Sony ‘console prototype’ shipment gets fans excited for possible PS5 Pro

PS5 Pro

The majority of the gaming community is still busy in the quest for the PlayStation 5 restocks. Although it quite appears that, Sony’s goal for the subsequent few years is to reevaluate and modify the existing hardware sooner or later. Earlier we’ve witnessed one such modification where the hardware model was a lighter version and contained a smaller heatsink! But we can’t deny the possibility of Sony coming up with some extreme modifications or maybe even a PS5 Pro!


What’s the buzz all about!

Lately, we can’t even contain our excitement as TweakTown caught sight of a few intriguing records of importation. The records show that Sony has been shipping some development kit boxes to the United States. One such intriguing box was delivered to Norfolk in Virginia from the United Kingdom around November in the previous year. The weight of the box was estimated at around 694 kilograms i.e 1530 pounds! 


The justified hype with a little tint of mystery!

As per the tendency, we all expect Sony to assemble its prototype in China. But the starting point and the final delivery destination being different is creating more hype and mystery. It is still unclear about what Sony is doing in Virginia. However, it’s really intriguing! Which makes us excited more than ever to know what’s in the box! PSVR 2, PS5 Pro, or PS5 Slim, something drastically different?


What’s in the Mystery Box!

First of all, let’s guess one of the bland options! This might be even just a modification of one of the previous prototypes, just like the old PS5 which had a strange V-shape. In the same way, we can guess the requirement of several development kits. As we all know, to assemble and build a PS5 model, the developers still need the development kits!

But our intuitions say that it can get much more fascinating! We have already been expecting the virtual reality launch of Sony in 2022, so this may be a possible release of PSVR 2! Just like PS5 pro, PSVR 2 also requires the development kits, hence this seems the upcoming possible release by Sony. 

If we talk about more speculation this could be a reevaluation in one of the previous PS5 hardware! The areas where notable changes are possible are the size or the structure of the hardware! So there is a high chance of a new playstation slim model or even a PS5 Pro with reinforced internals.

The Slim model of PS5 can also be expected to be released in the forthcoming months of 2022. As the slimmer consoles cut on the costs of the delivery shipment and in return boost the profit sales for Sony. 

And also according to the trend set by Sony, every playstation has always had its smaller or slimmer version! Being said that it is quite timely to state anything about the PS5 slim, as there has been a good gap of around 3 to 6 years between the slim version redesigns and original designs! 


The most speculated model: PS5 pro!

Right now we have witnessed only one pro version aka the PS4 Pro which was released after the original design of PS4. Hence it feels a bit early to state anything about the PS5 Pro release! Nevertheless, it could be the beginning of the building of an early PS5 Pro prototype.


In conclusion!

To sum it up, we can say if you are still aiming for the PS5 and fearing away from the instant launch of a new redesign you are undoubtedly safe! However, it’s entertaining to guess what the latest prototype might be. 

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Watch the video of PS5 here!

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