time to get yourself acquainted with it. The involvement of NFTs in these metaverse games gives you all the affirmations you need to start your metaverse gaming journey today.

That’s it for today. Follow us for more such content. Until then, Happy Gaming!

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