5 Tips to stay safe on PlayStation 5

tips for PS5

Playing games on your PS5 is cool. But do you know what’s cooler? Playing games and staying safe on your PS5.

The PlayStation network is widespread and there are a lot of people with malicious intentions lurking around it. It has become absolutely essential to know tips for PS5 that can help keep oneself and their loved ones safe from such threats.

So, here we are with some tried and tested tips for PS5 that will help in reducing the exposure to such threats and attacks on your PlayStation.

Read along to know more.

Tips for PS5: 

  1. Know all about passwords.

This is one of the foremost and basic Tips for PS5 for ensuring that your online account is safe on a PS5.

You may have accounts on several different online services and platforms and each one of them requires you to create one with a username and password. Now you may set a single common password for all your accounts because remembering every single one is too difficult. Don’t do that. Hackers and online thieves are always on the lookout for such accounts. If they can get into any one of them, it wouldn’t take a lot of time to get into the others as well.

All your accounts are at risk if you keep the same password.

Secondly, try combining and creating a complex password. By that, we mean, include uppercase as well as lowercase alphabets, add in symbols and also some numerical.

Don’t keep a password that is too easy to guess. Avoid keeping your birthday, name, family member’s name, pet names or so as your password. Hackers who scour through your social media can easily figure out your password. This tip among other tips for PS5 is one of the strongest to protect you.


  1. Controlling the money spending

Things have changed in the past few decades concerning paying for the video games we play. Earlier, we had to walk into our corner game store and buy the video game as soon as it was in stock.

Today, we can still buy the latest releases in our favourite game store. However, maximum gamers today prefer to buy games online. I mean, it is all so seamless these days. You buy a game online from the built-in store, download it and then dive straight into it. You can also pay for all the in-game purchases online without much of a hassle.

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 And it really shouldn’t be a surprise when some of these enthusiastic gamers spend way too much intentionally or unintentionally on these video games. We have heard about gamers, especially kids racking up huge bills on credit cards from spending too much on games.

PlayStation has made it easy to deal with this problem where you can literally control and set up a limit to how much you or your kid can spend online. Here is how you can set limits with regard to spending through a PlayStation account.


  1. Creating Family Accounts

Previously, PlayStation rolled out the Master Accounts and Sub-accounts component which was revised as Family accounts that goes much more into detail about controls and restrictions to ensure that everyone is safe on a PlayStation.

There are three sub-categories – the Family managers, Adult Family Members and Child Family Members. Every sub-category comes with specific features. Some of them are:

For Family Managers

  •       By rule, there can only be a single-Family Manager who oversees all the other PlayStation accounts.
  •       Are the only ones that can add any Members.
  •       Can give controls (parental) to the Adult Family Members.
  •       Have access to all the controls and features of the PlayStation.


For Adult Family Members

  •       Can set parental controls only if given control by the Family Manager.
  •       Have complete access to their PlayStation network as well as their wallet connected to it.
  •       They cannot add in any Family members.


For Child Family Members

  •       Can connect and socialize with other PlayStation network users, guided by the Parental controls.
  •       Can use and spend through the Family Manager’s wallet. They are allowed to spend only the designated funds set by the Family Manager.
  •       Can freely use a lot of PlayStation features and systems within the controls set by parental account.


  1. Beware of any suspicious links and redirects

Scamsters and hackers have advanced and use PSN messages as a tool to share suspicious and dangerous links that can potentially lead you to some phishing sites. These sites lure you in by promising fake stuff like giving free video games, free updates, PSN cheats and much more.

How can you protect yourself against these fraudsters?

  •       Don’t click away on every link you receive.
  •       Closely examine the links, especially the ones received from unknown sources.
  •       Examine the URL. If it is a hidden URL, you know that it isn’t safe.
  •       Some websites may appear legit with the exact colours and layout of the original PlayStation site. However, one look at the URL and you will know that it isn’t the official PlayStation.com.


  1. Report every suspicious link and content

Trust us you would be doing a lot of gamers a huge favour by reporting suspicious links and content. Gaming is a community that encourages an environment where people of every age can come together to enjoy their favourite game without any fear and hesitation. And this environment needs to be maintained.

Do not hesitate to report such content to save yourself as well as other fellow players from these scammers.

Report if anyone asks for your account details or other personal details offering cheats, updates or free games. PlayStation would never ask you for your account details.

PlayStation has a dedicated moderator team set up for the only purpose of eliminating all these suspicious websites and content. As soon as you report something, the moderator team inspect the same and if found inappropriate or unsuitable remove them from the PlayStation network entirely.


Apart from the above-mentioned tips for PS5, you can also enable the two-step verification on your account. This acts as an additional security layer that ensures that there are no break-ins or malicious logins to your account. By enabling so, you will be receiving a verification code every time you log in to your account. Honestly, it is the best solution if you wish to prevent your account from being logged in by scamsters who somehow manage to guess or get your password.

That’s all from us for today. We hope you enjoyed it. Follow us for more such content.

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