Why PlayStation Wins Best Gaming Platform of the year?

Why PlayStation Wins Best Gaming Platform of the year?

The pandemic threatened to slow the momentum, the gaming industry had been gaining this past decade. Even though there had been delays that affected the production and development of gaming consoles and games. It is safe to say that the industry hit back with an equal force full of technological advancements and perseverance at its best.

The past year has been huge for the gaming world with the arrival of next-generation consoles and technology along with other factors attracting more and more audiences into the gaming world. In fact, I think every single person associated with the gaming industry has contributed to success especially this past year and deserves all the appreciation for the same.

Talking about the appreciation, The Trusted Reviews Awards 2021, the early awards, was finally held over the span of a week. The event unfortunately was a digital event as a precaution against the ongoing pandemic. The Trusted Awards as usual compiles the best-reviewed gaming products, gaming accessories, games and everything related to gaming. The famous Awards have several different categories and each category has a winner.

One such category was the Readers’ Award for the Best Gaming Platform of the year. The winner was decided by the readers voting among the various nominations. Every single entry in the category was a strong competitor with their own reasons and factors to be on the list.


The Contenders

 Xbox’s presence was stronger than ever due to the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S last year. The company’s next-generation console has been the talk of the town because of its strong and efficient console.

PlayStation again proved why Sony has been on top of the gaming industry with the launch of its PS5 last year. The console made headlines with the cool next-gen features that were unprecedented in the industry. The DualSense controller along with the PS5 exclusives helped gain PlayStation the lead in the Best Gaming Platform race.

Google with its recently launched Stadia entered the category of Best Gaming Platform this year. The online cloud gaming platform was launched in November of 2019 and has been gaining more and more players with every passing second. The Best Gaming Platform contender is accessible through its own App, Google Chrome web browser, and various other modes.

Nintendo was in the race with its ever-reliable Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch lite that has time and again proved as some of the best and efficient consoles out there. The exclusive games and the fun of Joy-stick have many fans voting for Nintendo.

PC was yet another strong competitor in the fierce race of the Best Gaming Platform of the year. PC gamers gained a lot this year. Advance and upgraded CPUs, stronger than ever graphic cards and an array of games that made being a PC gamer even more worthwhile.


The winner of The Best Gaming Platform of the year

 PlayStation came on top of the competition and bagged itself as The Best Gaming Platform of the year. With a total of 35 per cent of voters rooting and voting for the Sony-owned console, PlayStation showed yet again why it is a force to reckon.

The second place was easily captured by PC with PC gamers being more than eager to defend their beloved gaming partner.

The third place was claimed by Microsoft’s Xbox. And we aren’t surprised since Xbox Series X/S are consoles that have helped shape the gaming industry as it is today.

Nintendo took fourth place being the ‘cool guy’ of the block who is cool on its own without any competition.

And the fifth place was taken by Google Stadia. It is understandable since the platform isn’t that old and established as of yet.


In conclusion:

 Sony has again proven its strong and undisputable presence with this award. The console along with the exclusives launched over the past year has been magical for the company.

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Watch the video of PS5 here.

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