Free PlayStation Plus games releasing in January 2022

Free PS games releasing in January 2022

PlayStation knows how to start the year with a bang. With three stellar titles coming as free PS games in January, we are more than ready to begin our year with this fresh line-up.

Sony’s PlayStation recently announced the three free PS games for the month of January, which are by the way live to download via the PlayStation Plus. Every month, the gaming console company gives out three free games through their Plus service.

The three free PS games available for January 2022 are:

  1.     Persona 5 Strikers (PS4)
  2.     Deep Rock Galactic (PS5 and PS4)
  3.     Dirt 5 (PS5 and PS4).

This line-up promises diversity at its best. 


  1. Persona 5 Strikers (PS4)

Ignoring that Persona 5 Royals ever happen, Persona 5 Strikers is set months after the events of Persona 5. The video game co-developed by the creators of Dynasty Warrior promises an action-packed game with a way of story-telling never seen before in the series.

Our beloved band of misfits, the Phantom Thieves are back with their leader Joker as they go on a road trip all across the country of Japan. All the playable eight characters have something to offer. Even though all of them have the same functionality, their distinct style sets them apart from each other making us have our own favourite.

Similar to its predecessor, this free PS game has everything that makes you want to play this game again and again. From calling for personas in order to cast spells to going on a fun adventure as you go exploring the never seen before dungeons, everything you do adds brownie points to the overall game.

This spin-off ditched the Persona’s usual calendar and social system for real-time fighting and action and we are definitely not complaining.

This game as a part of Free PlayStation Plus games is all set to be downloaded from January 4 2022.


  1.     Deep Rock Galactic (PS5 and PS4)

This awesome game lets you have a complete ethereal experience of space cave discovery and exploration. You play as one of the four playable characters as a Mining Dwarf in Space. Your agency sends you out on difficult excavation missions in exchange for payment. The different missions include- finding new and expensive rocks, fighting off weird alien foes, cleaning up and collecting the mining equipment left by the last crew that didn’t make it out alive of the cave and so on.

Even though this game can be played solo, the fun lies in playing with three other friends, each assuming the several roles available in the team. First, the Scout is the one responsible to get to the place where your team is required to be. With his flare gun, hook and incredible speed, the team has very few chances of getting lost. Next is the Driller. As the name suggests, the driller with his amazing tunnelling skills and flamethrower gets the team out of any danger with ease and creativity. The Third player in the team is the Gunner. He leads any fight that takes place in the midst of the mission and with his zip line, he helps the team navigate their way through the expanse and deep cave systems with ease. Lastly, the team is completed by Engineer, who acts as the mastermind and plays his skill in getting to the place efficiently.

Overall, you would find yourself coming back to this game again and again because of its good concept, incredible gameplay and visual sound that helps hit the spot correctly.


  1.     Dirt 5 (PS5 and PS4)

This one is for the fans of arcade-style car racing games. Dirt 5, straight from the Codemasters’ studio has speed, neck-breaking drifts, other-worldly graphics and the nostalgia that will make you come back for more and more every single time.

You race against an eccentric villain, Bruno who is voiced by Nolan North from the Unchartered fame. Troy Baker also lends his voice to ‘AJ’ a sensei like-figure to our playable character also adds to the immersive flow of the Career mode.  

The game has a spectacular range of cars to choose from along with an array of unprecedented customisation features. since its release, the video game has garnered a lot of praise because of its defined and distinct graphics that made cruising through every location similar to a real-life experience. The tracks as well the driving conditions are affected by the seasons and weather of the particular place in the game.

This eighth addition to the overall franchise is free to download on both the PS5 as well as the PS4. Click here to check out the detailed review of this game.


Sony’s PlayStation is bringing out bangers after bangers for free on the PlayStation Plus service table every month. The line-up for this month is truly thoughtful and amazing. All the games in the above list are available to be downloaded till 1st February 2022.  Check out our offers on the PS5 here!

Watch the video of PS5 here.


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